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HostGator vs. SmarterASP.NET on Windows Dedicated Server

A Windows dedicated server offers customers full control over how and where their websites are hosted. The main benefits of choosing a Windows dedicated server are that customers can gain high performance, stability, and control. In below HostGator vs. SmarterASP.NET on Windows Dedicated Server post, we are going to help customers choose a better Windows dedicated server solution between the two web hosts.

HostGator vs. SmarterASP.NET on Windows Dedicated Server Pricing

HostGator recently offers four Windows dedicated server options and makes sure all of them are fully managed by an award-winning support team. The starter price of the hosting solution is set at $174/mo regularly. The good news is, customers now can get exclusive 40% off to make the price reduce to $104.4/mo, regardless of how long billing term they sign up with. Simply apply the coupon code “hostucan” at checkout, all customers can enjoy the big bonus.

HostGator Promotion
40% off

SmarterASP.NET also provides four packages for Windows dedicated server service. The difference is all the servers are semi dedicated instead. Accordingly, the price of SmarterASP.NET Windows semi dedicated server is much cheaper at $29.95/mo. If customers purchase a yearly plan, they can save up to 15% off. After discounting, the price would lower to $25.46/mo.

SmarterASP.NET Promotion
15% Off

Besides, SmarterASP.NET ensures all customers are covered by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Due to that, they can terminate the service agreement within 60 calendar days of the order’s initial sign up date, and request full refund of the annual hosting service fees.

HostGator vs. SmarterASP.NET on Windows Dedicated Server Features

HostGator Windows dedicated server packages rich resources and useful tools to help customers build professional as well as powerful online presence as required. The basic plan includes Intel Xeon 2-core processors with 2.3GHz speed per core and 100Mbps uplink, 4GB of RAM, 10TB bandwidth, 500GB RAID-1 drives, and 2 IP addresses.

Once purchasing, customers can get benefit from the Parallels Plesk control panel to make server managing a piece of cake. There is also WebMatrix with each Windows dedicated server to help customers create, publish, and maintain their websites with ease. Other features like ASP, ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, IIS web server, MSSQL, MySQL, FTP server, DNS server, free Enom domain name reseller account, SmarterBundle professional license free of charge, thousands of website templates and etc. are also included in every package.

Unlike HostGator’s fully-managed Windows dedicated server, SmarterASP.NET semi dedicated server allows 5 to 10 customers to share the resources of one server. The entry level plan contains unlimited webspace, 3 IIS entries, unlimited domain names, static IP, and unlimited FTP accounts.

Customers with SmarterASP.NET Windows semi dedicated server can manage their hosting accounts using web-based control panel, and install any latest as well as the hottest ASP.NET applications using the 1-click installer. As an experienced ASP.NET web hosting provider, SmarterASP.NET also gives rich ASP.NET friendly features in addition.

From the above comparison, we can find that both Windows dedicated server solutions are rich featured. But HostGator still wins out over SmarterASP.NET in offering guaranteed server resources and easy-to-use website building tools.

HostGator vs. SmarterASP.NET on Windows Dedicated Server Performance

No matter which web hosts customers finally decide to go with, they don’t have to concern too much about the server performance and reliability.

Backed by more than one top-of-the-line data center facilities in Utah and Texas, HostGator brings customers with a geographic redundancy to lower latency and speed up connection. All the data centers are equipped with full power supply, raised floor system, fire-suppression detection system, and more to maintain 99.9% uptime on average.

Also, HostGator has a rock solid network infrastructure only utilizing equipment from ten backbone providers like CISCO, Brocade, Arbor Networks, Hurricane Electric, Comcast, nLayer, Level 3, Cogent Communications, Juniper, and Arista Networks. For optimizing website performance, HostGator makes use of Intel Xeon processors, RAID-1 drives, and the latest software.

Likewise, SmarterASP.NET operates at three state-of-the-art data centers from Alchemy Communications. Featuring redundant multiple fiber trunks network from multiple sources, fully power redundancy, HVAC temperature control systems, and 24/7 security systems, the data centers are able to deliver fast yet reliable service. As a result of a fast-growing debt-free web host, SmarterASP.NET purchases and fully owns all the server equipment thus can fully control over the server performance and keep them the latest updates.

HostGator vs. SmarterASP.NET on Windows Dedicated Server Customer Support

Both HostGator and SmarterASP.NET have been engaged in ASP.NET web hosting service business for many years, their support staffs are well-knowledgeable and skillful to solve any Windows dedicated server related questions efficiently.

A common approach for customers to get direct assistance between HostGator and SmarterASP.NET is making use of the 24/7 live chat support. HostGator also enables customers to make use of phone support around the clock.

As to self-help support, customers can fell free to use the extensive knowledgebases, FAQ sections, and video tutorials offered by either HostGator or SmarterASP.NET to have some easy problems solved independently.

Final Verdict—Choose HostGator over SmarterASP.NET

It’s easy to find out that HostGator Windows dedicated server is much better than SmarterASP.NET Windows dedicated server in general. Firstly, HostGator offers full management service for every customer; Secondly, HostGator Windows dedicated server comes with guaranteed server resources and user-friendly tools; Thirdly, HostGator is a big brand for reliable server performance and high reliability. On top of that, HostGator Windows dedicated server is quite affordable when using the exclusive coupon code “hostucan”, and the web host makes sure every customer gains award-winning support.

More information about HostGator Windows dedicated server, please visit to check out.

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