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GoDaddy Windows VPS Review

windows vpsAs one sort of hosting platform, Windows has a range of exclusive features, which are always chosen by developers, organizations as well as businesses. However, for these customers, shared hosting solutions may not fulfill their needs anymore. Then a Windows VPS solution is their better option with richer features and stronger performance.

A lot of Windows VPS hosting providers and solutions are glutted in the market, confusing customers, especially small businesses to select a good one. Here, we recommend GoDaddy ( for small businesses to host their Windows VPS sites after reviewing more than 100 Windows VPS.

In below, we will explain why GoDaddy Windows VPS is good for small businesses from the feature, price, performance and customer support.

GoDaddy Windows VPS Review on Features

GoDaddy five Windows VPS plans are respectively Economy, Value, Deluxe, Premium and Ultimate. And they all are managed VPS that GoDaddy experienced experts will help customers on server management.

Its lowest-level Economy VPS plan consists of 2 GB RAM, 40 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth for each month, FTP access free setup, 3 dedicated IP addresses as well as free SSL certificate for 1 year. More than that, customers will get Windows Server 2008 Standard 64-bit as the operating system. And GoDaddy supports customers to host various websites on one VPS account.

If above Economy plan cannot meet the requirements of customers, GoDaddy still offers higher VPS plans. While its Ultimate VPS provides people with 8 GB RAM, 240 GB storage and 8 TB/mo bandwidth that will surely cover the needs of customers.

GoDaddy Windows VPS Review on Pricing

GoDaddy Windows VPS are not expensive in the industry. Its Economy plan charges people at $34.99/mo regularly. But if people choose 2-year billing term, they will just pay $27.99/mo, saving 20% off. And its highest-level Ultimate plan requires $159.99/mo while $127.99/mo is for 24-month billing contract as well.

What’s more, GoDaddy has 45-Day Money-back Guarantee for people, which is quite a long term in the industry while the most of VPS hosting providers just offer 30-Day Money-back Guarantee.

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GoDaddy Windows VPS Review on Performance

GoDaddy datacenters are located in three regions: Asia-Pacific, European and United States. Moreover, instead of employing a third party, GoDaddy chooses to operate and support its own datacenters. And world-class systems in these datacenters include 2N UPS electricity system, 24/7 monitoring system, security protection system, N+1 air cooling system, etc.

In addition, GoDaddy built one best-in-class network via BGP with upstream providers, redundant routers and US-available 20 Gbps DWDM Ethernet backbones. Furthermore, customers will get 100% Windows servers to host VPS websites. And GoDaddy guarantees 99.9% uptime.

GoDaddy Windows VPS Review on Customer Support

GoDaddy supports people with 24/7 email, phone and web-based tech ways. However, GoDaddy does not offer live chat all the day and is only available from 5 am to midnight MST, which is a shortcoming of GoDaddy. But people can choose to call or email to GoDaddy support team around the clock.

On top of that, if people want to help themselves or learn more about GoDaddy as well as its VPS, they can go to Blogs to find out more resources there.


The above GoDaddy feature, price, performance and support review shows that GoDaddy is a reliable and affordable VPS hosting provider, worthy of trusting for small businesses. However, if customers are big corporations or developers, they can choose Arvixe VPS that are more powerful.

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