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Host4ASP.NET vs. MyHosting on Reseller Hosting

Hosting has been a large part of our world nowadays, and many people couldn’t live without it when it comes to online presence creation. Hosting with the right web host plays a significantly important role in people’s business success. It explains why you need to consider the pricing, performance, features, and customer service offered by a reseller hosting provider to see if it is the right option for you.

Both Host4ASP.NET and MyHosting have premium Windows hosting solutions to meet .NET Framework users’ needs. Host4ASP.NET is also one of the best Windows reseller hosting providers. The below comparison of Host4ASP.NET vs. MyHosting on Windows Reseller Hosting hopes to give potential customers a comprehensive and reliable view on who is more recommended between the two web hosts.

Host4ASP.NET vs. MyHosting on Windows Reseller Hosting Pricing

Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting is based on its shared servers. There are 3 plans in all: Silver, Golden, and Platinum, regularly charging for $43.25/mo, $59.95, and $109.95/mo. Now with the latest Host4ASP.NET promotion, customers can benefit from over 50% discount off if they subscribe to a 3-year term, making the price reduce to $19.95/mo, $29.95/mo, and $39.95/mo respectively.

Host4ASP.NET 50% Promotion

Differently, MyHosting Windows reseller hosting is built on its virtual private servers, so the pricing would be a little higher than others. There is only one all-inclusive package available, which is billed at $85.58/mo normally. MyHosting offers up to 15% off on 3-year billing cycle, meaning that the discounted price would be $72.74/mo instead.

MyHosting Windows Reseller
15% OFF

On top of that, Host4ASP.NET and MyHosting give a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to all Windows reseller hosting customers, enabling them to ask full money back once they find it unhappy with the service and decide to cancel it.

Host4ASP.NET vs. MyHosting on Windows Reseller Hosting Features

Both Host4ASP.NET and MyHosting are trying to give their resellers everything needed to start their own white labeled hosting company.

Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting uses the latest MS technology, such as .NET framework, Windows OS, MVC, SQL Server, and more. Meanwhile, free SSD storage is included in each plan to offer optimized performance experience. In terms of ease-of-use, customers can manage many aspects of their client’s hosting like hosting accounts, packages, emails, and databases using the most popular Plesk control panel.

Three Windows reseller hosting packages are out there to choose from. Even the basic Silver plan includes unlimited websites, 50GB disk space, 500GB data transfer, and unlimited email accounts.

On the other side, MyHosting Windows reseller hosting is powered by Hyper-V cloud servers and comes with fast disk I/O with NetApp SAN storage, free Plesk control panel, free Plesk business manager, SiteBuilder and Power Pack. There is not only Windows Server 2008 R2 but also Windows Server 2012 OS to go with. The all-in-one Windows reseller hosting plan offers 2 virtual processors, 1GB RAM, 40GB disk space, and 600GB bandwidth.

It is for sure that no matter which hosting company resellers sign up with, they can get ample hosting resources to get started. But for those who are looking forward to professional and powerful online presence with updated MS technologies, Host4ASP.NET is a better option, unquestionably.

Host4ASP.NET vs. MyHosting on Reliability and Performance

Though the reseller is not responsible for hardware, software, or connectivity problems, but they still need robust infrastructure and updated software to deliver reliable performance.

Host4ASP.NET hosts all sites with two state-of-the-art data centers in US and HK, therefore clients around the two regions can get faster connection and lower latency. Meanwhile, the web host makes use of 100% Dell servers, SSD technology, multi-layer network service, and armed security to optimize speed while maintaining 99.9% uptime.

Likewise, MyHosting also house all Windows Hyper-V cloud servers within two world-class data center facilities respectively in Toronto and New York. These servers are connected to multiple tier 1 service providers. And every reseller is back by MyHosting’s 100% uptime guarantee SLA.

Host4ASP.NET vs. MyHosting on Technical Support

When resellers want to consult professionals as they face some technical issues, they can get in touch with Host4ASP.NET support representatives via 24/7 live chat and email system. All Host4ASP.NET support members are well-trained Windows hosting experts who have been engaged in the business for years. So, they can provide effective and user-friendly support with resellers regardless of what problems they address.

As to MyHosting support, there is phone, email and livechat available to use. Resellers can contact the company anytime when they need help. As an experienced hosting company, MyHosting is confident to give timely and accurate resolutions to every technical hosting issue.

Conclusion: Go With Host4ASP.NET

Honestly speaking, Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting is one of the best option that we have ever met. It offers many reseller-friendly yet advanced tools to help bring success to customers. On top of that, the price is quite affordable at $19.95/mo only. Compared to that, MyHosting also boast about rich hosting resources, but unfortunately, it fails to keep up-to-date Windows software at the same time. Another point is, MyHosting Windows reseller hosting really charges at a high pricing level. Taking all these into consideration, we think Host4ASP.NET is more recommended.

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