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Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting

DotNetNuke is an open-source content managed system, requiring Microsoft .NET. It is easy to download, deploy and up to date. So far, it has been the platform of more than 750,000 commercial websites, community portals, social intranets and partner extranets throughout all over the world.

As a Windows-based CMS, DotNetNuke is equally loved by IT and marketers. On the one hand, the CMS platform makes it easy to build custom applications without letting IT compromise the security, extensibility or performance. On the other hand, the CMS platform puts markters in control of their sites, giving them the simple yet powerful content and page editing experience.

Here, our purpose is to recommend a cheap DotNetNuke hosting, making everyone with DotNetNuke needs afford it at a low rate. Through our study, we all think about Host4ASP.NET is the Cheap NotNetNuke Hosting in the industry.

Who is Host4ASP.NET

host4Host4ASP.NET ( is the fast-growing web hosting company with single type business termed Windows web hosting. Along with the concentration, it indeed gives customers top hosting solution services based on the Windows server operating system.

Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke Hosting is Amazingly Cheap

Host4ASP.NET is well-known for its cheap hosting service with multiple plans. All of them are affordable and much cheaper than other products on the similar level. Specifically, Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke hosting, coming with two sizes called Advance and Business, just costs people from $3.95/mo now. Even when people transfer to the larger Business plan, they just need to pay with $9.95/mo. By spending extra 6 dollars, people will get much more.

Host4ASP.NET $3.95 Promotion
44% Off

Besides, Host4ASP.NET provides 30 days money back guarantee. This policy will protect its customers from loss to the maximum, since they will receive a full refund within the guaranteed 30 days when they feel disappointed in Host4ASP.NET and cancel their accounts.

Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke Hosting Performance

What infrastructures, hardware and management systems Host4ASP.NET apply are first-class. That’s why its DotNetNuke hosting can reach 99.9% uptime and offer fast website page-loading speed.

Host4ASP.NET hosts people’s websites in a US-based and a Hong Kong-based datacenter, backed by uninterrupted power supply, gel battery power banks, backup generators etc. So, the equipment at the datacenters is covered with power all the time. In addition, the two datacenters have excellent environment too due to the utilization of CRACs, safety locks and so on.

Furthermore, 300 Gbit/s network connectivity is enough to make websites operate at a fast speed at any time. Servers are 100% Dell brand driven by the latest SSD technology, acknowledged as one of the best quality server in the world. Beyond that, 24/7 monitoring is included in Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke hosting so as to ensure everything goes well, problems are found and solved in advanced, and matters are done effectively.

Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke Hosting Features

Host4ASP.NET provides almost everything that people want to build websites, which are used DotNetNuke as the CMS. Taking its popular middle level Advance plan, we see features as follows:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer
  • 30 email accounts
  • 6 hosted websites
  • 512 MB site memory
  • Unlimited IIS concurrent connections

Furthermore, Host4ASP.NET offers more high-end features, such as Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, IIS remote management, SQL database 2012 or 2014 and Full Trust. The programming includes .NET, MVC, Classic ASP, Silverlight, URLRewrite, PHP, Perl and much more.

It also offers 1-click NotNetNuke installer enabling people to have the software installed and configured easily, even a newbie who has little technical knowledge can do it worry-free and painless. As for management, there is an easy-to-use WebSitePanel control panel available to help with sites, files, domains, data, applications, and email.

In addition to the shared Windows hosting solution, Host4ASP.NET has higher-end Hyper-V Windows VPS hosting solutions allowing people to upgrade to as with their websites or needs growing. The hosting solution can benefit people with full administrator rights, full system backups, 100% SSD storage, and etc.

Host4ASP.NET Support for DotNetNuke Hosting

It has high possibilities that people will encounter some problems during website setup and administration. That not means that Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke hosting is poor but DotNetNuke hosting has higher tech requirements to users.

Host4ASP.NET has quite high quality technical support. No matter when people have related issues, Host4ASP.NET support staffs are ready to give efficient assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Most often, they can be gotten through via the 24/7 email system or Live Chat channel.

Moreover, online resources are informative enough for helping people solve simple and basic questions by themselves. Especially, this self-help center is designed with searchable functionality, which is convenient too.

Host4ASP.NET is the Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting

To sum up, Host4ASP.NET DotNetNuke hosting contains rich features to help people create a reliable and fast website. When they are confused, they will get premium help. Most importantly, the pricing is lowest to $2.95/mo and the discount is up to 43% off now. That is a big deal for people if they purchase now.

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