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Best Managed Windows VPS

Unlike Windows shared hosting, Windows VPS need customers to configure servers and manage them. Thereby, customers had better master some technical skills while hosting providers have managed Windows VPS, with which the providers do many server administration tasks instead of customers. So, managed Windows VPS is best for customers knowing little on technology or preferring more time on their online business.

By reviewing a number of managed Windows VPS solutions, we get 3 best ones, which are from Arvixe, LiquidWeb and GoDaddy.

Arvixe – Best Managed Windows VPS

Arvixe is a worldwide well-known web hosting provider that has a complete set of hosting solutions, including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting.

Arvixe VPS based on Windows Server 2012 OS is fully management. Customers could know nothing about server administration. Arvixe does all for them including weekly R1Soft backups. Besides, customers will get a full configured WebSitePanel, via which they can complete some regular hosting management tasks like they going with shared hosting.

Customers will also receive 24/7/265 support from Arvixe. Anytime they encounter problems, they can contact Arvixe technicians, which will resolve problems as fast as possible.

Arvixe managed Windows VPS also comes with high price value. The pricing is lowest at $60/mo, but the VPS is powered by Hyper-V technology. Customers will get free domain and SSL for their accounts of life. Data transfer is no limitation while memory is up to 4 GB, CPU is up to 8 cores, and disk space is up to 100 GB.

Arvixe Managed Windows VPS

Customers have an option of server locations between Europe and USA. Plus RAID 10 drives, direct network connection, high connectivity, Tier 1 network providers, network monitoring, security updates, DDoS Attack Response, and etc. Arvixe ensures a high level of hosting stability, speed and security.

In a word, Arvixe managed Windows VPS is the best choice for people who need such a product. For more information, please visit

LiquidWeb – Enterprise-Class Managed Windows VPS

As a leader in managed hosting industry, LiquidWeb offers enterprise-class managed hosting solutions, including managed Windows VPS here. It is also a data center company with 3 wholly owned data centers.

LiquidWeb Managed Windows VPS offers options of fully managed and core managed levels. The former means that LiquidWeb does everything for customers, such as support for operating system. Fully managed solutions also give customers Plesk control panel while the core managed Windows VPS does not.

LiquidWeb has a top-class support team called Heroic Support to administrate servers, answer questions and provide solutions. Likewise, the team is available to its managed Windows VPS customers anytime. Via live chat, phone and ticket, customers can get contact with the team. Most importantly, LiquidWeb promises premium support as live chat and phone response is less than 59 seconds and ticket response is within 30 minutes.

Far more than that, customers will get guarantee on power and network uptime, which is 100%. To explain that premium performance, we think data centers is one of primary reasons. Customers can choose server location from multiple data centers. 3 data centers in Lansing are managed by LiquidWeb Heroic support. First-class network carriers, redundant connections and solid hardware are also reasons.

However, LiquidWeb managed Windows VPS is a little expensive. The fully managed one starts at $109/mo while the core-managed Windows VPS is from $99/mo.

LiquidWeb Managed Windows VPS

Combines its managed services and first-class performance, we highly think that LiquidWeb managed Windows VPS deserves that pricing, which also resulting in a smaller customer group: customers with mission critical websites. To know more, please visit

GoDaddy – Cheap Managed Windows VPS

GoDaddy is a cheap web hosting provider as well as other roles like a domain name registrar and provider of SSL, online marketing, email, etc. Since its inception, its customers have reached million.

GoDaddy managed Windows VPS is the cheapest. The pricing could be as low as $39.99/mo. Via our exclusive GoDaddy promotion banner in below, customers will get 30% off so that the starting pricing renews at $28/mo around. It is hard to find another managed Windows VPS cheaper than GoDaddy solutions while GoDaddy even offers 45 day money back guarantee!

GoDaddy Managed Windows VPS
30% Off

GoDaddy managed services are divided into managed level and fully managed level. Both provide patching, backup, security monitoring, Parallels Plesk, and much more. The latter consists of a dedicated team of server admin experts, but it is more expensive than the managed one by $110/mo. So, from costs, it is wiser to choose the managed level Windows VPS.

GoDaddy also supports customers via multiple ways, in which email and phone are available to customers around the clock. However, live chat, regarded as the most convenient supporting way these days, works for customers within limited time.

When it comes to performance of GoDaddy managed Windows VPS, the host satisfies a majority of customers. A number of data centers in the world, the latest hardware, advanced networking, and much more contribute to GoDaddy good managed Windows VPS performance.

To conclude, GoDaddy managed Windows VPS is the cheapest one, which is best for customers short of budget and time or skills. To get details, please access

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