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GoDaddy vs SmarterASP.NET on ASP.NET Hosting

Both GoDaddy and SmarterASP.NET provide multiple ASP.NET hosting plans to satisfy every ASP.NET users. And in this article, we will conduct a comparison between GoDaddy and SmartASP.NET to see which one is better.

Who are GoDaddy and SmarterASP.NET

godaddy vs SmarterASP.NETGoDaddy ( is a globally famous company engaged in Internet solutions like domain registration, various hosting solutions, website builder, web design, etc. Its domain business is ranked in the number 1 in the world with the management of 58 million domains. And its hosting has Linux and Windows two platforms.

However, SmarterASP.NET ( only devotes itself into ASP.NET hosting solutions. And it is one of the Best ASP.NET Hosting with great strengths on ASP.NET hosting services. Till now, it has successfully assisted customers to build 170,000 websites scattered all over the world.

GoDaddy vs SmarterASP.NET on Features

Features are the first factor that people would consider when select ASP.NET solutions. In terms of GoDaddy and SmarterASP.NET, they both offer pretty rich ASP.NET features.

GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting has 3 plans, including IIS8, up to unlimited MS SQL 2012, Plesk Panel 11.5, ASP.NET v4.0/4.5/v2.0/3.0/3.5, ASP.NET AJAX, PHP5, CGI, Perl, ASP.NET MVC3, etc. Besides, up to unlimited websites, up to unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and up to 1,000 email addresses are supplied.

While SmarterASP.NET has 4 ASP.NET plans containing one 60-day free trial plan. From SmarterASP.NET, people will receive unlimited domains, spaces, bandwidth and email addresses to build websites. Moreover, advanced features at SmartASP.NET consist of the latest MS SQL 2014, ASP.NET 4.5, Classic ASP, MVC 5, PHP 5.5.X, Python, Perl, CGI, Exe and other lower versions.

GoDaddy vs SmarterASP.NET on Pricing

In the case of pricing comparison, GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting is a little more expensive than SmarterASP.NET.

Although GoDaddy has 50% off discounts, it still charges people at $3.49/mo at least. And its regular starting price is $6.99 per month. Furthermore, GoDaddy guarantees a full refund within the first 45 days only for annual plans.

However, people will enjoy not only free trial for 60 days at SmarterASP.NET, but also unquestionably low-price paid ASP.NET solutions only starting from $2.95/mo. And using our exclusive SmartASP.NET promotional link, people will save 15% off and only pay $2.5/mo then. In addition, SmartASP.NET has another 60-Day Money Back Guarantee for a full refund.

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GoDaddy vs SmarterASP.NET on Performance

Performance decides the user experience to your website. Can visitor open your website page quickly? Is the website reliable and secure?

GoDaddy makes use of several datacenters located in US, Asia and Europe to host ASP.NET websites. And every datacenter is powerful in electricity and networking. So GoDaddy ensures 99.9% uptime for users.

As for SmarterASP.NET, it has 99.9% uptime guarantee as well. Behind this guarantee, SmarterASP.NET operates 3 datacenters strictly according to 4 principles: efficiency, maintenance, safety and privacy. Its bandwidth providers are Level 3, AT&T, Global Crossing, UUNET and more top providers. Servers are Dell on the basis of SAN storage.

GoDaddy vs SmarterASP.NET on Customer Supports

GoDaddy provides 24/7 phone and email technical supports for customers. But for the most helpconvenient live chat supporting, customers can only use it at limited time from 5 am to midnight MST. And self-help resources on ASP.NET are not so rich since GoDaddy has various kinds of products.

And SmarterASP.NET award-winning supporting team is ready to help people around the clock. People can search help via live chat, phone and Helpdesk panel. What’s more, the supporting staffs are professionals with Networking and Computer Science degree. Even experienced senior networking technicians and software developers are responsible for answering questions. Therefore, SmarterASP.NET supports are far more outstanding than GoDaddy’s.

Why SmarterASP.NET?

At the end, we think that SmarterASP.NET is much better than GoDaddy. The detailed reasons are clearly shown on the above features, pricing, performance and supports comparison. With more advanced features, lower prices, greater performance and better supports, SmarterASP.NET is definitely the better choice for ASP.NET users.

For more information about SmarterASP.NET, please visit or check out SmarterASP.NET Review.


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