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GoDaddy Managed Windows VPS Review

GoDaddy ( is a comprehensive online service provider. It offers everything related to websites at low rates, such as domain registration, domain transfer, web hosting, web security, online marketing, and etc. Because of that, GoDaddy is popular worldwide and has over 13 million customers.

In this post, we review its managed Windows VPS only to see whether it is a good option for who need it. We will review the product from its managed services, price value, performance and customer support.

GoDaddy Windows VPS is Managed

GoDaddy designs 5 Windows VPS packages in all. Each package comes with options of managed levels including self management, management and fully management. Here, we just talk about the latter 2 managed levels as following:

  • GoDaddy managed Windows VPS offers Parallels Plesk control panel for customers to administrate their hosting while GoDaddy is responsible for monitoring, backups, patching and security. Plesk control panel is one of the top control panels for Windows hosting management.
  • GoDaddy fully managed Windows VPS offers better services including all services in the managed Windows VPS. Moreover, customers going with fully managed level will get a dedicated team of server admin experts for their servers.

godaddy windows vps managed service

GoDaddy Managed Windows VPS Review on Price Value

GoDaddy configures its virtual private servers with Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 images. Moreover, 5 Windows VPS packages with 2 managed options allow customers to choose one which is right for their demands. For regular websites, its entry-level package is enough with:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth

As to pricing, GoDaddy launches different promotions and discounts from time to time.Customers need to pay $39.99 per month for this package based on managed level.  Currently, if customers pay for 12 months or above, they can get 12% off and pay from $34.99/mo. However, if customers want fully managed services, they have to pay $144.99/mo at least these days. This pricing is a little high.

Here we get an exclusive GoDaddy coupon to cut the pricing 30% off based on the regular pricing. So, instead of regular $39.99/mo, now the pricing is around $28/mo.

GoDaddy Managed Windows VPS
30% Off

Once customers fulfill payments, GoDaddy technicians will immediately provision virtual private servers and the whole process will last minutes only. What’s more, GoDaddy supports easy upgrading without re-provision if websites grow.

More than that, every customer purchasing GoDaddy managed Windows VPS will get protected with 45 day money back guarantee. Compared to regular 30 days refund guarantee in the field, GoDaddy guarantee is long enough for customers to decide whether to go on using the services.

GoDaddy Managed Windows VPS Review on Performance

GoDaddy hosting performance is always controversial. Some people argue that GoDaddy does not matter its web hosting enough since domain services are its core business. But we do witness that GoDaddy has been trying to improve its hosting performance. Just in view of GoDaddy VPS performance these days, we could say that it is good.

Since GoDaddy provides internet solutions for customers all over the world, it takes advantages of facilities and network worldwide. Each facility has industry-standard equipment for hosting servers, like backup generators for uninterrupted power and air conditionings for cool environment.

Additionally, GoDaddy managed Windows VPS is configured on servers with the latest Intel processors. The specifications are 6 cores, 2.4/2.8GHz or 4 cores, 3.1/3.5GHz, 128 GB DDR3 memory, or 32 GB DDR3 memory, 15 MB cache, and etc. So, combined worldwide hosting facilities and high-end servers, GoDaddy is able to offer great VPS performance.

Also, this company maintains sites hosted on its Windows VPS secure. For one, it monitors network 24 hours a day to ensure prompt measures it can take if there is a problem. For another, GoDaddy pre-installs Web Application Firewall and CDN on its managed Windows virtual private servers to remove malware. CDN is good for speeding up page loading as well.

GoDaddy Managed Windows VPS Review on Support

GoDaddy offers a wide range of services so that it has to support in many fields. But when we visit GoDaddy online help center, we see a clear and simple interface with many categories including Windows hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, GoDaddy Pro, and etc. GoDaddy also designs Search function so that customers can directly enter keywords to search solutions.

Besides, GoDaddy offers human technical support to customers who need to talk about their unique problems and get solutions. They could use phone, ticket and live chat. The former 2 are available around the clock while live chat support works within limited time. Just due to time-limited live chat support, some customers think GoDaddy support is not effective enough. We love to use live chat via the internet these days after all.

In a nutshell, GoDaddy support for managed Windows VPS is good, but need improving. You could check out here to know more about Godaddy service.


To draw a conclusion, GoDaddy managed Windows VPS offers customers multiple options. Though its fully managed Windows VPS is expensive, its managed Windows VPS has high price value even with Plesk. Performance and support are regular in the industry. Therefore, GoDaddy managed Windows VPS is recommendable for small to medium size websites.

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