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Best Classic ASP Hosting

Classic ASP is also called ASP or ASP Classic. ASP is the abbreviation of Active Server Pages. As its name shows, Classic ASP enables users to generate dynamic web pages. But in 2002, Microsoft released ASP.NET to supersede Classic ASP. However, by far, still a lot of developers are used to utilizing Classic ASP.

Through reviewing many Classic ASP hosting providers, we find out 3 best of them, namely Host4ASP.NET, DiscountASP.NET and Winhost.

Host4ASP.NET – Low-cost Classic ASP Hosting

host4Since it was founded, Host4ASP.NET has offered web hosting solutions based on Windows operating system. It always keeps up with the latest MS technologies and passes them to its customers.

Host4ASP.NET Classic ASP hosting starts at $4.95/mo, which is a very low price in the industry. But the company gives up to 43% off discounts to cut the price lower. So the starting price is competitive $2.95 per month finally.

Host4ASP.NET ASP Hosting
43% Off

Its Classic ASP hosting is based on Windows server 2012 R2, with the support of IIS 8.5, Standard IIS Concurrent Connections and full trust. Moreover, the company hosts each Classic ASP website in an isolated application pool. SQL databases are 2012 or 2014 version, plus SQL backup, restore and remote management studio access.

Furthermore, Host4ASP.NET hosts all Classic ASP websites in Dell servers in the world-class datacenter. The network connection is 300 Gbit per second. The technicians are responsible for maintenance of hosting performance 24 hours a day.

If people meet any question, they will get Host4ASP.NET help anytime via live chat and email. If they are not satisfied, they can get their money back according to Host4ASP.NET 30-day money back guarantee. Please visit for more details.

DiscountASP.NET – High-end Classic ASP Hosting

discountasp50offDiscountASP.NET is an industry-leading Windows hosting provider. It has gained the recognition from Microsoft with the Gold Hosting Competency and a member of Microsoft SPLA program.

DiscountASP.NET supports Classic ASP 3.0. Customers will choose the operating system from Windows 2012 and 2008. Accordingly, they will receive IIS 8.x and IIS 7.x, plus IIS Manager. Furthermore, DiscountASP.NET wrote its own control panel that is easy to use. SQL management, domain management, account management, etc. integrate into a panel.

What’s more, DiscountASP.NET takes advantage of 2 datacenters located in 2 continents to better maintain reliability and speed for its customers around the world. It also uses Dell servers and redundant network capacity. So the uptime of DiscountASP.NET Classic ASP hosting is 99.9%. In addition to that, the company gathers its human resources to resolve problems of its customers via the support portal requiring login credentials.

As for the price, DiscountASP.NET charges a little higher at $10 per month. If people purchase its Classic ASP hosting from our link below, they will get 50% off and spend $5/mo. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee is included in the package too. For more information, please follow

DiscountASP.NET ASP Hosting
50% Off

Winhost – Well-supported Classic ASP Hosting

winhostWinhost is one of best top 5 Windows hosting providers in the industry. Its hosting solutions are just 3 and all are based on the Windows platform 2012 or 2008.

Besides ASP.NET and PHP, Winhost also supports Classic ASP 3.0. Moreover, customers will receive ASP components from Winhost, such as ASPJpeg, ASPUpload, ASPEncrypt, ASPEmail and so on. IIS, IIS Manager Remote Access, Web Deploy, URL Rewrite Module, full trust, medium trust, etc. are features of Winhost Classic ASP hosting.

More than that, Winhost selected and has utilized a datacenter near to its offices, making it convenient for its technicians to maintain its Dell servers. In addition, Winhost chooses to hosts each part of hosting in separated servers. For instance, SQL data is hosted in SQL servers. Winhost built its own control panel and the Support Portal to support customers as well. The informative knowledgebase and forum makes up of Winhost Classic ASP support too.

Winhost 2-year Classic ASP hosting is lowest at $3.95/mo. If people just want to have a try, they can pick up 3-month billing cycles at $5.95/mo minimum. Please go to to learn more about Winhost.

Winhost ASP Hosting
20% Off

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