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1and1 vs HostGator on Windows Hosting

1and1 and HostGator are great web hosts with both Linux and Windows web hosting services for people. And we will make a comparison between these two companies in below to know which one provides better Windows web hosting.

Who are 1and1 and HostGator

1and1 vs hostgator1and1 utilizes 70,000 servers in 7 datacenters to sell web hosting services to individuals, businesses and developers. And it has worked in web hosting for many years, designing multiple web hosting packages on Linux and Windows systems.

While HostGator is a fast growing web hosting provider all over the world. Till now, more than 9,000,000 domains are already under HostGator management and this number is still increasing. Besides domain service, HostGator has web hosting like shared, VPS, dedicated and reseller web hosting.

1and1 vs HostGator on Windows Hosting Features

On the feature comparison in below, we will see that 1and1 hosting features are not as powerful as HostGator’s.

1and1 delivers people with all-inclusive Windows web hosting package. From this package, people will get following features: unlimited websites, space, traffic and 100 email accounts. Moreover, 1and1 offers PHP 5, Perl, ASP.NET AJAX, LINQ, unlimited MS SQL 2012 databases, 1and1 control Powerfulpanel and daily backup.

However, HostGator has 2 Windows hosting plans for people, all providing unlimited disk space, POP3 email accounts and bandwidth. In addition, HostGator supports multiple ASP.NET versions from 2.0, 3.5, and 4.0 to the latest 4.5. And also there is Classic ASP, AJAX, CGI, Fast CGI, PHP5, Python and Plesk Control panel.

1and1 vs HostGator on Pricing

1and1 Windows hosting is much cheaper if people just purchase it for 3 months. However, for a long term-billing term, HostGator Windows hosting is more worthwhile.

For the first 3 months, 1and1 Windows hosting just charges people at unbelievable $0.99/mo. However, after that period, the price renews at $8.99/mo without any promotion. Beyond that, 1and1 has 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for a full refund if customers require.

While HostGator offers 20% off discounts on its Windows hosting, making the price lowest to $4.76/mo. More than that, using coupon code “clue25percentoff”, customers will get another 5% discounts. Thus, $4.46/mo is the final starting price of HostGator Windows hosting after discounted 25%. And HostGator money back guarantee is 45 days, which is longer than 1and1 too.

HostGator clue25percentoff
25% Off

1and1 vs HostGator on Performance

1and1 utilizes more datacenters and servers than HostGator, but both two firms provide first-class performance.

With the utilization of 7 datacenters in US and Europe, 1and1 has large capacity to serve people around the world with reliable, fast and secure Windows hosting performance. Additionally, these datacenters have rock-solid infrastructures and effective systems, like 24/7 monitoring system, power supply system and security system.

While only 2 datacenters are under utilization of HostGator, but they are ace in the industry and perform quiet well. In these two datacenters, there are also redundant air conditioners, abundant power supply, backup generators, advanced hardware, etc. Furthermore, dedicated engineers guard datacenters and servers for all the time as well.

1and1 vs HostGator on Technical Supports

helpOn technical supports, 1and1 is not as good as HostGator too.

1and1 only has phone and email supports, via which people will directly talk with 1and1 supporting staffs. On the most of situations, direct support is the most convenient and fastest way to solve problems. But unfortunately 1and1 does not offer the most convenient live chat support.

And HostGator just provides all three direct supporting channels: live chat, phone and email. And people can use these channels at any time since they are available for 24 hours. In addition to that, HostGator online support portal is also helpful when people want to help themselves.

Why HostGator

Now we know HostGator Windows hosting is far better than 1and1 Windows hosting. At HostGator, people will afford lower pricing to use richer feature and convenient technical supports. In view of that, we strongly recommend people to choose HostGator Windows hosting.

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