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Best ASP.NET Based Blogging Platform 2017

A blogging software is designed for simplifying the creation as well as maintenance of web blogs. Typically, blogging platforms can support authoring, editing and publishing blog posts and comments, alongside functions for managing images and modifying posts or comments. There are a number of blogging platform solutions available for both PHP and ASP.NET hosting environment, in some degree increasing the difficulty find out the best one. Here in this article, we list the Best ASP.NET Based Blogging Platforms 2017, all of which are chosen based on our extensive research, user feedback and even our real test.


If there is one ASP.NET based blogging platform that can parallel the PHP based WordPress in the world, it must be BlogEngine.NET. As an open source, ASP.NET blogging platform solution, BlogEngine.NET is developed with elegancy and ease-of-use.

The most highlighted features of BlogEngine.NET should be the high level customization and great flexibility, which makes your blog site be perfectly adapted to specific look and enables you to add any features you want to make it professional and powerful. What you need to do is choosing from a wide variety of templates, extensions and widgets. BlogEngine.NET features a search term box that allows your visitors to find your content; it also comes with a commenting system that enables you to communicate with your audience. On top of that, the blogging platform offers you a multi-author support that is perfect for organizations to manage multiple blog writers on the same platform.

Want to know what’s going on with your blog? No problem. BlogEngine.NET’s real-time referrer stats can perfectly meet your needs.

Install BlogEngine.NET for Windows

The installation of BlogEngine.NET for Windows is quite easy as long as you know how to use Microsoft WebMatrix. You are rest assured to install the blogging platform via the Web Application Gallery due to the reason that it is fully tested on WebMatrix.

  • Create: WebMatrix is responsible for automatically downloading, installing and configuring the latest version of BlogEngine.NET for you. Everything you need from the web server to database and ASP.NET can be found with WebMatrix. And it makes the process of getting a blog site up and running painless and worry free by making use of the same stack on your development desktop that you are going to use on the server that hosts your clients’ site.
  • Customize: There is a lightweight editor with HTML, CSS and ASP.NET supported, enabling you to make your blog site more productive by coding the color and editing the tags. Also, you can edit your SQL Server database as expected, including modifying your schema and editing data directly.
  • Publish: In addition to standard FTP and Secure FTP protocols, WebMatrix also supports Microsoft’s WebDeploy protocol. In the help of WebDeploy, you can publish blog posts with ease, just through deployment of the files that have changed for any updates. More than that, the tool can synch your deployment machine with your live blog site.


dasBlog, as an ASP.NET blogging application, runs on ASP.NET 2.0 and above and is developed in C#. There is no database required when using the blogging platform solution, making it easy to setup and cheaper to host. The only requirement for dasBlog is you granting write access to a folder so that it can have your information saved as XML. Many world languages are supported by dasBlog, let alone the extensive model to make it easily skinned and themed.

Install dasBlog for Windows

If you are going to install dasBlog 2.3 or above, we highly recommend you to make use of the automated installer.

The usage of the web installer assumes that you have the access/permissions and other related abilities to install a .NET web application on a Microsoft Windows IIS Server/client environment.

Whether using the automated tools, or installing manually, dasBlog is supported on IIS 5.0-IIS 7.x, dasBlog 2.3.1 will require .NET 3.5+ and the appropriate system configurations and security for operation.

If you use the automated installation to upgrade your existing 2.3 dasBlog site, you will need to review the upgrade section in this document to complete your installation manually. Be sure to back up your existing site locally before performing an upgrade. Basically the manually upgrade process in this scenario is recovering your existingCONTENT, along with the Site.config and siteSecurity.config files.

The installer link can be found at Codeplex:


AtomSite is also a famous professional blogging platform that gives extremely good experience in building and managing a blog site. It is completely modular, therefore you can easily customize your blog site.

AtomSite makes it possible for you to have multiple authors, contributors, collections and workspaces. Built on ASP.NET MVC, AtomSite exclusively features themes, widgets, feeds, plugins, and etc. that usually come along with a modern CMS.

Install AtomSite for Windows

System requirements: ASP.NET MVC 1.0, IIS.

The easiest and effective way to set AtomSite with use of an installer of Microsoft Web Platform and before initial setup to replace the folder of a default subject (vash_sayt\themes\default) with the Russified version. It is possible to make it and after setup, then Wizard will be in English. Or independently to set purely Russian AtomSite version on IIS.

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