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MSSQL refers to Microsoft SQL Server, a kind of database for hosting to store and recover data of web sites. It is also the most popular database deployed on Windows servers and owns a variety of features suitable for business websites. For example, MSSQL hosting will support people to store any information quickly.

There are many MSSQL hosting providers in the market, and we determine to name Host4ASP.NET as the Best MSSQL Hosting provider after reviewing a lot of MSSQL hosting firms. In below, we will explain why Host4ASP.NET can become the best on MSSQL hosting step by step.

Who is Host4ASP.NET?

Host4ASP.NET ( is a web hosting company just as its name, focusing on web hosting solutions based on the Windows server. It is well-known in the Windows hosting industry with its excellent hosting services.

Rich Features of Host4ASP.NET MSSQL Hosting

Host4ASP.NET MSSQL hosting offers customers richer features than other competitors and allows customers to choose the most suitable plan among its 3 MSSQL hosting plans. In below, we list some of the vital features for readers:

  • Enhanced WebSitePanel
  • Lots of programming language options: ASP.NET 1.1, 2, 3, 4.5, etc
  • MSSQL 2012 database
  • URL Rewrite Module 2
  • Full Trust Level
  • Up to unlimited storage, bandwidth and websites
  • Dedicated IP is in Host4ASP.NET Business MSSQL hosting plan

Host4ASP.NET MSSQL Hosting is Affordable

MSSQL hosting always shows high prices, making some people stop to purchase. However, Host4ASP.NET breaks this tradition and promotes its MSSQL hosting at $2.95/mo at least, almost 58% off the original price %6.95/mo. $2.95/mo is the lowest price in the MSSQL hosting industry while the most of Linux hosting is higher than this price.

Host4ASP.NET $2.95 Promotion
58% Off

More than that, Host4ASP.NET also has 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, meaning that within the first 30 days, its customers can ask for full money back.

High Performance of Host4ASP.NET MSSQL Hosting

Host4ASP.NET is one of few MSSQL hosting provider that can guarantee highly 99.99% uptime. Besides the reliability, visitors will also enjoy fast speed when visit websites hosted at Host4ASP.NET. In one respect, the high performance relies on industry-leading datacenters in US, which are full of power. UPS, N+1 generator and backup generator will surely supply electricity all the time.

In addition, 100% Dell Servers are another key factor to create the high performance, which is known as the best servers in the industry. Furthermore, 300GB/s network connectivity, multi-player network and 24/7 monitoring for datacenter and network are the reasons for this high performance as well.

Host4ASP.NET Technical Support for MSSQL

Host4ASP.NET is good at providing MSSQL technical support to people. So they will have nothing to worry about MSSQL support. Host4ASP.NET has special trained-staffs quickly to answer the live chat or reply emails from people. And the support is working every second and minute; no matter it is a vacation or nights.

What’s more, FAQs with lots of tutorials and articles at Host4ASP.NET website give convenience to people to find out solutions and useful information.

Host4ASP.NET is the Best MSSQL Hosting

Host4ASP.NET MSSQL hosting is the best on the feature, performance, price and technical support revealed in the above review. Therefore Host4ASP.NET can be awarded as the best MSSQL hosting provider without any question.

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