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DiscountASP.NET Window Cloud Hosting Review

DiscountASP.NET is famous for providing the best ASP.NET hosting based on shared servers. In order to meet customers’ growing needs for security, performance and dedicated resources, the hosting company currently has launched its Windows cloud hosting program—Everleap, which is developed with the aim of being a manageable and affordable alternative to Azure.

Is DiscountASP.NET Windows cloud hosting really worth your bucks and trust? Well, we will figure it out in this article.

DiscountASP.NET Window Cloud Hosting Review on Pricing

DiscountASP.NET has been always boasting about its premium Windows cloud hosting at cheap pricing.

There are two solutions available to be suitable for Single site and Multi-site needs, regularly charging for $25/mo and $50/mo respectively. Customers can choose from three billing cycles: 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. And there is up to 20% discount off based on different term-length. After discounting, DiscountASP.NET Windows cloud hosting could reduce to minimum $20/mo and $40/mo if customers purchase a yearly plan.

DiscountASP.NET Windows Cloud
20% Off

On top of that, DiscountASP.NET offers a 30 Day Free Trial enabling customers to have a test out the hosting service before they make the decision.

Comparing DiscountASP.NET Windows cloud hosting to some industry-leading Windows cloud hosting solutions from LiquidWeb, SingleHop and Hostway, we find that DicountASP.NET indeed offers very cheap plans that most small to medium-sized businesses can afford it.

DiscountASP.NET Window Cloud Hosting Review on Features

ASP.NET hosting is the specialty of DiscountASP.NET, while the Windows cloud hosting platform—Everleap is a versatile solution, supporting all up-to-date Microsoft web stack technologies, for instance, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET 4.6.1, 3.x, 2.0, and Classic ASP. Besides, PHP, node.js and some other widely used technologies are also supported by DiscountASP.NET Windows cloud hosting.

As a robust cloud hosting platform that is scalable for third-party software including both commercial CMSs and open source eCommerce applications, DiscountASP.NET offers many live demos of applications running on its Everleap servers, such as WordPress, DotNetNuke, nopCommerce, Kentico, BlogEngine and etc.

Instead of terminating the applications that are not in use, DiscountASP.NET makes full use of IIS in the new .NET Framework technology to have the application suspended. As a result of that, the application will be paged out to disk temporarily. When it is requested in the future, it becomes available immediately once the process is re-activated.

More than that, DiscountASP.NET Everleap servers are created using a template system which eliminates the chance of misconfiguration, or having configuration that varies between different servers. So when a customer hosts multiple sites with DiscountASP.NET, he can rely on consistency.

DiscountASP.NET Window Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

As with the steadily increasing demands for modern application resource, more and more performance problems occur on traditional shared web servers. In response to the evolving applications, the hosting service should evolve along with them.

DiscountASP.NET takes advantage of multiple virtual web servers to create the Everleap network, whose traffic is managed by load balancers. The best part of the Everleap network is, once a web server goes down or becomes very busy for any reason, traffic is routed to another web server instantly, therefore eliminating latency. In addition to that, every Windows cloud hosting site have access to more than two load balanced cloud web servers to make sure each site is supported by multiple separate servers simultaneously, extremely optimizing page loading times.

DiscountASP.NET mentioned that any time a web server becomes unusually busy or goes down, traffic is instantly routed to another server. The web host has a 100% uptime SLA to back that up. That instant, automatic routing is especially beneficial during monthly Windows server updates. The updates cascade across the servers on a controlled schedule, ensuring that there are always available servers. When a web server goes down for an update, all the sites are immediately served from other, active servers. No more web server downtime for scheduled maintenance.

Meanwhile, DiscountASP.NET Windows cloud hosting comes with enhanced security. Microsoft has isolated what hosted code can access on Windows Azure Pack. The worker process cannot access files outside of the website, and any child processes spun up by the worker have the same restriction. This removes one of the primary methods used to exploit a Windows server, thereby greatly reducing the risk of any server-wide compromise having a negative impact on the site.

DiscountASP.NET Window Cloud Hosting Review on Support

For more than a decade DiscountASP.NET has been known for its expert technical support, and the hosting company brings the same high level of support to every Windows cloud hosting account. When customers need to use tech support, they will appreciate having access to the top notch tech team at DiscountASP.NET and with no extra cost.

In DiscountASP.NET Help Center, customers can open or respond to a support or billing ticket, see their ticket history and search the Knowledgebase. The web host can also offer a telephone callback or even arrange a shared desktop session, but only when an issue needs further discussion or deeper investigation.


It is easy to get concluded that DiscountASP.NET Windows cloud hosting is price valued on the surface at least. There are two different solutions bundled with rich advanced features and tools to cater to different needs. The performance and reliability is also guaranteed. However, due to the limited customer feedback to the newly launched hosting service, we still feel hesitate to recommend it.

If you’re interested in the hosting service, please visit to check out more information.

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