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Host4ASP.NET Windows Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller hosting is more and more popular with the development of web hosting. It is the best easy way to begin web hosting business for startups and small businesses. They do not need to build datacenter, or rent datacenters and even buy servers. By being resellers of web hosts, they are able to sell web hosting solutions to their own clients with their own labels. reseller hosting reviewReseller hosting also has Linux and Windows hosting operating systems. For Windows reseller hosting, there is a web host called Host4ASP.NET ( that just offers such reseller hosting solutions.

In below, we will make a review about Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting from features, prices, performance and support, by which people will know Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting deeper.

Feature Review of Host4ASP.NET Reseller Hosting

Host4ASP.NET is a dedicated Windows web hosting provider. It has designed 3 reseller hosting packages for people on different levels. These reseller hosting packages are based on Windows Server 2012 R2 OS. Besides, Host4ASP.NET provides a range of features. Check below:

Unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, up to 150 GB disk space and up to 1,500 GB monthly data transfer are all included. Moreover, Host4ASP.NET supports SQL 2012/2014 as well as MySQL 5.5. LocalDB, SQL backup and restore, remote SQL management studio access and phpMyAdmin are all features of Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting.

In addition, people will benefit from Host4ASP.NET a great many programming features to attract their own clients. For example, Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting contains ClassicASP, MVC 2/3/4/5/6, .NET 5/4.5/3.5SP1/2/1.1, .NET version switch, Silverlight, URL Rewrite, Node.js, Zend Optimizer and much more.

What’s more, Host4ASP.NET gives WebSitePanel control panel for its customers to create hosting packages, email accounts, databases, etc.

Pricing Review of Host4ASP.NET Reseller Hosting

These days, Host4ASP.NET is promoting its reseller hosing by giving up to over 60% off discounts. The starting pricing is at $43.25/mo. Now, people just need to spend $19.95/mo on Host4ASP.NET entry-level Silver reseller hosting package. At present, the company only allows annual, 2-year and 3-year billing cycles.

Host4ASP.NET Reseller Hosting
60% Off

Performance Review of Host4ASP.NET Reseller Hosting

In the Windows reseller hosting industry, Host4ASP.NET plays a role not only because of its affordable pricing, latest MS technology and rich features, but also due to its exceptional hosting performance.

One US datacenter and one Hong Kong datacenter make up of Host4ASP.NET basic hosting infrastructure. In the datacenters, all essential equipment and systems are fully used. For example, the room air conditioning system is to maintain datacenters in a good condition. Moreover, power outage hardly happens because of UPS, backup generators and gel battery power banks.

What’s more, Host4ASP.NET has purchased brand new servers from Dell. The server even features SSD. 300 Gbit/s network connectivity along with BGP also is a dominant factor to the great performance. Additionally, 24/7 monitoring on network and servers improves hosting security and reliability.

Support Review of Host4ASP.NET Reseller Hosting

Customer support is also important for resellers, even though they have to support their clients by themselves. However, when their accounts go wrong or they want help, Host4ASP.NET customer support is useful.

There are two convenient methods to get contact with Host4ASP.NET support technicians, which are live chat and email. Moreover, Host4ASP.NET support technicians are full of knowledge and experience to solve problems.

More than that, if people want to solve problems by themselves, they can check articles, tutorials, FAQs, etc in Host4ASP.NET Knowledgebase. Besides, Host4ASP.NET blog is informative and frequently updated with new blogs.


Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting has 3 packages with the latest MS technology and generous server resources. Due to 2 datacenters, fast network and Dell server, its performance is good enough. The company also supports customers via the convenient ways and informative self-help resources. Especially Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting has big discounts to make prices lowest at $19.95/mo.

So, in summary, Host4ASP.NET reseller hosting is good and recommended to small businesses.

To get more details of Host4ASP.NET and its reseller hosting, please go to or read Host4ASP.NET Review.


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