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Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Review

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There are thousands, if not, hundreds of new web hosting providers emerged every year. Like every coin has two sides, the increased hosting providers give bloggers, online retailers, or anyone else who are looking to build an online presence more options to choose from. However, it could be also problematic as novices usually have little knowledge of web hosting services and how to find the most suitable one for their projects.

As an emergent great ASP.NET hosting company, Bisend prides itself on offering highly reliable ASP.NET hosting services that cost at reasonable pricing. The below Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Review is going to give a detailed analysis of the company, ranging from pricing, features, performance, and customer support, with the purpose of figuring out whether Bisend is recommended to get started with.

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Is Cheap

It is understood that ASP.NET hosting solutions are costing at a higher pricing level when compared to Linux hosting services, due to the licensing fees of Windows operating system. Surprisingly, Bisend doesn’t charge extra money for Windows operating system and other related applications, which means that customers can benefit from extremely low pricing just the same as Linxu hosting users.

The regular price of Bisend ASP.NET hosting is set at $7.99/mo. Customers will have access to three billing cycles: 1-year, 2-years, and 3-years. No matter how long they sign up with Bisend, they can get great special coupons to make the ASP.NET hosting plan more affordable. For example, if a customer purchases the very basic Standard Plan for 3 years, he will be offered 64% discounts off to reduce to the price to only $2.95/mo!

Bisend 64% Promotion

Meanwhile, Bisend provides every customer with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so that customers are able to request full money back once they find it unsatisfied with the hosting service and terminate their hosting accounts within the first 30 days.

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Features Rich

Being rich-featured is a necessary condition for a truly outstanding ASP.NET hosting provider. Bisend knows that very well, and it tries its best to let customers sense its passion and sincerity.

Currently, there are three ASP.NET hosting packages built on shared servers, including Standard, Pro and Business, targeting personal bloggers and larger business websites. The Standard and Pro Plan are limited in websites allowed and email accounts, while the Business Plan is unlimited in everything, such as websites, SSD disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, and etc.

Powered by Windows Server 2012 OS, Bisend ASP.NET hosting includes SQL Server 2012/2014/2016, remote database access on MSSQL, ASP.NET 5, 4.5 and lower versions, PHP 7.0.x and lower versions, Zend Optimizer, Classic ASP, ASP.NET Core 1.1, 1.0, ASP.NET NET MVC 6, 5, 4, 3, node.js, and Silverlight 5, 4.

More importantly, Bisend makes its ASP.NET hosting service Plesk optimized. In other words, upon sign-up, customers can take advantage of the latest Plesk control panel to easily manage their hosting environment in every aspect. They can also have the most popular applications installed in simple clicks using the 1-click scripts installer inside the control panel.

Bisend also takes the website security seriously. Customers can not only performs website backup and recovery with ease using Plesk control panel, but also make full use of many security features like free SSL certificate, customized .htaccess, 301 URL Rewrite, hotlink protection, as well as anti-virus and anti-spam emailing.

When customers’ business outgrows the shared ASP.NET hosting, Bisend has managed SSD-powered VPS hosting to upgrade to. They can choose from three management levels of Plesk control panel: Web Admin, Web Pro and Web Host, in addition to customizing the CPU, RAM, SSD disk space, and bandwidth as per their specific requirements.

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Performs Fast

Another highlighted advantage of going with Bisend ASP.NET hosting is the excellent speed and reliability experience.

Customers can freely choose to host site with either the Chicago data center or the Hong Kong data center based on the majority of their website visitors’ location. Both facilities are well-equipped and utilizing brand new Dell servers with updated hardware and software, for instance, the cutting-edge SSD RAID 10 storage.

Bisend also works with multiple top notch bandwidth carriers to build up a multi-layer network architecture, thus shortening path between the server and the website and speeding up connectivity.

Moreover, every ASP.NET hosting customer is guaranteed at least 99.9% power and network uptime.

Bisend Has Quality Customer Support

As a Chicago-based web hosting provider, Bisend assures all customers of a fully U.S.-based support team. Whenever need help, customers can get in touch with a well-trained and skillful support representative via online chat, email or ticketing system. They can also search answers to some simple ASP.NET hosting issues through Bisend’s extensive Knowledgebase as well.


In general, Bisend ASP.NET hosting is worthwhile purchasing for its rich advanced features, impressively good performance, and of course, the industry-leading low prices. It is a new ASP.NET hosting player and needs improving in some degree, but which cannot uncover its possibility to be one of the best ASP.NET hosting providers in the very near future on the marketplace.

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