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Best Umbraco Hosting

umbraco-logoUmbraco is a kind of content management system based on Microsoft.NET framework, XSLT and MS SQL database. With great features like flexibility, simplicity to install, ease to learn and ease-to-use, Umbraco gains much popularity. In 2010, it was ranked in the top five the most popular Microsoft web platforms.

In this article, in order to help developers, web designers and content creators select a good Umbraco hosting provider, we review more than 50 providers in the industry. And finally we decide to name Host4ASP.NET, Hostgator and Winhost as the best Umbraco hosting providers.

Best Umbraco Hosting Provider – Host4ASP.NET

gI_136034_host4asp-netHost4ASP.NET grows rapidly fast coming with its best-in-class hosting solutions on the basis of Windows platform. And what’s more important is that the whole company only specializes in Windows hosting.

On the foundation of Windows server 2012 and IIS 8, Host4ASP.NET Umbraco hosting is feature-rich. It supports the latest ASP.NET language 4.5 and 5SP1 as well as previous versions 1.1, 2 and 3. Besides, Full Trust Level, multiple ASP.NET MVC, Classic ASP, SQL 2012 and isolated application pool meet the requirements to create the best Umbraco websites.

Moreover, Host4ASP.NET picks the world-class datacenter located in US to place its 100% Dell servers. And customers need not worry downtime since power and network connectivity in the datacenter is redundant. Additionally, 24/7 monitoring, live chat and ticket support makes Host4ASP.NET Umbraco hosting reliable too.

Besides, Host4ASP.NET is devoting affordable Umbraco hosting as well that everybody can pay. The regular price starts at $6.95/mo. But with our exclusive link, customers can save 58% off, spend only $2.95 per each month. Furthermore, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for a full refund is another benefit.

Host4ASP.NET $2.95 Promotion
58% Off

Powerful features, reliable performance along with low prices make Host4ASP.NET Umbraco hosting the best option for customers. For more info, please visit

Best Umbraco Hosting Provider – HostGator

HostGator is well-known in the hosting industry, having been running Linux and Windows hosting business for over 20 years.

HostGator has Umbraco shared hosting, Umbraco VPS and Umbraco dedicated servers. Thus, it is possible to upgrade if customers have such needs. Furthermore, HostGator Umbraco hosting provides multiple script languages, including the latest ASP.NET v4.5. In addition, HostGator also offers Full Trust Support, SQL 2012, WebSitePanel, free domain, etc.

What’s more, datacenters in US, Hong Kong and Europe create the best performance for customers no matter where they are. And all servers that HostGator utilizes are completely quality Windows servers based on RAID-10 drives. Live chat, phone and email support is for people all the time too.

Now, HostGator has Umbraco hosting promotion campaign. With coupon code “hostucan”, the starting price $5.95/mo will be cut 35% off and then come at $3.87 per month. More than that, money back guarantee will last 30 days, within which customers can ask for a full refund.

Hostgator Coupon hostucan
35% Off

Now, we know why Hostgator Windows hosting is the best in the industry. For more details, please go to

Best Umbraco Hosting Provider – Winhost

winhostWinhost ( is a hosting company that also focuses on helping people create powerful websites on Windows platform.

Winhost Umbraco hosting has three plans with rich features. To deliver better control panel, Winhost experts use ASP.NET to design its own Web-based control panel. Additionally, customers will receive Windows server 2012/2008, IIS7/8, Full Trust Support, multiple SQL versions, ASP.NET languages and more.

More than that, Winhost selects a world-class datacenter near to its office, which is convenient to maintain its servers. Besides, the datacenter has UPS system, backup generators and firewall protection. Furthermore, Winhost offers 24/7 Support Portal for people to contact its billing or technical staffs.

In addition, Winhost Umbraco hosting is set at affordable prices. And there is the promotion as well, making the price $4.95/mo decrease at $3.95/mo. Thus, customers will save 20% off. Beyond that, 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee is provided too.

Winhost $3.95 Promotion
20% Off

Above analysis proves that Winhost Umbraco hosting is indeed one of the best throughout the world. For more information, please visit

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