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Best nopCommerce Hosting

nopCommerce is a comparatively new yet quite popular ecommerce solution. As a free open-source software, it is based on ASP.NET MVC with MS SQL 2008 or higher version database. And nopCommerce is secure, extendable, scalable and full of features, making it pretty fit for businesses to build websites, no wonder why millions of business owners choose to get started with it. Here are few reasons attributing to nopCommerce’s popularity on the market:

  1. Cost-saving and effective
  2. Powerful eCommerce platform for store-owners
  3. Easy for developers and designers
  4. Supported by a very active community

How to Choose a nopCommerce Hosting?

Plenty of hosting companies in the industry are supporting nopCommerce, but not all of them are worthy purchasing. When selecting a premium nopCommerce, some must-have factors need to take into consideration.

  • uptime and speed of hosting are essential to businesses, which can affect the amount of visitors coming to their websites.
  • rich features
  • the affordable price and long-time refund guarantee
  • 24/7 technical support
  • One-click installation

After reviewing on many nopCommerce hosting available, we decide to award Host4ASP.NET as the Best nopCommerce Hosting at last because it far exceeds the above requirements.

Who is Host4ASP.NET

Host4ASP.NET( is a globally well-known web hosting provider that develops dramatically fast since its establishment. Being a Microsoft Golden Partner, the web host is dedicated to offering the best possible ASP.NET hosting experience meeting every need from customers with desires to host websites.

Host4ASP.NET nopCommerce Hosting on Features

Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting is completely compatible with nopCommerce. So Host4ASP.NET nopCommerce hosting solution owns all features needed in creating a nopCommerce site. To know more about its features, please visit

Currently, Host4ASP.NET has rolled out two nopCommerce hosting solutions, all contain unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, plus at least 30 email accounts, 512MB site memory, and 30m site idle timeout. Built with Windows Server 2012 R2 OS, it also supports multiple programming languages like IIS 8.5, ASP.NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5/5, besides Microsoft SQL 2014/2012 & MySQL, remote IIS management and Full Trust.

Moreover, customers will receive use-friendly WebSitePanel to manage emails, websites, etc. And within this control panel, customers can use 1-click Installer to  have nopCommerce software installed and start creating nopCommerce site with ease.

With all of these features, customers can build professional and good-looking eCommerce website on demand quickly and easily, without worrying about the shortage of hosting resources.

Host4ASP.NET nopCommerce Hosting on Performance

Host4ASP.NET declares that its nopCommerce hosting maintains uptime at 99.9%, and actually this number can be higher according to some customer reviews. Furthermore, Host4ASP.NET nopCommerce hosting will endue websites with fast speed as a result of state-of-the-art data center facilities and cutting-edge technologies.

The web host is utilizing more than one world-class data centers with SAS 70 Type II Authentication and situated at US and Hong Kong respectively. To create a stable environment for all hardware and ventilation, air conditioning, and heating system, the web host ensures the data centers of full power redundancy, UPS, and N+1 generators.

Built on brand new Dell servers along with configurations of 32GB+ RAM, and SSD RAID 5 storage, Host4ASP.NET optimizes performance for each nopCommerce site. Correspondently, an unbeatable, redundant, and multi-layer network architecture equipped with top-notch network routing and switching facilities, and maximum of bandwidth, is responsible for delivering the highest possible throughput.

All these have guaranteed speedy performance and good reliability. Thereby every business owner is able to keep good user experience and get succeed in online deals.

Host4ASP.NET nopCommerce Hosting on Pricing

The best does not mean the highest price. Host4ASP.NET practices it perfectly via its low-price nopCommerce hosting. Now Host4ASP.NET nopCommerce hosting has limited promotion that the minimum price is only at $3.95/mo rather than regular price $6.95/mo, meaning that customers can enjoy up to 44% off discount.

Host4ASP.NET $3.95 Promotion
44% Off

There are three billing cycles to choose from, including 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months. When a customer signs up with a longer term, he/she can get bigger discount off, according to Host4ASP.NET Coupon.

In addition, Host4ASP.NET supports 30-Day Money-back Guarantee that full money can be back if customers ask and cancel their accounts within the first 30 days. Therefore, the low price and long-term money back guarantee also make Host4ASP.NET nopCommerce hosting beat other same type solutions easily.

Host4ASP.NET Technical Support for nopCommerce

Host4ASP.NET has a set of comprehensive nopCommerce supporting system. 24/7/365 Email and live chat are available for customers to directly communicate with Host4ASP.NET senior nopCommerce supporting experts. On top of that, the Support Center online has knowledgebase with almost all kinds of FAQs, guidance, and How-To’s, which can be greatly helpful for customers to solve some simple questions by their own.

Host4ASP.NET is the Best nopCommerce Hosting

Now, a clear conclusion is ready to come out that Host4ASP.NET deserves the best nopCommerce hosting provider. As the above shows, Host4ASP.NET nopCommmerce hosting is feature-rich for business websites and can support them run fast while remaining high reliability. The affordable price and world-class technical support of Host4ASP.NET nopCommerce hosting are reasons for the title of the best NopCommerce hosting as well.

To get more info, please visit

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