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Best UK Windows Dedicated Server

For people who are located in UK, they may find it much more convenient to be billed in £ (GBP). Besides, by physically hosting their sites in the UK they can deliver to their visitors with the best response times in the UK. UK’s outstanding connectivity also makes it good starting point for serving most European countries. Below are the top 3 UK Windows dedicated server providers that we have identified as being the best Windows web hosting providers on the market at the time of writing.

Fasthosts – Best UK Windows Dedicated Server

fasthosts logoFounded in the UK in 1999, Fasthosts ( is a leading web hosting provider with over 1 million domains running smoothly on its servers. The web host offers a variety of web hosting services, ranging from domain names, shared hosting to business-class email, dedicated servers, cloud servers, secure online storage as well as online backups.

Fasthosts Windows dedicated server comes with 6 different layers based on Windows 2008 R2 OS. Besides that, Standard, Enterprise and Windows 2012 R2 are also available. Its entry level has combined rich features that can help customers make the step up from shared hosting and take advantage of having full control over their own dedicated resource. People with this plan will receive 1Gb/s connection, unlimited data transfer, 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB RAM, 2*250GB SATA HDD with RAID 1 available, Plesh 12, and free backup for the first year.

Fasthosts also offers large quotas of RAM, SSDs and traditional HDDs within some packages to meet customers’ demands for creating the perfect blend of performance, speed and storage space. And people can benefit from its full KVM remote sever control and BIOS access.

As to uptime, Fasthosts offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee for its customers. To meet that, the web host ensures that all Windows dedicated servers are housed within its wholly-owned and UK-based secure data centers. These data centers are equipped with ultimate technology and security plus uninterrupted power to result in a high speed and reliable environment for the servers.

With all these good features, Fasthosts Windows dedicated server starts at £49.00/mo. But with the latest promotion of 20% off, people just need to pay £39.00/mo for the first 3 months. However, for Windows dedicated server customers, they also have to pay £49.00 for setup fee no matter which package they go with.

Fasthosts Exclusive Deals
20% Off

If you want to know more about Fasthosts, you can visit to check out.

Easyspace – High Performance UK Windows Dedicated Server

easyspace logoEasyspace ( is one of the largest hosting companies in the UK that has diverse hosting solutions. Since its inception in 1997, Easyspace has made its goal to offer the best service, uptime and reliability available.

To deliver the best possible Windows dedicated server service for its clients, the web host has invested millions of pounds in its infrastructure and network. Due to that, Easyspace becomes a rare web host that owns, operates and supports its data centers and network in the industry. With 10 state-of-the-art data centers throughout the UK, all people signing up with Easyspace can get unique, robust and resilient Windows dedicated server service. And that also explains why the hosting company is so confident to promise a 100% uptime guarantee.

Currently, Easyspace has launched four packages for Windows dedicated server hosting, starting at £39.99 per month. Basic features included in its Starter plan are DualCore with a speed of 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, choice of HDD and SSD, free setup, and SSL available. Besides, Easyspace allows its customers to customize their dedicated servers by choosing some higher-end upgrades, like operating systems, Plesk control panel, advanced SLA, offsite backup & managed backup, RAM, SDD hard drive, KVMoIP, SMS monitoring alerts, and more.

Easyspace Windows Server
High Value

More information about Easyspace, please read our Easyspace Windows Hosting Review or follow to get.

1and1 – Best Cheap UK Windows Dedicated Server

1and111and1 ( is a reputable web hosting provider that came into being in 1988. It provides a wide range of hosting solutions, including email hosting and high-end servers in 10 different countries like Germany, Spain, the United States and UK.

1and1 sets the price of Windows dedicated servers from £58.99/mo. However, if customers purchase its annual plans, the prime plan would be as low as £38.99/mo for the first 6 months, when discounting 34% off. Even better, for people who go with its L4i, XL6, XL8, and XXL24i, there is a time-limited promotion. That is, they can get any one of these plans with only £19/mo for 3 months! And similar to Fasthosts, people need to pay £49 for setup fee when placing an order.

1and1 Promotion

With this package, people are allowed to host their sites on AMD quad-core processor with speed of 4 Cores x 2.1 GHz. And 1and1 gives them 4GB DDR2 RAM, 750GB standard hard-disk space, unlimited traffic, external Cisco-based IP firewall, Plesk 12.5, full root or administrator access, and 100Mbit/s bandwidth.

Despite its redundant features, 1and1 places high priority on uptime and performance of its service. It has seven data centers located in Europe and the USA, some of which are ranked as the most efficient and safest ones in Europe. And the company configures the data centers with multiple redundant connections to the most important Internet hubs thus significantly developing its speed to 300 GBit/s. As a result of the above, 1and1 is able to guarantee nearly 100% uptime and maintains an industry-leading page speed at the same time.

For more information about 1and1, please move to 1and1 ASP.NET Hosting Review or

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