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Host4ASP.NET vs. Lunarpages on ASP.NET Hosting

Host4ASP.NET ( is a Microsoft golden web hosting provider while Lunarpages ( establishes itself as an enterprise-level IT solutions company and global web hosting provider. Both web hosts offers multiple ASP.NET hosting plans. But which one is more recommended?

To figure it out, we are going to compare Host4ASP.NET with Lunarpages on ASP.NET hosting in four aspects, pricing, offering, performance, and customer support. Hope the article can be helpful for customers to make an informed decision.

Host4ASP.NET vs. Lunarpages on ASP.NET Hosting Pricing

When it comes to ASP.NET hosting pricing, Host4ASP.NET with no doubt is the most competitive one in the industry.

There are three different sizes available to choose from, charging from $4.95/mo to $15.95/mo regularly. To help customers save money while without compromising user experience, Host4ASP.NET Coupon offers 40% off discounts. After discounting, Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET hosting could be as low as $2.95/mo instead.

Host4ASP.NET 40% Promotion

Differently, Lunarpages ASP.NET hosting only includes one plan, the price of which originally starts at $12.95/mo. For customers who sign up with a long term, for instance, 2 years, the web host gives them 23% discounts. That is, the lowest price of Lunarpages ASP.NET hosting is $9.95/mo.

Lunarpages Great Deal
23% Off

In addition to appealing pricing strategy, Host4ASP.NET and Lunarpages both have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to protect customers from financial risks.

Host4ASP.NET vs. Lunarpages on ASP.NET Hosting Features

If there is one thing that sets Host4ASP.NET apart from the other ASP.NET hosting companies, it should be the high price value it offers, meaning that the web host is able to give ample resources and advanced tools in addition to reasonable pricing. On the other side, Lunarpages also boasts about a wide variety of ASP.NET hosting features. Here comes the question, who is the winner in feature offerings between Host4ASP.NET and Lunarpages?

Host4ASP.NET ASP.NET hosting packages the latest Microsoft technologies, including MSSQL 2012/2014, IIS 8.5, Full Trust, ASP.NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5/5, MVC, Silverlight, and etc. Meanwhile, customers can benefit from the power and flexibility of WebSitePanel integrated with a 1-click installer. Basic hosting resources included in the solution are 1 website, 10GB disk space, unlimited data transfer, 256MB site memory, and 10 email accounts. For customers who are running an ecommerce site or a high traffic website, the Business Plan with unlimited possibilities could be a good option.

Compared to that, Lunarpages ASP.NET hosting is based on Windows 2012 R2 with multiple versions of ASP.NET besides MSSQL 2012 and IIS 7. Every customer can receive unlimited storage, bandwidth, subdomains, and FTP accounts, plus 1 free domain name, SmarterMail 14.x, and Plesk control panel. Looking for something specific for a more powerful ASP.NET website or application? No problem. Lunarpages also provides many other options available, such as standard SSL certificate, dedicated IP, premium restore service, anonymous domain registration, Microsoft Exchange Email, and more.

From the above comparison, we can learn that both Host4ASP.NET and Lunarpages are rich featured. Host4ASP.NET develops different solutions targeting different group of customers, while Lunarpages clearly knows what enterprise-class websites need and offers almost the best tools and support to meet their requirements.

Host4ASP.NET vs. Lunarpages on Speed and Reliability

Host4ASP.NET sites are hosted on 100% Dell servers with RAID 5 and SSD technologies. The servers are located in two world-class data centers in respectively in Hong Kong and Chicago, so that customers can deliver optimized user experience wherever their visitors come from Asia or United States. Likewise, a powerful multi-layer network architecture makes sure each ASP.NET site reaches the visitors in the fastest possible connection.

At the same time, Lunarpages as an industry leading IT solutions and web hosting provider, manages to offer secure ASP.NET hosting service at top tier data center facilities situated in Nevada, California, San Diego, Las Vegas, Hawthorne California and Irvine California. Each facility has a proven track record for compliance and uptime. And the Lunarpages’s network is built redundantly with security and protection from DDoS attacks, therefore customers never need to worry about website downtime or other emergencies.

It’s hard to say which web host, Host4ASP.NET or Lunarpages, provides faster speed while remaining good reliability, because both of them have award-winning performance.

Host4ASP.NET vs. Lunarpages on Customer Support

Whether a hosting company is able to give efficient assistance has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. In this sense, both Host4ASP.NET and Lunarpages have offered outstanding technical support to give peace of mind.

If there is any ASP.NET hosting related issues, Host4ASP.NET support team are ready to give help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition to 24/7 LiveChat, customers can contact them via sending a ticket. All the support members are experienced technicians and engineers. Also, a pile of useful tutorials, guidance, and FAQs are available in the knowledgebase so that customers can search for the answers to their questions easily and have them solved independently.

For Lunarpages customers, they can ask for help by making use of the LiveChat, telephone, and ticket system whenever need around the clock. In terms of common issues, there is extensive Lunarpages Wiki, Community Forum, and FAQ sections out there to give help.

Who Is Better?

To be honest, both Host4ASP.NET and Lunarpages ASP.NET hosting service are recommended solutions. Host4ASP.NET is well-known for multiple price-valued ASP.NET hosting solutions in reasonable pricing, while Lunarpages does good in keep high performance and offering advanced features. But it is also the truth that Lunarpages ASP.NET hosting charges a little high when compared with Host4ASP.NET. So, if you are a personal blogger or plan to build a small to medium business website, Host4ASP.NET is a better choice.

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