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1and1 Windows Dedicated Server Review

1and111and1 ( is a reputable web hosting provider offering a variety of hosting products. Despite of its Linux hosting services, 1and1 also strives to offer best ASP.NET hosting solutions, including Windows shared hosting, Windows VPS as well as Windows dedicated server.

This web host is well known for its rich features and affordable prices. Currently, 1and1 has successfully established its products range in many different international markets. Particularly in UK marketplace, 1and1 is awarded as one of the best UK Windows dedicated server providers.

In this article, we will reveal 1and1 Windows dedicated server service from its technical support, uptime & performance, plus price value, to see whether it is worth purchasing.

1and1 Windows Dedicated Server Review on Price Value

1and1 caters to all types of budgets and plans. Its entry-level Windows dedicated servers are low on cost, but still comes with rich features. With its prime plan which is based on Windows 2012 R2 or Windows 2008 R2 OS, people can benefit from its AMD quad-core processor in speed of 2.1GHz per core, RAM of 4GB DDR2, 750 GB hard-disk space with RAID 1 array, unlimited transfer, 1 static IP address, and 1 domain. There is also external Cisco-based IP firewall, administrator access, FTP access, recovery tools, and optional SSL certificate within the package.

Besides, 1and1 offers Parallels® Plesk 12 for all customers to manage and process all of the servers’ functions, as well as set up user accounts, domains, and e-mail addresses without having to change the interface. Moreover, for medium and large projects, 1and1 specifically provides Intel® Windows dedicated servers with more power and storage for people to handle their projects.

Other more, on select packages, people are allowed to make a choice of SSD storage and HDD storage, or they can just expand their existing HHD storage onto SSD storage. Servers using SSD storage can result in access times that can be over ten times faster than before.

Speaking of pricing, 1and1 set the prices of its Windows dedicated servers staring at $104.99/mo. With the latest promotion, people just need to pay $69.99/mo for the first 6 months after over 33% off.

Even better, for people who are going to sign up with L4i plan, XL6 plan, and XL8 plan, 1and1 allows them to get these packages with only $35/mo for the first three months. And all packages are covered by its 30-day money back guarantee. Note that no matter which package people go with, they need to pay $49 for setup fee.

1and1 Windows Dedicated Server

After reviewing features and prices of 1and1 Windows dedicated servers, we think that this hosting solution has relatively good price value, even when added $49 of setup fee.

1and1 Windows Dedicated Server Review on Uptime and Performance

1and1 spreads across the globe with seven data center locations in USA and Europe, which house over 70,000 dedicated servers. 1and1 knows how significant the uptime of a server is for a website, thus the web host equips fully redundancy in each data center.

Take one of its data centers in UK London city as an example: feeds from several UPS systems provide stable, reliable power; three redundant chiller plants are responsible for delivering a continuous flow of chilled glycol mixture and chilled water to units of Computer Room Air Conditioning inside the data center; a 4-feet high raised floor offers ample and unobstructed space for cold air from up to 7 CRAC systems per.

To maximize speed, 1and1 ensures that all data centers are configured with multiple redundant connections to the most critical Internet hubs thus lowering latency and developing connection speed in a large degree. Additionally, the web host also works with multiple carriers so that problems from single providers can be counterbalanced by redundant partnerships. In this way, people’s websites can stay online even in a network emergency. To secure the network and monitor the data centers, 1and1 has 24-hour surveillance by highly qualified specialists.

With all of these factors, 1and1 significantly improve its speed to reach 65 GBit/s connectivity and maintain nearly 100% uptime for all sites.

1and1 Windows Dedicated Server Review on Customer Support

In terms of help and support, 1and1 claims to provide all customers with top-quality customer service. No matter when people have questions about 1and1 dedicated servers or in the unlikely event of problems, they can get contact with its server experts around the clock via 24/7 phone or e-mail. 1and1 also has a Help Center including hundreds of articles and tutorials written by developers and experts. People can search for answers to their questions and solve the problems independently by following the guides.

However, as 1and1 fails to provide other popular support like live chat or ticket, many people would feel a little inconvenient, especially when the phone lines are busy. Therefore we think 1and1 should consider investing more on improving its customer support.


Based on what we’ve reviewed on 1and1, we think the web host actually has provided good Windows dedicated server hosting. There are multiple options along with rich features and relatively high performance. Though its customer support is not such good enough as expected, considering its low costs, we think 1and1 Windows dedicated server is still worth a try.

More information about 1and1 and its products, please read our review of 1and1 ASP.NET Hosting or visit to find out.

1&1 dedicated server

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