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DiscountASP.NET vs HostGator on Windows Hosting

It is not easy to distinguish a good Windows web hosting while DiscoutASP.NET and HostGator both are excellent Windows hosting providers. In below, we will help people to see which one is better through the comparison from hosting features, pricing, performance and support.

Who are DiscountASP.NET and HostGator

hostgator vs discountaspDiscountASP.NET ( is a web hosting firm that just specializes in Windows hosting for .NET developers. And this company devotes much into ASP.NET technologies and serves people with the best Windows hosting services.

Unlike one core Internet solution business in DiscountASP.NET, HostGator ( provides web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers hosting, domain names and Windows hosting.

DiscountASP.NET vs HostGator on Windows Hosting Features

The two companies have their own strengths on hosting features. DiscountASP.NET Windows hosting contains the latest ASP.NET technologies while HostGator offers richer basic features.

People will receive 1000 MB disk space, 50 email accounts and 80 GB monthly data transfer at DiscountASP.NET. But supported technologies here are the latest Windows 2012/2008, IIS 8.x/7.x, IIS Manager, isolated application pool and full trust. Besides, DiscountASP.NET also gives ASP.NET 4.5.1/4.0/3.5/2.0, Silverlight, LINQ, PHP 5, FastCGI, XML, XAML, node.js, ASP.NET AJAX, Classic ASP, MVC and much more.

Although HostGator ASP.NET hosting includes unlimited disk space, email accounts and bandwidth, it is a little weaker on ASP.NET technologies than DiscountASP.NET hosting. People will just build websites on Windows server 2008 with IIS7. Other supported technologies are Classical ASP, ASP.NET 4.5/40./3.5/2.0, AJAX, CGI, FastCGI, PHP5, Python as well as SSI.

DiscountASP.NET vs HostGator on Windows Hosting Pricing

There is little difference between the pricings of DiscountASP.NET and HostGator Windows hosting. Both of them are affordable and cost-effective.

DiscountASP.NET regularly charges people at $10 per month on its Windows hosting solution. And we recommend people to purchase it by claiming below DiscountASP.NET coupon so that they can only pay $5/mo. The saving discount is 50% off that is really a good deal. Moreover, DisounctASP.NET has 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

DiscountASP.NET Windows Hosting
50% Off

Compared to DiscountASP.NET, HostGator sets the starting price at $5.95/mo. And we also give benefit to readers via HostGator Windows hosting coupon code “clue25percentoff”. So people can only spend $4.46/mo after 25% off discounted. Furthermore, there is HostGator 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.

DiscountASP.NET vs HostGator on Windows Hosting Performance

As for Windows hosting performance, DiscountASP.NET has the edge on HostGator since its servers are also placed in European datacenter in addition to US datacenter.

DiscountASP.NET two location datacenters are top in the industry, equipped with UPS backup, diesel generator backup, Cisco Enterprise Switches, 24/7 security guards as well as network monitoring. What’s more, DiscountASP.NET uses Dell servers and conducts website data backup every day. So customers will get 99.9% uptime guarantee, fast speed and privacy security at DiscountASP.NET.

HostGator just utilizes two US-based datacenters that are also extraordinary in the world. Taking Houston, TX datacenter as an example, we find out a range of features, such as multiple level infrastructures, redundant power system, HVAC, huge bandwidth capacity, etc. More than that, staffs are in house at all times to monitor and ensure everything is OK.

DiscountASP.NET vs HostGator on Windows Hosting Support

supportAs is known to all, Windows hosting is much more complicated than Linux hosting and users often meet questions. Therefore, reliable support is especially important for .NET users.

DiscountASP.NET knows it well and provides 24/7 Windows hosting support for customers. They can direct describe their problems on DiscountASP.NET support portal, which will be quickly answered by its support technicians. Beyond that, people can also send an email to DiscountASP.NET support team and get patient help. You could check out DiscountASP.NET customer review from here.

It is much easier to contact with HostGator support technical staffs. People can choose convenient live chat, phone or email to search Windows hosting support. And dedicated technicians are in-house for 24 hours a day in case people need their help. For their customer feedback, please check out Hostgator reviews from HostUCan.


The above comparison shows that DiscountASP.NET and HostGator offer excellent Windows hosting solutions. But DiscountASP.NET Windows hosting is just a little better because it contains the latest ASP.NET technologies, which are essential to create powerful and successful ASP.NET websites.

For more information about DiscountASP.NET, please visit or check out our DiscountASP.NET Review.


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