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A2Hosting Umbraco Hosting Review

Umbraco is a leading open-source ASP.NET CMS platform for publishing content on the Intranets and World Wide Web. The CMS platform is relied on Microsoft-based infrastructure and written in C#. The best feature of Umbraco is the WYSIWYG editor is almost exactly the same to Microsoft Word.

Being a flexible CDM, Umbraco can offer users the intuitive editing experience. Up till now, Umbraco has received 443,450 active installs, support 220,022 active members in the community, and support 320 free Umbraco packages available! In this review, we will analyzes A2Hosting Umbraco Hosting from pricing, features, speed and reliability, and customer support to reveal if it is a good Umbraco hosting choice.

Who is A2Hosting?

A2Hosting ( was established in 2003, growing rapidly into an industry leading web hosting. Deploying web hosting solutions based on its unique SwiftServer platform and latest technologies, A2Hosting has become both Linux and Windows friendly.

Up till now, A2Hosting can provide a wide range of web hosting solutions. Linux and Windows shared hosting, Linux and Windows reseller hosting, Linux and Windows VPS hosting, Linux cloud VPS, dedicated server, email hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and many application hosting solutions are available on the market.

A2Hosting Umbraco Hosting is Cheap

Famous for cheap hosting, A2Hosting provides special discounts on Umbraco hosting according to different billing cycles (1 month, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months). By following our exclusive promo link below, customers can purchase A2Hosting Umbraco hosting with lower costs.

Normally, A2Hosting Umbraco hosting should start at $9.99/mo, but if customers choose 36 months, A2Hosting Umbraco hosting starts at $4.90/mo only. It means customers can save up to 51% off.

A2Hosting Umbraco Hosting Deal
51% Off

What’s more, A2Hosting has Anytime money back guarantee, which defines that customers can ask for full money back during the first 30 days and even better, they can receive a refund of unused hosting services after the 30 days.

A2Hosting Umbraco Hosting offers Rich Features

Umbraco hosting is web hosting depended on Microsoft-based infrastructure, meaning that Umbraco needs ASP.NET optimized web hosting to support well. At A2hosting, its Windows hosting comes with full compatibility with Umbraco and rich ASP.NET hosting features.

Main Windows features included in A2Hosting Umbraco hosting plans are Windows Server 2012, Classic ASP, various editions of ASP.NET  .NET Core 2.0, popular and latest PHP 5.6, or 7.x, MS SQL Server 2016 databases, MySQL 5.6 databases, IIS 8.5, Silverlight 5, ASP.NET MVC 5, free Let’s Encrypt shared SLL certificate, pre-installed phpMyAdmin, and so on. Working with rich Windows features, customers can easily make their Umbraco website run with better functionality.

Apart from these, A2Hosting also provides customers with unlimited resources to support customers’ Umbraco websites growing fast. To be specific, each Umbraco hosting plan comes with up to unlimited SSD RAID-10 storage, unlimited transfer, unlimited databases, unlimited websites, and unlimited email addresses.

For ease-of-use, A2Hosting offers Umbraco hosting along with 1-click popular application setup such as popular eCommerce software solutions PrestaShop, OpenCart and DotNetNuke. The feature can largely help customers to develop extension for their Umbraco site. For Umbraco software setup, A2Hosting promises to install it for each customer. Besides, each Umbraco hosting plan comes with popular Plesk control panel to help make site management more easily.

Reviewing A2Hosting Umbraco hosting features, we can be sure that A2Hosting really designs good Umbraco hosting packages with rich useful features and unlimited resources.

A2Hosting Umbraco Hosting is Fast and Reliable

A2Hosting is a reputable web hosting, which web hosting quality receives universal recognition the industry. For Umbraco hosting, A2Hosting has offered 99.9% uptime commitment.

Why is A2Hosting so confident to its hosting performance? Firstly, the company not only owns all web servers, which makes all its servers high-powered and expertly tuned by its team of technicians. Besides, each server is deployed with faster SSD hard drives and CloudFlare ServerShield, which both make A2Hosting web servers run ultra-fast, surpassing its competitors.

Secondly, A2Hosting now is using four data centers to host servers, and all of them are fully equipped with redundant power like UPS and backup generators, redundant cooling and air conditioning for best reliable climate environment for servers, as well as redundant network such as dual fiber entrance and multiple bandwidth providers.

Thirdly, A2Hosting takes security seriously. All servers are 24/7 monitored to ensure they can run smoothly and securely. A2Hosting’s data center is SSAE 16 certified, meaning the data center come with redundant physical data center security measures such as security key, gate entrance security key and video surveillance. Besides, A2Hosting offers Perpetual Security which is a high-quality security suite offering proactive protection against security threats.

A2Hosting Umbraco Hosting Customer Support Review

For customer support, A2Hosting is considerate to offer multiple contact methods so that customers can always have ways to get in touch with A2Hosting support team. These methods are phone, email, live chat as well as ticket. Customers can feel free to bother A2Hosting expert team any time.

Also, to help customers work with A2Hosting more smoothly, the company has free site transfer services available. It says that A2Hosting can help customers move their existing websites to A2Hosting.

A2Hosting also has an inclusive knowledgebase and a regularly updated company blog. The two sections include many useful tutorials and FAQs.

A2Hosting is a Good Umbraco Hosting Provider

In conclusion, we recommend A2Hosting Umbraco hosting is a good choice for customers who want to use Windows hosting to support their website with rich content. A2Hosting provides rich Windows features, unlimited server resources and easy to use tools in Umbraco hosting packages. Faster speed and good reliability make A2Hosting Umbraco hosting higher quality. Considering timely support services and cheap pricing, we think customers can take advantage of Anytime money back guarantee to have a try.

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