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GoDaddy vs. LiquidWeb on Windows Dedicated Server

In below article, we are going to reveal Windows dedicated server service from GoDaddy and LiquidWeb through comparing their pricing, features, performance as well as technical support. In the end, we will get a conclusion on which web host has provided the best Windows hosting solution.

Who are GoDaddy and LiquidWeb?

godaddyWhen it comes to GoDaddy (, many people would think of the world’s largest domain register at first. However, besides that, GoDaddy has many other web hosting services, like shared hosting, VPS, WordPress hosting and dedicated server.And GoDaddy Windows dedicated server solution is regarded as one of the most budget one in the market.

>liquidweb logoLiquidWeb (, on the other hand, is dedicated to offering professional and remarkable hosting services to help people make successful online businesses. All LiquidWeb Windows dedicated servers are backed with its three wholly-owned data centers and industry-leading Heroic Support team.

GoDaddy vs. LiquidWeb on Pricing

Both GoDaddy and LiquidWeb have provided multiple Windows dedicated server packages that are coming with three different levels of management to meet different kinds of demands.

Take the prime plan of GoDaddy Windows dedicated server as an example, if people choose to self manage it, they will need to pay $99.99/mo, with 33% off regular price $149.99/mo. If they want a managed or fully-managed plan, they will be billed for $109.99/mo or $219.99/mo respectively.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server
33% Off

At LiquidWeb, the entry level costs $199/mo for an unmanaged or Core managed service. For a fully managed one, people will have to pay $239/mo. In addition to that, by following the promotional link in below, people can save $100 for their first bills.

LiquidWeb Exclusive Deals

More than that, GoDaddy has offered a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee for its customers. In this sense, GoDaddy is more affordable than LiquidWeb, especially its self-managed plan.

GoDaddy vs. LiquidWeb on Plans and Features

GoDaddy Windows dedicated server comes with 5 plans, all of which are based on Windows 2008 or Windows 2012. Within the basic plan, people can receive 2GB RAM, 512GB storage, plus 5TB bandwidth per month. If people need managed or fully-managed servers, GoDaddy will give them Parallels® Plesk control panel and other additional services including patching, security, monitoring, and backups.

GoDaddy utilizes the latest Intel Xeon E3-1220-v3 processor with speed of 4 Core up to 3.5GHz and with memory of 32GB ECC VLM UDIMM DDR3. Other more, GoDaddy offers SQL Server 2012 and 2014, malware removal, CDN, as well as Web Application Firewall to manage and protect their data, folder and files.

Compared to GoDaddy, LiquidWeb Windows dedicated servers are much rich-featured. Even its essential plan contains Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 quad-core in speed of up to 4.0GHz per core, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB primary disk space based on SSD technology and RAID 1 arrays, 1TB 7200RPM SATA backup drive, and 5TB outbound & FREE incoming bandwidth plus 1 public IP address. Besides, LiquidWeb enables its customers to customize their servers by adding more memory, primary hard drive, backup hard drive, and etc.

Beyond that, LiquidWeb has a Sonar Monitoring team utilizing a robust set of propriety system level health and service monitoring tools to constantly ensure all Windows dedicated servers in optimized performance through early detection of problems. And it offers some add-ons, such as hardware firewalls, load balancers, SAN, Guardian backups, private networking, DDoS attack protection, CDN, Hybrid hosting applications, and KVM switch to strengthen people’s hosting infrastructure.

GoDaddy vs. LiquidWeb on Performance

In terms of uptime and performance, both GoDaddy and LiquidWeb have done their best to deliver fast speed and high reliable service. But LiquidWeb outperforms GoDaddy as a whole.

Though GoDaddy has leased multiple worldwide data centers and made use of the latest servers with complete RAID 1 disk mirroring to maintain a 99.9% of uptime and relative reliable connection for its customers, it is inferior to LiquidWeb’s 100% uptime and industry-leading service speed.

Different from GoDaddy’s utilization of third-party’s facilities, LiquidWeb privately owns and operates three state-of-the-art data centers in US-Central region. As a complement to that, the web host has an additional presence in US-West region, thus resulting in a true Geographic Redundancy. Thank to that, all customers are allowed to choose the closest center to locate their Windows dedicated servers so that they can enjoy the fastest connection speed.

Likewise, in order to provide the highest quality Internet connectivity and performance, LiquidWeb carefully selects premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers such as Level3, Verizon, Cogent and Comcast to ensure minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global Internet. Even, LiquidWeb is confident to promise a 30-minute hardware replacement time guarantee aside from its very high uptime guarantee.

GoDaddy vs. LiquidWeb on Customer Service

Both GoDaddy and LiquidWeb have 24/7 telephone, email and ticket support. But live chat at GoDaddy is time limited, while at LiquidWeb, live chat is available around the clock. More importantly, LiquidWeb gives its customers initial response time guarantees, including 30-minute helpdesk initial response time, 59-second live chat initial response time and 59-second phone initial response time.

Though the two web hosts both have professional experts and support staffs who are responsible for solving any questions from customers, LiquidWeb’s Heroic Support team is more outstanding.

Which One is Better?

Combined what we’ve compared between GoDaddy and LiquidWeb’s Windows dedicated servers, LiquidWeb is superior to GoDaddy, no matter when it comes to features, speed and reliability, or customer support. Due to that, for people who want to have their own Widows dedicated servers for powerful and professional websites, we strongly recommend LiquidWeb to them.

More information about LiquidWeb, please move to

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