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Easyspace Windows Hosting Review

Easyspace Windows Hosting ReviewAs a web host, Easyspace ( has received a lot of awards like Best UK Hosting Provider and No.1 Windows Hosting Provider. Its excellence is partly because of total 10 datacenters around the UK it owns and operates. Besides, Easyspace has been working in hosting solutions for nearly 20 years, thereby it has rich experience in offering high quality web hosting.

In addition to Linux hosting, Easyspace is also engaged in Windows web hosting services for .NET developers. In below Easyspace Windows Hosting Review, we will analyze its Windows hosting service step by step to make it clear.

Easyspace Windows Hosting Plans

Easyspace tailors Windows hosting solutions based on shared servers, virtual servers and dedicated servers. Take the entry-level plan Pic’n’Mix on shared servers as an example, and please check the following features.

MS SQL is optional while Easyspace provides customers with IIS 7.5 and ASP.NET v4.5.2, which are not the latest version but still powerful. Moreover, this Windows hosting plan contains Microsoft Access, Perl 5.10.1, ImageMagic and IonCube, shared SSL as well.

Furthermore, Easyspace gives management control panel to customers in order to help them manage accounts. Still, customers will get OneClick Install Apps, DNS management, daily backups, Ad credits and so on. On top of that, unlimited bandwidth, up to 50 GB webspace, 1 FTP account, 1 free domain name and up to 200 POP3 mailboxes are basic features of Pic’n’Mix plan.

For those seeking to host with a higher-end platform, Easyspace Windows Cloud Pro is a good option. It is customizable that customers can tailor their cloud package to suit their personal working methods. Besides Solid State Drives, full DNS control, and full root/administrator access, Easyspace enables customers to order Plesk 12 control panel for easy management.

Similarly, Easyspace offers pre-built as well as custom Windows dedicated server solutions to choose from. The starter pre-built server is configured with Xeon Dual-Core 3065 single processor, 2GB of RAM, 120GB SSD storage, and 10,000GB monthly bandwidth.

Easyspace Windows Hosting Pricing: High or Low?

Easyspace supports people to customize features. As a result, the final pricing is up to what they choose. In general, a longer billing cycle will make the pricing lower on the same plan. There are monthly, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year and 5-year cycles in all. The monthly payment starts from £2.00/mo while people will pay from £1.80/mo within a 5-year cycle, saving 20% off.

Easyspace Windows Hosting
20% Off

Here is pricing details of other Windows hosting solutions from Easyspace in case customers need to upgrade their shared plans as the website grows:

  • Easyspace Windows Cloud Pro: £29.99/mo
  • Easyspace Windows dedicated server: £39.99/mo

Compared to other Windows hosting providers, Easyspace does better in offering cheap Windows hosting at competitive £1.80/mo. Additionally, Easyspace offers 7 days money back guarantee, which is short but also can protects customers to some extent. You could visit BigCheaphosting to check out all the deals of Easyspace.

Easyspace Windows Hosting Uptime and Speed

Easyspace provides extremely outstanding speed and uptime performance, especially for UK websites. If readers look at infrastructures and management systems of Easyspace, they will know why we give such high judgments.

easyspace windows hosting review datacenterFor these years, Easyspace has invested a lot on building datacenters throughout the UK. The total number of datacenters it owns now is 10 and counting, one of which is even located in London City Centre. Furthermore, high configurations in datacenters brings with very high performance and 100% uptime.

In addition, network is also built by Easyspsace itself with Cisco switching and high quality fibre, making its network speed at 1GB per second. Moreover, instead of outsourcing a third party, Easyspace employs its own staffs to be responsible for the administration of datacenters, servers, network, etc. for 24 hours a day.

Easyspace Customer Support on Windows Hosting

Easyspace has good technical support for customers. There are multiple ways customers can use in order to solve problems. One of the most convenient is 24/7 ticket system in online helpdesk. Easyspace supporting staffs will reply tickets as soon as possible. What’s more, if people want to talk, it is also OK from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Beyond that, Easyspace FAQs contains more than 250 commonly asked questions as well as their answers, which will be helpful resources when customers meet problems. Tutorials, instructions, blog, etc are also there for customers if they need. You could check out to know more about Easyspace customer service.

Last but not the least, Easyspace support team is 100% UK based.

Do We Recommend Easyspace Windows Hosting?

Through above analysis, we see that Easyspace Windows hosting does not have the upper hand on ASP.NET features, money back guarantee and customer support. But its pricing is really very low and performance stands out because of UK local self owned and managed hosting infrastructures.

Therefore, Easyspace is a good Windows hosting provider for UK websites. Most of its plans are customizable and upgradeable that customers can find the most suitable one at the hosting company.

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easyspace Windows hosting review

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