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HostGator vs. LiquidWeb on Windows Dedicated Server

In the following article, we are delighted to make a comparison of Windows dedicated server between HostGator and LiquidWeb. By comparing their speed & reliability, plans & features, plus customer support, we hope to make clear which web host has offered better Windows dedicated server solution.

About HostGator and LiquidWeb

HostGator (, as one of the world’s largest hosting providers, is a leading provider hostgator vs. liquidweb--1of shared, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions on both Linux and Windows platforms. As a reputable Endurance International Group brand, HostGator is proud to provide around-the-clock customer care and technical support from offices in both Houston and Austin, Texas.

LiquidWeb (, with over fifteen years of experience and superior on-site Heroic Support technicians at top-class data centers, is an ideal option for web hosting needs managed or unmanaged, big or small, shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud. Despite of Linux-based hosting, LiquidWeb also strives to provide the best Windows hosting for its customers.

HostGator vs. LiquidWeb on Pricing

HostGator Windows dedicated server service starts at $174 per month. With the latest promotional discount of 40% off, people just need to pay $105/mo for a Windows Basic Dedicated plan. Note that, all the HostGator Windows dedicated servers are coming with full management service valued at over $100, including a Plesk 12 control panel at no additional cost.

HostGator Windows Dedicated
40% Off

When it comes to LiquidWeb, its entry-level plan charges for $199/mo, along with self or Core management service. If people want to go with its fully-managed plans, they need to pay at least $239 each month. Additionally, people can save $100 off for their first bills if they follow the promotional link in below.

LiquidWeb Windows Dedicated
$100 Off

HostGator vs. LiquidWeb on Plans and Features

HostGator has four packages based on Windows Server 2012 R2 OS. HostGator Windows Basic dedicated server is running with Intel Xeon dual-core processor with speed of 2.3GHz per core. Besides, people with this plan can get 4GB RAM, 500GB RAID-1 hard drives, 2 dedicated IP addresses, 10TB bandwidth, 100Mbps uplink, and WebMatrix ready.

As to LiquidWeb Windows dedicated server service, people are allowed to freely choose from its ten options. Its prime plan includes Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 quad-core with up to 4.0GHz turbo, primary drive of 250GB SSD MLC in RAID 1 array, RAM of 16GB DDR3, 5TB outbound and free incoming bandwidth, plus backup drive of 1TB 7200 RPM SATA and 1 public IP address.

HostGator vs. LiquidWeb on Speed and Reliability

Having a Windows dedicated server will bring with a higher level of speed, reliability and security and enables people to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment. Obviously, HostGator and LiquidWeb know it very well, thus they both manage to maintain a very high uptime.

HostGator houses all Windows dedicated servers within two world-class data centers, which are backed with redundant power supply, backup power generators and HVAC. And there is fully redundant network making use of latest technologies to ensure high performance and no single point of failure. At the same time, the hosting company works with multiple famous bandwidth carriers like ATT, Comcast, AboveNet, Global Crossing and etc. to result in low latency and high throughput.

In addition to high speed and uptime, HostGator system administrators are responsible for monitoring all servers around the clock and are standing by to deal with any sudden issues.

In terms of uptime and performance at LiquidWeb, many people would highly praise its industry leading infrastructure guarantees. Whenever the web host fails to commit 100% network or power uptime, people are entitled to request a compensation of 10 times the downtime. Also, if the company does not replace the faulty dedicated server hardware within 30 minutes of identifying the problem, people can be credited 10 times the amount of extra time as well.

Owning and operating three state-of-the-art data centers in Michigan and leasing another presence in Arizona give LiquidWeb the strength to deliver industry-high service. The utilization cutting-edge technologies such as SSD RAID 1 primary drives, Tier-1 bandwidth and CDN greatly develop its page loading speed. Likewise, by introducing ServerSecure and Sonar Monitoring, LiquidWeb successfully protects its customers’ privacy from hacking.

HostGator vs. LiquidWeb on Customer Support

Both HostGator and LiquidWeb have offered award-winning technical support 24 hours a day and 7days a week. People can easily contact with their technicians via live chat, phone and ticket system. Moreover, taking advantage of HostGator Forum or LiquidWeb Knowledgebase is also a good way to have common issues solved.

In addition to that, LiquidWeb has initial response time guarantees for its clients. That is, if missing the mark, LiquidWeb will credit its customers 10 times the amount it missed by.

Who is Better?

After comparing all significant aspects of HostGator and LiquidWeb on their Windows dedicated servers, we think both the companies have provided high quality service for their customers.

Given that HostGator Windows dedicated server is fully managed with affordable price, we think it is perfect match for small businesses and relatively high traffic websites that don’t intend to spend much time on managing servers. LiquidWeb Windows dedicated server, on the other hand, provides multiple layers in different levels of management. Therefore we think it is suitable for all customers with demanding for rich advanced features, superior performance and outstanding customer service.

More details please move to HostGator Windows dedicated server review and LiquidWeb Windows dedicated server review, or visit and respectively.

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