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Arvixe vs SmarterASP.NET

Arvixe and SmarterASP.NET are two web hosting providers who share the common ground on ASP.NET hosting. And in this post, we will make a detailed comparison between the two. Thus people will know which one is better for them.

Who are Arvixe and SmarterASP.NET

arvixe vs smarteraspArvixe ( successfully manages multiple web hosting solutions, ranging from personal class to dedicated class. Since its foundation in 2003, Arvixe has served people with Arvixe advantages.

And SmarterASP.NET ( develops fast on the strength of its ASP.NET hosting packages. Still now, more than 170,000 websites are hosted on its servers and that number is growing as well.

Arvixe vs SmarterASP.NET on ASP.NET Hosting Features

Arvixe ASP.NET hosting has not only shared server level but also VPS and dedicated server level. While SmarterASP.NET offers shared, VPS and semi dedicated ASP.NET hosting packages besides 60 Days Trial plan. In below, we just compare the features of their shared ASP.NET hosting.

On shared ASP.NET hosting, Arvixe also gives people two options: Personal Class ASP and ASP Pro. From the two plans, people will gain unlimited monthly data transfer, email boxes, disk space and FTP accounts. Additionally, plans also include rich advanced features like unlimited MSSQL 2012, MySQL 5, ASP.NET v2/v3.5/v4.5, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, PHP 5, Python, Perl, Full Trust App Support, ect.

Compared to Arvixe, people face 3 shared ASP.NET hosting plans at SmarterASP.NET, with unlimited web space, bandwidth, FTP and email boxes as well. Moreover, SmarterASP.NET provides Full and Medium Trust Supported. And scripting features at SmarterASP.NET are as rich as those at Arvixe. But SmarterASP.NET only delivers unlimited MSSQL and MySQL databases on its premium plan.

Arvixe vs SmarterASP.NET on Pricing

SmarterASP.NET sets a lower starting price on its ASP.NET hosting, but considering hosting features, Arvixe ASP.NET hosting has higher price value. Furthermore, Arvixe offers one free domain name for life while SmarterASP.NET charges.

Arvixe two shared ASP.NET hosting packages start respectively from $5/mo and $8/mo. Fortunately people will benefit 30% off by using the coupon code “clue30”. Thus, only $3.5/mo and $5.6/mo are required for Arvixe two powerful ASP.NET hosting packages. More than that, a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee is included in case people are unhappy with Arvixe hosting.

Arvixe Coupon clue30
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SmarterASP.NET 3 plans respectively charges from $2.95/mo, $4.95/mo and $7.95/mo. And with our SmarterASP.NET promotional link, the price is lowest to $2.5/mo, 15% off the regular $2.95/mo. And there is a 60-day guarantee for full money back as well.

Arvixe vs SmarterASP.NET on Performance

Both ASP.NET hosting providers can guarantee 99.9% uptime. But all in all Arvixe has better hosting performance for customers around the world.

SAS 70 Type II certificated Datacenters that Arvixe utilizes are located in US, Europe and Asia, whose influence almost cover the whole world. What’s more, networking in these datacenter is well designed and operated. For example, bandwidth providers are Tier 1 level, such as AT&T, NTT, Level 3, etc. Furthermore, power and cooling redundancy ensures a reliable hosting environment.

Compared to Arvixe, SmarterASP.NET selected datacenters in US fully meet its maximum efficiency, maintenance, safety and privacy criteria. Networking, power as well as cooling is world-class and quite reliable. In addition to that, SmarterASP.NET uses Dell servers to host websites. However, for people outside US, hosting performance may be not as reliable as Arvixe’s.

Arvixe vs SmarterASP.NET on Support

supportOn technical support, Arvixe and SmarterASP.NET performs excellently, giving people award-winning ASP.NET support.

At Arvixe, ASP.NET support is working for 24 hours a day, consisting of both weekends and holidays. Therefore, customers will get their problems solved at once when they encounter them via live chat, email or phone. Behind these support tools, there are dedicated staffs with rich experience on ASP.NET solutions. And support center updates frequently, which is good for people to fix problems by themselves. To know more about Arvixe customer support, please check out this.

While SmarterASP.NET also provides 24/7/365 ASP.NET technical support, containing live chat, phone and ticket tools. On top of that, people can go to knowledge base and FAQs, which have a wide range of ASP.NET self-help information.


Finally we come to a conclusion that Arvixe is a better ASP.NET hosting provider, fit for each kind of people. And people will get 30% off promotions now and pay from $3.5/mo now with the help of coupon code “clue30”. And people with limited budget and fewer requirements on websites can go to SmarterASP.NET, which hosting just starts from $2.5/mo besides 60-days free trial.

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  1. i have testes both and SmarterASP is better, I have several sites on arvixe and 3 weeks ago they all when off line because of server problems, the 99,9% is fake. I am moving to SmarterASP

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