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Host4ASP.NET vs HostGator on ASP.NET Hosting

Both Host4ASP.NET and HostGator offer multiple affordable and feature-rich ASP.NET hosting solutions, suitable to every kind of user. In this article, we will make a detailed comparison between them to explain why Host4ASP.NET is a better choice.

Who are Host4ASP.NET and HostGator vs HostgatorHost4ASP.NET ( is one of the fast-growing ASP.NET hosting providers in the industry. And Host4ASP.NET only puts its focus on ASP.NET hosting, so it can offer world-class ASP.NET hosting solutions with low price.

HostGator ( is a worldwide hosting provider, having Linux hosting as well as ASP.NET hosting packages. Besides, it also offers the domain registration service for users. And now, more than 9,000,000 domains are under its management.

Host4ASP.NET vs HostGator on Features

Host4ASP.NET has 3 ASP.NET hosting plans while HostGator supplies 2 plans to users. All of them have rich features to build and run ASP.NET websites.

Host4ASP.NET engineers add up to unlimited bandwidth, websites, disk space and database into its hosting plans, far exceeding the basic requirements to build a website. Additionally, users will get advanced features like enhanced WebSitePanel that is especially for controlling ASP.NET sites. Moreover, MS SQL 2012, multiple ASP.NET languages, IIS 8, Windows Server 2012, Full Trust Level, etc are all included in Host4ASP.NET hosting packages.

While HostGator 2 ASP.NET plans contain unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and up to 5 websites. Furthermore, HostGator offers IIS 7, Windows server 2008, unlimited MS SQL 2008, Plesk Control panel to users. And its hosting also has multiple ASP.NET script languages and MVC 3.0 while Host4ASP.NET provides the latest MVC 5.

What makes Host4ASP.NET even better is that it offers a SSD option so that customers web sites could run really fast.

Host4ASP.NET vs HostGator on Pricing

Host4ASP.NET sets a lower price than HostGator does after our comparison.

Regularly starting only at $6.95 for each month, Host4ASP.NET still cuts the price down via 58% off discounts. Therefore, users will get Host4ASP.NET hosting at $2.95/mo that is almost the lowest price in the ASP.NET hosting industry. Other two higher-level plans respectively start at $5.95/mo and $14.95/mo after discounted.

Host4ASP.NET $2.95 Promotion
58% Off

While HostGator also has 20% off the promotion on the first invoice, after which the price is lowest to $4.76/mo. If without the discount, the regular price requires $5.95/mo at least. And the starting price of its higher ASP.NET hosting plan is still $14.37/mo after 20% off promotion.

As for the money back, Host4ASP.NET offers 30-Day Money-back Guarantee while 45-Day Money-back Guarantee is provided by HostGator.

Host4ASP.NET vs HostGator on Reliability

Host4ASP.NET utilizes reliable US-based datacenter, delivering users with fast and reliable website visit experience, no matter where they are. And the datacenter is so redundant on electricity, network, air conditioning equipment as well as secure measures that network capacity can reach 300 Gbit/s. what’s more, Host4ASP.NET servers are all from Dell. So it can create 99.9% uptime.

While HostGator is same as Host4ASP.NET, using datacenters based in US. And to maintain 99.9% uptime, datacenters have enough air conditioning facilities, backup power generators and other hardware. In addition, HostGator puts high-end super micro servers to store data from webmasters.

Host4ASP.NET vs HostGator on Supports

Host4ASP.NET customer support is excellent and professional. Any question from people towards ASP.NET hosting can be immediately solved by Host4ASP.NET supporting team. Staffs in this team have years’ experience on ASP.NET and supporting, they know how to settle problems quickly. And to contact them, people can use live chat and email that are available for 24 hours a day.

In terms of HostGator supports, 24/7 phone is also open for people besides live chat and email. But HostGator manages multiple services, causing that its supporting staffs are less professional and experienced on ASP.NET hosting than Host4ASP.NET staffs.

Both companies have online help center to support people as well, which are informative and extensive.

Why Host4ASP.NET

On the basis of above comparison review, it is clear that Host4ASP.NET has a lower price and richer features than HostGator on ASP.NET hosting. Therefore, Host4ASP.NET hosting surely has higher price value, worthwhile for individuals, developers and small or medium businesses.

If people want to get more information about Host4ASP.NET and get its 58% off discounts, please visit or check out Host4ASP.NET Review.

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