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Fast SharePoint Hosting

SharePoint hosting based on Windows platform is usually used for company internal websites who require fast page loading speed to improve work efficiency. Besides, other websites based on SharePoint surly also want fast speed. No one wants to wait long time for site page loading. And website speed is largely connected with datacenter infrastructure, hardware, software, technologies and so on.

In this post, we decide to name Hostway as the Fast SharePoint Hosting, which is the result of much thought. Take a look at Hostway SharePoint hosting details in below and then readers will get it.

Who is Hostway

hostway sharepointHostway ( is a leader in SharePoint hosting area. In addition to that, it still offers cloud hosting, email solutions and managed hosting, which are also great. Due to its popular Internet solution services, over 500,000 clients from the world have come to Hostway and been loyal to it.

Hostway SharePoint Hosting Speed

Backed with multiple world-class datacenters throughout North America, Hostway provides all end users, especially them in North America, with super fast page loading speed. Uptime of websites hosted at Hostway also stands out, reaching unbelievable 100%.

6 datacenters are based in Vancouver of Canada, and Texas, Illinois and Florida of United States. Anyone of them are well-equipped, high-end and of redundancy to ensure fast speed in every second.

fast sharepoint hostingJust Texas has 2 datacenters with large space nearly 60,000 sq. ft. Power supply is made up of Uninterruptible Power Supply and power backup. Air conditioning has HVAC system and backup conditioning units ready to work at any time. Network is the best, coming with BGP4, Brocade routers, 10 GigE upstreams backups of network equipment, HP technologies and so on.

Overall, Hostway utilizes more than 150,000 sq. ft. to place its industry-leading servers with high configuration. Moreover, Hostway does not oversell servers. So, every website will get enough server resources, beneficial to maintain fast speed.

On top of that, 24/7 monitoring on network, datacenters and servers is essential to ensure security but also crucial to maintain speed. Experts will fix problems before it arise or fix instantly when they detect problems.

Hostway SharePoint Hosting Plans

SharePoint Standard and SharePoint Advanced are two plans that Hostway offers to customers. The previous one is recommended to small businesses while Advanced plan is given to large companies and organizations who can afford more resources.

Hostway SharePoint hosting customers will receive 5-50 GB disk space, unlimited users as well as unlimited traffic. Furthermore, Hostway gives SharePoint 2010 as foundations. It also offers all SharePoint tools that customers could opt for simple file cabinet or complex cooperation central. Additionally, a series of designed templates are given free to help customers create their websites easily.

With speedy performance and refined features, Hostway SharePoint hosting is not expensive. Customers just pay from $14.95/mo and they will start a website based on SharePoint. Yearly payment still has extra promotion, making the pricing at $11.95/mo only. That is an around 20% off discount, worthy of a try.

Hostway SharePoint Hosting
20% Off

More than that, Hostway provides 30-day money back guarantee!

Hostway Customer Support for SharePoint

Hostway considers everything for customers including problems they will encounter after purchased. It built a customer support center to give phone and ticket support when customers need it. Moreover, Hostway has employed a number of SharePoint experts as its supporting staffs, who will kindly and patiently treat customers.

What’s more, online resources are a lot to help customers out of trouble. They could visit Hostway blog, watch videos, read case studies. In a word, there are various help alternatives for customers when they meet problems.

Hostway is Fast SharePoint Hosting

Backed with 6 datacenters and great network infrastructures, Hostway has ability to offer fast SharePoint hosting, which is reliable and secure as well. Its SharePoint hosting plans are designed to meet needs of both small businesses and large companies at reasonable pricing. Hostway is responsible for questions after sale too. Overall, besides fast speed, Hostway is a high price value SharePoint hosting provider.

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