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1and1 vs Host4ASP.NET on ASP.NET Hosting

1and1 and Host4ASP.NET are two web hosts who offer cheap ASP.NET hosting to customers. In this post, we will make a comparison of their ASP.NET hosting on features, pricing, performance and supports to see which one has higher price value.

Who are They?

1and1 vs host4asp.net1and1 is a global web host and its services cover domain, multiple level web hosting and ecommerce packages. Since it established, 1and1 has been serving for personals, small businesses and medium businesses.

While Host4ASP.NET is an ASP.NET hosting provider, putting all its attention on designing advanced and affordable web hosting for ASP.NET.

1and1 vs Host4ASP.NET on Features

Both web hosts prepare a wide range of features for users to build websites on the basis of ASP.NET.

1and1 Unlimited Windows package allows users to host unlimited websites and 100 email accounts on unlimited webspace. Besides, 1and1 offers unlimited traffic and 1 free domain name registration. And PHP 5, Perl, MS SQL 2012 database and 1and1 control panel are included.

Host4ASP.NET also has 3 plans to meet different needs, respectively called Basic, Advance and Business. Its features consist of up to unlimited disk space, website and email accounts. Furthermore, customers will make use of SQL server 2012/2014, MySQL 5.5, multiple .Net up to latest version 4.5, multiple ASP.NET MVC, CGI, Exe, Perl CGI to create powerful websites as well.

1and1 vs Host4ASP.NET on Pricing

There are pretty big differences on pricing offered by the two web hosts. And the same is that both of them have 30 day money back guarantee for a full refund.

1and1 promotes its Unlimited Windows plan now, making the price down to $0.99/mo for the first 3 month. But then the price renews to regular $8.99/mo, which is much more expensive than Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting setting pricing.

On the other hand, Host4ASP.NET launches promotions as well. Its 3 plans respectively start from $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $9.95/mo now. Customers will get up to 43% discounts. Therefore, Host4ASP.NET offers much lower price than 1and1 if customers want a long-term billing contract.

Host4ASP.NET $2.95 Promotion
43% Off

1and1 vs Host4ASP.NET on Performance

Datacenters that 1and1 and Host4ASP.NET utilize are both located in Lenexa, KS. And they give customers reliable, fast and secure performance too.

1and1 datacenters have a capacity of 40,000 servers, backed with 300 Gbit/s connectivity, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and redundant cooling equipment. No matter what time it is, 1and1 ensures the normal running of servers.

Compared to 1and1, Host4ASP.NET also uses top-level datacenter, which stores Dell servers. And Host4ASP.NET provides 300 Gbit/s connectivity too. Additionally, cooling system, power system and security system in datacenter are well-designed and operated by professional engineers.

1and1 vs Host4ASP.NET on Supports

help (1)On the ASP.NET support, it is more convenient to search help at Host4ASP.NET than 1and1.

1and1 supports people via phone and email even though they are open at 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, 1and1 does not offer the most convenient live chat support. In addition to that, 1and1 Help Center contains much information about domain, Linux hosting, ASP.NET hosting, etc.

On the contrary, Host4ASP.NET live chat support is ready to help people around the clock. And it provides 24/7 email support to assist people as well. Knowledgebase gathers rich resources all related ASP.NET hosting, convenient to find out solutions.

Why Host4ASP.NET

Now we can come to a conclusion that Host4ASP.NET has higher price value. Although 1and1 offers similar hosting performance, Host4ASP.NET gives latest ASP.NET features, charges lower prices and supports people more conveniently. So we recommend Host4ASP.NET to people who are confused between these two web hosts.

For more information of Host4ASP.NET, please visit Host4ASP.

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