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GoDaddy vs LiquidWeb

When people select products, they prefer big brands. And the shopping preference applies to purchasing ASP.NET hosting as well. Here in this article, we will compare 2 big ASP.NET hosting brands: GoDaddy and LiquidWeb. We will compare them from features, prices, reliability and customer support. Then readers will know whether the both ASP.NET hosts are best for them or just one for them or none for them?

About GoDaddy and LiquidWeb

godaddy vs liquidwebGoDaddy ( is a worldwide well-known company with over 13 million customers. Its services cover domain name registration, web hosting, online marketing, web security, web design, etc. Especially GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the industry.

Established in 1997, LiquidWeb ( has established its role in managed web hosting industry. And this web host is distinct from others by 3 wholly-owned data centers. Till now, there are already 30,000 customers from 150 countries trusting LiquidWeb and using its services.

GoDaddy vs LiquidWeb on Features

On hosting for ASP.NET, both companies offer VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated servers while GoDaddy has shared ASP.NET hosting just from $1/mo via our exclusive GoDaddy coupon link. The $1/mo ASP.NET hosting includes features like 1 website hosted, 100 GB storage, 1 MS SQL database, 10 email addresses, unlimited bandwidth and so on, which are enough for a personal website.

Next, we will illustrate what GoDaddy and LiquidWeb offer with their Windows VPS hosting solutions.

GoDaddy has designed 5 Windows VPS packages based on Windows 2008/2012. Each package comes with optional server management levels from self management to management and fully management. Simply put, the 3 levels are different in control panel, migration, SiteLock, backups, server admin services, etc. And GoDaddy charges different in different levels.

godaddy windows vps features

LiquidWeb Windows VPS integrates advantages of shared hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting. So, its VPS is easy to upgrade or downgrade. Besides, LiquidWeb utilizes RAID protected SSD. As to plans, it also offers multiple Windows VPS plans with server management options. Unlike GoDaddy, LiquidWeb does not charge extra on fully managed or managed services.

GoDaddy vs LiquidWeb on Reliability

When it comes to reliability, GoDaddy and LiquidWeb perform differently, though they are big hosts. LiquidWeb provides enterprise-level reliability, speed and secure. In short, customers will get 100% uptime guarantee at LiquidWeb while they could receive only 99.9% uptime guarantee from GoDaddy.

Just in the case of hosting infrastructure, LiquidWeb wins GoDaddy. The former owns 3 data centers in US-central region and utilizes a forth one in US-West region. All data centers are world class with SSAE-16 certified. And LiquidWeb Heroic Support team has on-site managed the 3 data centers. Additionally, every customer of GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting will get a 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee.

liquidweb data center

It is hard to find data center information on GoDaddy official website. But we know this company also utilizes multiple data centers, in which it owns and operates at only one center in Phoenix. The data centers themselves are premium and GoDaddy has enhanced management these years. So, GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting reliability actually get large improved than before.

GoDaddy vs LiquidWeb on Pricing

GoDaddy has shared ASP.NET hosting, making its starting price much lower from $1/mo. When we compare their Windows VPS prices, we find out that GoDaddy fixes lower prices as well.

GoDaddy Windows VPS starts at $34.99/mo, featuring self-managed server level, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB storage and 1 TB monthly bandwidth. To get this price, customers have to pay for 1-year billing cycle at least.

GoDaddy ASP.NET Hosting

On the other hand, LiquidWeb Windows VPS charges from $99/mo, in which 2 GB memory, 100 GB SSD storage, 5 TB monthly bandwidth, free inbound bandwidth, etc. are included. Most importantly, customers could choose any server management level at no cost. In other words, they could get Plesk control panel for free.

LiquidWeb ASP.NET Hosting

Taking above feature and reliability comparisons into account, we could see that though LiquidWeb charges higher, it gives more.

But GoDaddy gives its 45 Day Money Back Guarantee to all its ASP.NET hosting products. LiquidWeb ASP.NET hosting does not have such refund guarantee.

GoDaddy vs LiquidWeb on Customer Support

LiquidWeb Heroic Support team helps customers anytime via live chat, phone and ticket. More than that, it responds quickly with SLAs like 30 minute initial response guarantee for ticket support. Phone and live chat are answered less than 1 minute in average too. Check out Liquidweb customer review from here.

GoDaddy customer support is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but it only applies to phone and email support. If people want to chat online, they have to chat during the working time of GoDaddy live chat. Check out this Godaddy Customer reviews to know more.

Therefore, LiquidWeb customer support is friendlier and more convenient.


Based on above, we can see the 2 companies are great and have strengths on different aspects. LiquidWeb offers enterprise-class ASP.NET hosting solutions with highly reliability and efficient technical. But considering its charges, we recommend LiquidWeb to medium to large corporations. GoDaddy ASP.NET is cheap, making it fit for individuals and small business to start online presence.

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