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Best Hong Kong Windows Hosting

When considering selecting one Windows web hosting solution, some Asians may firstly come up with US-based web hosting companies. These companies are excellent indeed and can provide customers with high-price value Windows hosting. However, since they usually utilize far US-based data centers, reliability and speed of websites may be a problem.

Therefore, a good Windows Hosting that utilizes Hong Kong data centers is the best replacement for customers, because it will ensure fast speed, better reliability as well as premium functionality. But which one is good among lots of Hong Kong Windows hosting solutions? According to our test and review, we think that Host4ASP.NET merits this title. In below, we will illustrate why Host4ASP.NET is the Best Hong Kong Windows hosting.

Who is Host4ASP.NET?

Host4ASP.NET ( is a rapid-growing web hosting provider only specialized in Windows hosting. Host4ASP.NET takes good advantage of latest MS technology, employs experienced Windows hosting experts, and utilizes world-class data centers both in US as well as Hong Kong, so it can grow so fast that Host4ASP.NET is regarded as one of the best Windows Hosting providers.

Up till now, the company has launched multiple Windows hosting solutions in the market. There is ASP.NET hosting, Hong Kong Windows hosting, Windows reseller hosting, Windows VPS hosting, and different Windows-based CMS hosting available, such as DNN hosting and Umbraco hosting. Hong Kong Windows hosting is one of its featured products.

Performance of Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Windows Hosting

Host4ASP.NET claims its Hong Kong Windows hosting can deliver people in Asia a reliable, fast and secure performance and its server uptime is guaranteed at 99.9% as well.

To shorten the distance between website visitors and servers, Host4ASP.NET chooses multiple NWT data centers located in Hong Kong. These Hong Kong data centers are equipped with 100% Dell servers, 64+GB RAM, SSD RAID 5 disk arrays, and Dual processors. Furthermore, power supplies of Hong Kong data centers are redundant and uninterrupted,  backed with N+1 diesel generator, uninterrupted power supply system and UPS power-off protection.

In addition, Host4ASP.NET gives visitors in Asia especially in China fast page-loading speed, so that they can access customers’ websites in Asia fast as well. Its two fiber lines direct connect to Chinese local ISP providers, and the internet bandwidth is up to 100 MB/s. What’s more, website security is well protected by Cisco firewall, anti DDoS attack, and 24/7 monitoring on servers, data centers and bandwidth besides safety locks.

Features of Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Windows Hosting

Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Hosting service is specifically designed for those websites in Asia. In order to better meet customers’ demands, Host4ASP.NET also develops three different level Windows hosting plans that are fully Windows friendly.

Specifically, customers will receive Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 with remote access, SQL management Studio access, SQL backup/ restore, SQL Server local DB, MySQL 5 with phpMyAdmin, Access DB, ASP.NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5/5, Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, ASP.NET MVC 3/4/5, PHP 5.x/7.x, Zend Optimizer/ Zend Guard Loader, Silverlight, isolated application pool and Classic ASP are all included. Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Windows hosting is Full Trust level, so they can enjoy as many features as they need.

In three Hong Kong Windows hosting packages, customers can get high to unlimited websites, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, 1GB site memory, unlimited email accounts, free domain, free dedicated IPs, and freee SSL. Redundant resources and rich Windows features makes Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Windows hosting superior with unlimited possibilities.

More than that, in order to enhance the service’s usability, Host4ASP.NET offer customers the Hong Kong Windows hosting with no ICP license requirement. Also, the company provides enhanced Pesk control panel to help customers manage their websites and accounts more easily. 1-click installation for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, BlogEngine.Net, etc. is included to boost this Hong Kong Windows hosting’s possibilities.

Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Windows Hosting Review on Pricing

The affordable price is also one reason that we consider Host4ASP.NET as the Best Hong Kong Windows hosting company. The starting price $2.95 per month now after getting discounted 40% off the regular price $4.95/mo is quite competitive among all Hong Kong Windows hosting solutions.

Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Hosting
40% Off

On top of that, Host4ASP.NET has 30-Day Money Back Guarantee that customers can try Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Windows hosting for 30 days without any risk.

Host4ASP.NET Technical Support

Since Host4ASP.NET hires a team of experienced supporting technicians, who have deep understanding on Windows hosting, customers need not to worry technical support. If customers have questions, they can contact Host4ASP.NET via live chat and ticket. And these two supports are available 24 hours a day.

What’s more, Host4ASP.NET online knowledgebase is helpful and useful too.

Host4ASP.NET is the Best Hong Kong Windows Hosting

Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting has rich features, low price $2.95/mo and nice technical support. And Hong Kong data centers further improve performance, making websites run faster and more reliably. Therefore, Host4ASP.NET becomes the best option when people select Hong Kong Windows hosting solutions.

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