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Arvixe vs GoDaddy

Arvixe ( is recognized as one of the best Linux and ASP.NET hosting arvixe vs godaddyproviders that can offer industry-leading service to all of its customers. As for GoDaddy (, it is a popular domain name register; meanwhile, the company is also a web hosting provider.

In the article, Arvixe vs GoDaddy, we will focus on their ASP.NET hosting and compare the two companies from features, pricing, speed & uptime as well as technical support to help customers know which company is a better option for ASP.NET hosting.

Arvixe vs GoDaddy on ASP.NET Features

In general, Arvixe and GoDaddy customers can get many essential ASP.NET features to backup their websites. Customers can check the following table to know more information about the two companies.

arvixe GoDaddy
Disk space Unlimited 1 GB
Monthly data transfer Unlimited 150 GB
Windows? Server 2012,2008 do not find information
Full trust yes yes
Application Tool Dedicated Isolated
ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5 2/3/4
MSSQL Unlimited 1
MySQL Unlimited 10
Silverlight yes no
ASP.NET v2/v3.5/v4.5 2.0/3.0/3.5
Free Domain Name For Life One Year
SSL Certificate $25/yr $69.99/yr

Based on the main features for ASP.NET we listed out, it is obvious that Arvixe can easily beat GoDaddy.

Arvixe vs GoDaddy on ASP.NET Pricing

Sale tag #7Arvixe offers two ASP.NET hosting solutions for customers to choose, Person and Person Pro and whose price is set at $5/mo and $8/mo respectively. Now, Arvixe ASP.NET hosting customers can get 30% off the regular price by utilizing our exclusive coupon code “clue 30”, which means that the price of Arvixe ASP.NET hosting can be low to $3.5/mo.

At GoDaddy, there are three ASP.NET hosting packages available for its customers, namely Personal, Business and Business Plus. However, GoDaddy often changes its price to attract visitors, and the current discounted price of GoDaddy is $1/mo, $5.99/mo and $10.99/mo. By the way, we have to tell customers that GoDaddy has reduced the amount of features given to its customers among with the cutting down of its price. Customers may think that GoDaddy offers a competitive price to its customers, but it is hard for them to get full money back if they are not satisfied with their account.

By comparison, Arvixe guarantees 60 day money back, so customers can freely cancel their account, and the company will full refund within the first 60 days with no question asked. In short, we can say that Arvixe is more secure than GoDaddy in terms of pricing.

Arvixe $3.5 Promotion
30% Off

Arvixe vs GoDaddy on Speed and Uptime

performanceWe can safely tell customers that they can get a more secure, stable and reliable environment to host their websites at Arvixe rather than GoDaddy.

Arvixe pays high attention to uptime, so the company operates multiple SAS 70 type II certified data centers, which are located in Chicago, New Jersey, and Dallas to deliver possible 100% uptime to maintain their websites up and running. In addition, Arvixe also uses top of the line hardware and software solutions to ensure the best performance for customers’ websites, such as 15K RPM RAID 10 drives, a minimum of 92 gigabytes of RAM, the latest Intel Xeon E5620 processors and more.

As for GoDaddy, it is a company that puts much time and energy on domain name business, so it cannot offer as much cutting-edge technologies and facilities as Arvixe to help its hosting customers get access a reliable environment for their websites.

Arvixe vs GoDaddy on Technical Support

supportBased on the newest customer satisfaction survey, it shows that the overwhelming majority of existing customers are satisfied with their accounts.

At Arvixe, customers can contact the experts via the most efficient channels, including ticket, phone and live to find assistance. Having many years experience in handling ASP.NET hosting problems, all of the experts can help customers get their problems resolved as soon as possible. What’s more, knowledgebase also comes to Arvixe customers for them to drop out a solution by themselves.

For the customer service of GoDaddy, it is far behind that of Arvixe. The company only offers email and phone for its customers to contact the supporting staffs. In this way, GoDaddy customers need to wait for a long time to receive response. There is no doubt that insufficient technical support will exert a negative impact on customers’ online business.

Why Arvixe

Based on the four aspects we compared above, it is easy to see that Arvixe is a complete winner. Being the Best ASP.NET Hosting provider, Arvixe ASP.NET hosting customers can get access to ample features, affordable price, fast speed & at least 99.9% uptime as well as award-winning customer service to manage their websites. There is no doubt that Arvixe is a great option for ASP.NET hosting.

If customers are interested in Arvixe ASP.NET hosting, they can visit or check Arvixe Review to know more details.


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