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DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET

As two web hosting provides specialized in ASP.NET hosting services, DiscountASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET are extraordinary in the industry and named as the Best ASP.NET Hosting 2015. In below, we will compare them to see which one is a little better.

Who are DiscountASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET

host4asp vs discountaspDiscountASP.NET has insisted its mission to just empower .NET developers since its inception in 2003. So it only designs two hosting solutions: one is ASP.NET Web Hosting and the other is Team Foundation Server Hosting.

While Host4ASP.NET is a dramatically fast growing web hosting company in recent years. People whoever are .NET developers, individuals or businesses can find ASP.NET hosting suitable for them. The price of Host4ASP.NET is extremely affordable, which make it one of the best cheap hosting in the industry now.

DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET on Hosting Features

Both companies have pros and cons on ASP.NET hosting features, but on the whole, Host4ASP.NET is one upon DiscountASP.NET.

Host4ASP.NET crafts 3-level ASP.NET hosting packages for different customers, coming with up to unlimited disk space, email accounts and number of websites. Besides, each package includes unlimited monthly data transfer. Moreover, Host4ASP.NET sets Windows server 2012 R2 as its hosting platform backed with IIS8.5. And database is SQL server 2012/2014 and MySQL 5.5.

However, DiscountASP.NET only provides 1000 MB disk space, 80 GB monthly data transfer and 500 email accounts. In addition, people will select one hosting platform from Windows 2012 matched with IIS8.x and Windows 2008 matched with IIS7.x. As for the database, people have to pay extra fee for MS SQL 2014/2012/2008 R2/2008 and MySQL 5.

DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET on Hosting Pricing

Even though both companies offer affordable ASP.NET hosting, the starting price of DiscountASP.NET hosting is higher than Host4ASP.NET hosting.

It is the best time to go started with Host4ASP.NET because its hosting solutions are lowest in the year. The 3 packages respectively start from $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $9.95/mo at present. People will save big discounts up to 43%. Additionally, Host4ASP.NET has 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Host4ASP.NET $2.95 Promotion
43% Off

While DiscountASP.NET ASP.NET Web Hosting charges at $10/mo. And with our exclusive DiscountASP.NET coupon, people will save 50% and pay $5 per month at last. But this promotional price is still higher than Host4ASP.NET hosting $2.95/mo. Beyond that, DiscountASP.NET offers 30-Day Money Back Guarantee as Host4ASP.NET does.

DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET on Hosting Performance

fastBoth companies deliver excellent performance for websites in USA. But DiscountASP.NET hosting performance is better for websites in Europe.

The reason is that DiscountASP.NET utilizes Europe-based datacenter besides US-based datacenter. Furthermore, both datacenters are Tier 1 level with all-inclusive infrastructures and equipment. And all servers at DiscountASP.NET are industry-leading Dell servers.

Host4ASP.NET is also outstanding on ASP.NET hosting performance. The datacenter in US is first-class on power supply, air cooling, network capability and security. More than that, customers will also host websites on 100% Dell servers. And Host4ASP.NET has 99.9% uptime guarantee as DiscountASP.NET.

DiscountASP.NET vs Host4ASP.NET on Support

When it comes to the support for ASP.NET hosting, Host4ASP.NET shows its strengths very clearly as well.

host4 live chatIt is easy to find help at Host4ASP.NET because of live chat and email available for people for 24 hours a day including holidays. More than that, there is ASP.NET blog and Knowledgebase, informative enough to support people.

However, DiscountASP.NET 24/7 technical support only contains email and Support Portal that need control panel credentials. For self-help support, DiscountASP.NET provides Community Forum and Knowledgebase too.


The comparison result is apparent here that Host4ASP.NET is a reliable web host for all kinds of people, especially people in USA. The lower price from $2.95/mo and friendlier support are advantages of Host4ASP.NET. And if people are from Europe, DiscountASP.NET will bring them excellent ASP.NET hosting experience too.

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