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Cheap BlogEngine.Net Hosting

BlogEngine.Net is an open-source blog application, creating an easy-of-use platform for bloggers. And it has great strengths, such as simplicity and customizability. However, BlogEngine.Net requires Windows operating system and ASP.NET programming language, which charge higher than Linux and PHP do.

So BlogEngine.Net fans are looking for one cheap but quality BlogEngine.Net hosting all the time. In this review, we help them solve this problem by naming Arvixe as the cheap BlogEngine.Net hosting after the careful comparison.

Why is Arvixe

Established in California in 2003, Arvixe ( has the its dedicated advantage, making people cooperate with the best. Working on both Linux and Windows operating systems, Arvixe can satisfy all kinds of needs from users to host websites.

Low Prices of Arvixe BlogEngine.Net Hosting

Arvixe BlogEngine.Net hosting has two plans that both charge customers at quite low prices. Usually, customers need respectively pay $5 and $8 at least for each month, which are very low in the BlogEngine.Net hosting industry. Now we offer exclusive coupon “clue30” for customers. With that, Arvixe BlogEngine.Net hosting starts at $3.5/mo.

Arvixe Coupon clue30
30% Off

What’s more, Arvixe full money back guarantee will cover the whole first 60 days after customers paid. And customers can apply for that without being asked any question.

Arvixe BlogEngine.Net Hosting Feature Review

Arvixe BlogEngine.Net hosting has rich features along with the low price. If customers choose Arvixe BlogEngine.Net hosting, they will receive $100 Google Adwords voucher and another $75 for Yahoo and Bing. Moreover, Arvixe will provide customers with one free domain name for life. So Arvixe BlogEngine.Net hosting is extremely valuable and worthwhile.

In addition, customers will get a lot of features if they select Arvixe Personal Class ASP plan:

  • Unlimited storage, email boxes and monthly bandwidth
  • 6 websites and dedicated application pools
  • SSD RAID-10 drives
  • WebSitePanel
  • MS SQL 2012 as well as MySQL 5
  • ASP.NET v2, v3.5, v4.5, PHP5, Perl, Python, etc

Arvixe BlogEngine.Net Hosting Performance Review

Arvixe servers are distributed in US, Europe and Hong Kong that creates possibilities for customers to choose the closest one. Furthermore, datacenters in three regions are fully powered all the time with N+1 generators and Uninterrupted Power Supply. So power outage seldom occurs.

Additionally, Arvixe works with Tier-1 telecom providers and utilizes direct Internet connections. And there are staffs monitoring networks for 24 hours a day. Other security measures such as DDoS Attack Response and firewall protect data of customers well.

Therefore, Arvixe can deliver customers with a reliable, fast as well as secure hosting environment to build websites.

Arvixe Customer Support for BlogEngine.Net

Arvixe has a set of mature supporting system including phone, live chat and ticket. More than that, Arvixe BlogEngine.Net engineers are experienced on answering and solving problems related to BlogEngine.Net hosting. So people can quickly get their problems solved no matter what time it is.

Besides, Arvixe offers support center to people, where they can find useful information and tutorials to solve their BlogEngine.Net questions.


In terms of the price, Arvixe provides cheap hosting for BlogEngine.Net in the industry. And it also performs excellently on features, reliability, speed as well as supports. So Arvixe gathers low prices and other many advantages into one BlogEngine.Net hosting solution, making it high-price value. That’s why we award Arvixe as the cheap BlogEngine.Net hosting and recommend it to bloggers.

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