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Arvixe vs HostGator – Who Offer Better ASP.NET

Arvixe and HostGator are two famous web hosting companies that provide reputable and popular ASP.NET hosting services in the marketplace. When customers feel difficult in picking one of them to host their websites, which one is the their best choice?

In below Arvixe vs HostGator comparison, we will compare the two web hosts from ASP.NET price values, features, performance and support aspects to find out who offer better ASP.NET product. We really hope customers can host with their best ASP.NET hosting partner to developer their online presence without anxiety.

To know the background about their services, please check out Arvixe review and Hostgator review.

Arvixe vs. HostGator on ASP.NET Pricing

Arvixe and HostGator ASP.NET hosting have basic and advanced two packages that contain different features and charge at different prices. Normally, Arvixe ASP.NET starts at $8/mo, and this company doesn’t offer any additional discount for our customers.

Meanwhile, HostGator is different from Arvixe. The company provides customers exclusive coupon code “hostucan” which enables customers to get 25% as well as 35% off discounts respectively, based on monthly and annual billing terms. normally, HostGator ASP.NET hosting charges from $5.95/mo, but after cutting 35% off, it is as low as $3.87/mo. Compared to Arvixe ASP.NET hosting pricing, HostGator is much cheaper!

HostGator Exclusive Deal
35% Off

As for money back policy, Arvixe currently guarantees 60 days money back to its ASP.NET customers, and HostGator offers 45 days money back guarantee. So, both are risk-free but HostGator has higher price value!

Arvixe vs. HostGator on ASP.NET Hosting Features

Arvixe ASP.NET hosting service is designed and developed to perfectly meet customers’ demands as many as possible. It integrated plenty of the latest and greatest ASP.NET features, tools and components to deliver one of the best ASP.NET experience.

Arvixe ASP.NET hosting basic solution includes unmetered disk space, unmetered monthly data transfer, 1 website, dedicated application pools, one free domain name for life, $100 Google AdWords voucher, $100 Yahoo! Bing voucher, unmetered POP3 or IMAP mail boxes, and more to help customers get started more easily.

At HostGartor, its Personal ASP.NET hosting packages comes with unmetered disk space, unmetered badnwidth, 1 free domain, free shared SSL certificate, unlimited POP3 email accounts with SMTP, sub domains and FTP accounts. So, both companies have similar ASP.NET hosting sizes.

For programming and databases, Arvixe offers unmetered MySQL 5 databases, 5 MSSQL 2014 databases, remote access to MSSQL DBs,  ASP.NET v2, v3.5, v4.5, the latest ASP.NET MVC, URL rewrite module, full trust app support, CGI, PHP 5.5, 5.6 and 7, SSI, Access Database, and many others.

Well, HostGator offers many programming and databases support in ASP.NET hosting solution as well. Customers can find unlimited MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Access databases, ASP, ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5, Curl, MVC 3.0, AJAX, Scheduled tasks, PHP 5, Python, SSI, free module installation, and so on here.

About management, Arvixe and HostGator both now offer customers Plesk control panel, IIS, web-based manager for files, custom error pages, phpMyAdmin, and IIS. Therefore, customers can easily get their server, websites, emails, databases, files, etc. managed. Even better, HostGator offers free website builder, thousands of free templates, free website, domain, MySQL and script transfer service, and 1-click installation to enhance its ease-of-use of ASP.NET hosting.

By comparing their ASP.NET hosting features, we learn that Arvixe and HostGator both can provide customers rich server resources and Windows features, as well as easy to use management tools. And HostGator even offers more freebies to help customers get started quickly.

Arvixe vs. HostGator on ASP.NET Hosting Reliability

Both Arvixe and HostGator guarantee to their customers 99.9% ASP.NET hosting uptime, and they really do great jobs on ASP.NET reliability. After regular monitor and customer feedback, we find that Arvixe and HostGator ASP.NET hosting performance are industry-standard and even better.

Arvixe is Microsoft Golden hosting partner, while HostGator also has made great improvement in integrating Microsoft technologies and Windows features into its ASP.NET hosting, which means Arvixe and HostGator both can get powerful support from Microsoft.

Besides, Arvixe utilizes several SAS 70 Type II Certified datacenters to house its powerful servers, and its facilities are equipped with DDoS attack response, redundant carriers, secured entrance/exit and network monitoring, firewall, nightly security updates to ensure the most reliable and secure ASP.NET hosting service.

On the other hand, HostGator uses 100% premium Dell servers, four Softlayer data centers and other leading technologies to backup its ASP.NET hosting. Multiple fully redundant data centers are the backbone of HostGator ASP.NET hosting solution. Website

Arvixe vs. HostGator on Supports for ASP.NET

If customers have any question about their ASP.NET hosting service, Arvixe and HostGator offer friendly and effectively supports. Both of the support representatives are experienced and know ASP.NET and Windows knowledge very well, and can be contacted through 24×7 phone call, live chat email as well as online knowledge base, which has tons of articles and tutorials of ASP.NET hosting solutions.

Who Offers Better ASP.NET Hosting?

After comparing Arvixe and HostGator ASP.NET hosting in 4 aspects, we can totally understand that compared to Arvixe, HostGator has much cheaper pricing, same rich Windows features, improved performance, standard uptime and award-winning customer support. Even though we can see rich features and reliable performance at Arvixe, HostGator lower pricing is more attractive. Therefore, we recommend HostGator to customers who need ASP.NET hosting.

To know more about HostGator, please visit: and do not forget to use code “hostucan” to get its ASP.NET hosting price starts from $3.87 per month.

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