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Cheap SharePoint Hosting

Since SharePoint hosting provides a lot of useful tools for work, it becomes the first choice of some big companies and organizations for intranet websites. Naturally, its pricing is not low that a large number of companies and organizations, especially small of them, cannot afford it to have a try.

After our careful comparison and testing, finally we find a best cheap SharePoint hosting that has low pricing and quality performance. This company is 1and1. In below, we will clarify why we would like to name it rather than others.

Who is 1and1

1and111and1 ( offers comprehensive Internet products to customers throughout all over the world, such as domain name registration, web hosting, servers, email solutions and much more. Its services contain high price value and its shared web hosting even is low at $3.99/mo. Another glaring feature of 1and1 is green datacenters it utilizes.

1and1 SharePoint Hosting Charges Very Low

If people are small businesses or have a little budget, 1and1 SharePoint hosting is a cost-effective deal. For one thing, 1and1 sets the hosting at a low pricing at $19.99/mo only. For another thing, which is good news for customers, 1and1 $19.99/mo SharePoint hosting is applied to 1 month billing cycle. Customers just need to pay in advance.

1and1 SharePoint Hosting

More than that, 1and1 provides its SharePoint customers with kind 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. From the first day of initial order to the 30th days, customers will get a full refund by canceling accounts and call 1and1 customer service.

1and1 SharePoint Hosting Features is Rich and Useful

Although 1and1 SharePoint hosting is cheap, it offers a variety features to create convenience for work. In below, we just list some basic features that are essential for a website:

  • 1 GB free web space and $4.99/mo is for each extra 500 MB space
  • 6 GB monthly data transfer
  • 50 SharePoint users
  • 50 email accounts and 100 email aliases
  • Hosting unlimited domains under one 1and1 SharePoint hosting account
  • Unlimited external domains too

What’s more, customers will use 1and1 control panel to administrate server, domain, email, messaging, downloads and accounts. Backups are done every day as well. 1and1 supports IMAP and POP3, coming with spam filter. Other SharePoint features in 1and1 include full-text indexing, various templates, personal views, check-in/check-out files, version history, picture libraries and so on.

1and1 SharePoint Hosting Performance is Great

Among line-ups, the performance of 1and1 SharePoint hosting is one of the best. Infrastructures, hardware, technologies, technicians etc all are reasons for the performance.

Take a look at infrastructures. 1and1 owns more than 70,000 servers, placed in 7 datacenters in North America and Europe. They are built with Steel-reinforced walls as well as air-conditioned rooms. Power is ceaselessly supplied due to diesel generators and plumb gel batteries besides regular power.

Network infrastructures are well designed to reach 65 Gbit/s connectivity. Moreover, multiple network connections are to crucial Internet hubs. In addition to that, 24/7 security monitoring and firewall protection are good for website security, which contains sensitive information, important data etc.

1and1 Technical Support for SharePoint Hosting

Even though SharePoint hosting is easy to control, 1and1 provides its customers with dedicated customer support team. This team is open for help SharePoint hosting customers every day and every night. In order to get help, customers can send emails described their problems in detail or call 1and1 technicians to talk problems directly.

Otherwise, online FAQs and help center are still available for them to access and find out solutions. It is just up to customers to select support methods.

1and1 is the Cheap SharePoint Hosting

1and1 SharePoint hosting is cheap at $19.99/mo, but its features, performance and technical support are not bad based on above analysis. If people are small businesses, 1and1 SharePoint hosting is just tailored for them to create convenience for staffs and improve work efficiency.

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