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Best SharePoint Hosting for Small Businesses

best sharepoint hosting for small businessesWebsites based on SharePoint are beneficial to enhance cooperation among employees and improve productivity. In general, large companies and organizations, as well as some medium ones make use of SharePoint hosting for their internal websites. Small businesses would like to use too, but SharePoint hosting solutions in the marketplace are so advanced and expensive aimed at big websites that they cannot afford.

Fortunately, Hostway tailors a SharePoint hosting solutions pecifically for small businesses, coming with reasonable pricing and powerful enough functionality. In below, we will go further to introduce this Hostway SharePoint hosting for small businesses.

Who are Hostway

Already having been attracting more than 500,000 customers in the global, Hostway ( is apparently a popular web hosting service company. Its scope is mainly about managed hosting, cloud hosting, and email and applications.

Features of Hostway SharePoint Hosting for Small Businesses

Hostway SharePoint hosting has 2 packages, one of which is specifically tailored for small businesses called SharePoint Starter. It includes a wide range of free site templates for small businesses to create new websites in SharePoint. Besides, Hostway SharePoint Starter has other features, like:

  • 5 GB disk space
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited users
  • SharePoint 2919 foundation
  • Mobile view

While small businesses develop, they need more space for communication and Hostway supports additional space: $7.95 for 1 GB web space one month.

What’s more, Hostway provides almost all SharePoint features. Discussion boards replace email communication, which is more secure and convenient. A SharePoint website is also a place to post schedules, calendars and contact information. In such a website, employees will easily version documents, share information to others, manage projects, etc.

Hostway SharePoint Hosting is Affordable for Small Businesses

Compared to other SharePoint hosting providers, Hostway charges reasonably in the light of what it offers. In fact, the pricing is low in the industry, only at $14.95/mo. If people purchase its services for one year, they will get a promotional pricing at $11.95/mo to save nearly 20% off. And that is $36 saving in all for one-year Hostway SharePoint hosting.

Hostway SharePoint Hosting
20% Off

More than that, Hostway still gives 30-day money back guarantee to its SharePoint hosting clients. If they are not satisfied within the guaranteed period, they will apply for a refund.

Hostway SharePoint Hosting Reliable Performance

Hostway SharePoint hosting has high performance and the uptime is 100%, which other competitors cannot compete. There are 6 datacenter in all based in North America for Hostway to use. Each one is best optimized for hosting including appropriate temperatures and humidity. In addition, the datacenters are full of power all the time.

ReliabilityFurthermore, network hardware is the latest and fiber connection providers are superiors like Level 3. Hostway SharePoint servers in datacenters are also high end, which will be maintained by Hostway Microsoft-certified engineers 24 hours a day. Best of all is that Hostway owns facilities and facility operation is done by Hostway as well.

Hostway Customer Support for SharePoint Hosting

Since Hostway runs a variety of services, according to its product line, Hostway classifies its support in order to improve support efficiency. Hostway SharePoint hosting clients will get ticket and phone support day and night. Or else, clients will also be allowed to call Hostway general support center. Hostway Sales team is online for people chatting at anytime too.

Moreover, a series of online support resources for SharePoint are presented by Hostway blog, videos, case studies, Microsoft SharePoint demo, informative help center and much more forms.

Hostway is the Best SharePoint Hosting for Small Businesses

In a word, it is not hard to understand why Hostway SharePoint Starter package is a best alternative for small businesses. Reasonable pricing, useful SharePoint features, reliable performance as well as effective customer support all are attractive aspects designed for small businesses to improve productivity. Try Hostway SharePoint hosting at$11.95/mo now.

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