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Cheap Windows Dedicated Server

Windows hosting is expensive, let alone advanced Windows dedicated servers. So, for businesses with a tight budget, get a cheap Windows dedicated server is especially important. After reviewing and comparing, we find out that GoDaddy ( offers best cheap Windows dedicated servers in the industry.

Best Cheap Windows Dedicated Server – GoDaddy

godaddyGoDaddy is an international company for IT solutions. Its services range over every aspect of IT solutions, such as registering domains, offering web hosting solutions, designing websites, and providing online marketing. Moreover, this company plays a big role on some services. For example, GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar and one of the biggest web hosting providers in the world.

Since its establishment in 1997, GoDaddy has attracted more than 13 million customers and counting throughout the world.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server is Cheap

After reviewing a number of Windows dedicated servers, we find out that GoDaddy Windows dedicated server is really cheap. More than that, customers can try it for free of risk.

GoDaddy fixes a starting price on its Windows dedicated servers at $149.99/mo. After recent GoDaddy dedicated server promotion, the starting price renews at $99.99/mo only and customers will save over 30% off. Note that the promotional prices apply to billing cycles that are over 1 year, including 1 year.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated
30% Off

As an international company, GoDaddy accepted payment methods are different while billing countries and currencies are different. For example, if people choose to pay via USD, then no matter where they are, they can use VISA, Discover, American Express, Union Pay, Master Card, JCB, Diner’s Club, PayPal, ISC, gift card, and Good As Gold.

More than that, GoDaddy Windows dedicated servers has 45 Day Money Back Guarantee. Do not like its servers? Just go to its support team and ask for a full refund within the first 45 days.

Feature Review of GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server

Besides low costs, GoDaddy provides feature-richer Windows dedicated servers than many of its competitors.

For OS, GoDaddy gives options between Windows 2008 and Windows 2012.

cheap windows dedicated server on featuresFor levels of management, this company also supports customers to choose self-managed, managed, or fully managed services. Customers will not get control panels and backups from GoDaddy if they choose self-managed servers. Other 2 levels have Plesk control panels for customers. But the self-managed servers are cheapest. If customers are technical and want to save costs, self-managed servers are recommended.

In terms of specific plans, GoDaddy designs 5 plans based on all operating systems and management levels. The entry-level plan comes with 2 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, and 5 TB monthly bandwidth. This plan just charges at $99.99/mo with self-managed level.

What’s more, it generally costs minutes to set up GoDaddy Windows dedicated server. When needs grow, customers can upgrade their plans anytime and they need not provision their servers again.

Uptime and Speed Review of GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server

GoDaddy Windows dedicated server performance is not best-in-class. But it offers much better performance than many cheap Windows dedicated servers. Furthermore, GoDaddy Windows dedicated server has 99.9% uptime guarantee.

cheap windows dedicated server on performanceIn total, GoDaddy houses its Windows dedicated servers in 5 data centers. They are standard to ensure that servers have enough power and cool temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if regular power fails, there are backup generators and power banks standby to work anytime.

In addition to that, the web host configures its servers with the latest generation Intel Xeon processors. It even takes advantage of RAID 1 technology to improve data security and reliable performance. On-site engineers are monitoring servers around the clock as well.

GoDaddy Customer Support for Windows Dedicated Server

GoDaddy has great support for its customers. But, compared with other web hosts, GoDaddy need improving convenience to access its support team.

cheap windows dedicated server on supportTicket and phone are main methods that GoDaddy offers to customers 24 hours a day. But live chat is a more popular way for people to use these days. However, GoDaddy provides live chat support within its working time. For people outside USA, it is not easy to get contact with GoDaddy technicians via live chat.

In addition to regular support for every customer, GoDaddy dedicated team provides unlimited server admin services at no cost for customers who buy fully managed Windows dedicated server. The web host encourages customers to solve problems by themselves as well. Customers can visit GoDaddy help center to check FAQs, tutorials, and other useful resources.

GoDaddy is the Best Cheap Windows Dedicated Server

Starting at less than $100/mo, GoDaddy Windows dedicated server is really cheap. Other web hosts, like Rackspace, will charge several hundred dollars each month. As for features, uptime, speed, and customer support, GoDaddy does not do the best. But among cheap Windows dedicated server providers, it does well. So, we name GoDaddy as the best cheap Windows dedicated server provider and recommend it to customers with a tight budget.

For more information about GoDaddy, please visit

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