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1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud hosting describes a method of configuring servers in a flexible way to allow for the most affordable, scalable, and reliable web infrastructure. In below 1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Review, we are going to analyze the hosting service around pricing, features, performance and customer support to figure out if 1and1 is a good candidate for best cloud hosting provider.

1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Pricing Review

1and1 Windows cloud hosting comes with multiple plans, with prices starting at $14.99 per month. This is a quite competitive pricing even compared with other industry leaders like LiquidWeb and SingleHop. The best news is the web host now is promoting the hosting service by offering $50 starting credit for all packages. Namely, customers can test out 1and1 Windows cloud hosting free of charge for the first month if their plan happens to be billed less than $50/mo.

1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting
$50 OFF

In addition to the pre-configured packages, 1and1 has the customizable Windows cloud hosting allowing for flexibly configuring the number of CPUs, RAM memory, and SSD storage to meet specific requirements. The very entry-level solution charges for $22.28/mo. Importantly, the special $50 starting credit applies to this Windows cloud hosting service as well.

Upon purchasing, customers will be covered by 1and1’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. In any case they find it unsatisfied with 1and1 Windows cloud hosting service and terminate their accounts within the first 30 days, they can have full money back. No questions asked.

1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Feature Review

1and1 Windows cloud hosting offers many powerful features and tools to help customers enjoy the best in web hosting. They can benefit from the super-fast SSD storage, shared storage, SAN storage, load balancer, a KVM console, and a comprehensive user and rights management system. Hot-add resizing without downtime penalties also comes as part of the package.

Additionally, 1and1 has placed emphasis on optimizing the cloud server dashboard for increased usability. The latest Plesk Onyx control panel is packaged in every Windows cloud hosting solution so that customers can manage and process all of the server’s functions and set up user accounts, domains and e-mail addresses without having to change the interface. The hosting company also involves full API features to allow the automation of all routine operations such as server configuration.

As well, with the inclusion of an advanced SSL certificate, integrated backups, and access to NFS & CIFS protocols, customers can have full control over the dynamic resources in their cloud servers all the times.

Don’t worry about insufficiency of hosting resources. 1and1 Windows cloud hosting unlimited incoming & outgoing traffic, unlimited email accounts, 1 to 16 vCores Intel Xeon processors, 1GB to 128GB RAM, and 50GB to 500GB SSD storage.

All the above combined together make 1and1 Windows cloud hosting one of the most price-valued solutions on the marketplace, especially when considering that the entry-level plan costs at $0 for the first month after discounting.

1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Performance Review

Thanks to the multitude of 1and1 data centers, customers can determine the server location among USA, Germany and Spain to be beneficial for optimized loading times. All data centers are ensured to take advantage of 1and1 firewall, monitoring policies and the clone function.

With utilization of cutting-edge technologies, such as Intel Xeon E5-2660 v3 and Intel Xeon E5-2683 v3 processors, VMware virtualization technology, SSD SAN storage, and 10 Gbit/s internal network connectivity, customers are able to deliver the fastest possible speed experience.

Likewise, 1and1 puts priority on server availability. The hosting company gives all customers a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee to make the service as fail-safe as possible so that each cloud server and business can run smoothly.

1and1 Technical Support

All features found within 1and1 Windows cloud hosting are ready and waiting for customers to access them. And the web host even promises that new virtual machines can be added in less 55 seconds, allowing for super-quick setup times.

If customers face technical issues and need to consult professionals, 1and1 has free email support by trained experts. In other words, they can send an email to the support team whenever they need help around the clock. However, if they are looking for a more direct support channel, for instance, telephone or live chat, they may get disappointed at 1and1.

Other more, 1and1 Cloud Community is a good place for customers to learn from useful tutorials and some frequently asked questions and answers. They can also ask questions here to wait for nice enthusiasts or knowledgeable experts to help resolve it.

Final Verdict—Is 1and1 Windows Cloud Hosting Recommended?

Yes, of course. Based on our review on 1and1 Windows cloud hosting, we’re glad to find that the hosting service is a quite good option for SMBs and larger websites with high traffic. First, there are various solutions that can meet different requirement. Secondly, the price is very reasonable that starts at only $14.99/mo, or even $0 for the first month. On top of that, every Windows cloud hosting plan includes rich hosting resources and many advanced tools along with high performance to give good user experience.

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