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Is GoDaddy Best for SQL 2012 Hosting?

godaddy GoDaddy ( is a globally famous company that has a wide range of online products. The domain registration service is its dominant service, making it largest registrar in the world. Besides, GoDaddy is engaged in website solutions, web hosting, online marketing, email solutions and tools.

SQL 2012 hosting is a popular and mature web hosting for people with the SQL preference while GoDaddy has SQL 2012 hosting. It configures this hosting with other features based on servers and offers technical support for the customer. In below, we are going to analyze GoDaddy SQL 2012 hosting to check whether it is the best.

GoDaddy SQL 2012 Hosting Packages

SQL 2012 HOSTINGOn the basis of shared Windows 2012 R1 servers, GoDaddy SQL 2012 hosting has 3 packages: Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate packages. 1, 2 and unlimited MS SQL 2012 databases are respectively in Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate packages. Besides, GoDaddy offers direct SQL database access, Microsoft 2007/2010, database backup, database restore and MySQL databases.

What’s more, from GoDaddy SQL 2012, people will receive 1 free domain name for one year, 100 GB disk space minimum, 1000 email addresses maximum, unlimited bandwidth, 1 primary FTP account and FTP over SSL.

ASP, ASP.NET updated to 4.5 version, ASP.NET AJAX, MVC 3 and Silverlight 5/4 work with SQL 2012. Besides, GoDaddy also offers PHP 5, Perl, CGI and SSI. For SQL 2012 hosting management, GoDaddy prepares Plesk 11.5 control panel, which is one easy to use control panel for SQL hosting.

GoDaddy SQL 2012 Hosting Review on Prices

GoDaddy SQL 2012 hosting is affordable with money back guarantee.

People will spend $6.99/mo on the entry-level SQL 2012 hosting package Economy. With an up to 42% off promotion, GoDaddy Economy package is lowest at $3.99/mo. Furthermore, this $3.99/mo price is available to 24-month and 36-month billing cycles.

GoDaddy SQL 2012 Hosting
42% off

In addition to affordable prices, GoDaddy SQL 2012 hosting has 45 days money back guarantee.

Reliability Review of GoDaddy SQL 2012 Hosting

Though GoDaddy has 99.9% uptime guarantee on its SQL 2012 hosting, its hosting is not the most reliable in the industry. Actually, some users complain about GoDaddy hosting reliability.

GoDaddy utilizes multiple datacenters for its online services. They are standard datacenters with redundant power, high-end cooling equipment, advanced lighting, etc. People will get a reasonable amount of server resources. Once they are close to using up the resources, GoDaddy will inform them. Moreover, GoDaddy has a security team to monitor and protect websites against DDoS attacks.

However, GoDaddy SQL 2012 hosting only accounts for a small part of GoDaddy resources. Its reliability is not as high as SQL 2012 hosting from other providers.

GoDaddy Technical Support for SQL 2012 Hosting

GoDaddy will support its customers 24 hours a day. However, they have to take advantage of phone or email. In addition, GoDaddy has live chat support that is not available for customers around the clock though.

What’s more, GoDaddy supports customers via self-help articles. In order to help customers quickly find out solutions, GoDaddy classifies articles by popular topics that its customers are usually interested in.

Is GoDaddy the Best Choice for SQL 2012 Hosting?

To sum up, GoDaddy SQL 2012 hosting is affordable with normal features. Its performance and support are not the best. So we do not think that GoDaddy is the best provider on SQL 2012 hosting. Instead, Arvixe as Best ASP.NET Hosting gives people the best SQL 2012 hosting.

arvixeArvixe shared SQL 2012 hosting comes with 2 packages, which both have unlimited MS SQL 2012 databases. Additionally, remote access to MS SQL, ASP.NET v2/v3.5/v4.5, the latest MVC, AJAX, LINQ, Silverlight, Jscript.NET, URL Rewrite module, full trust support, etc. are all features of Arvixe SQL 2012 hosting.

In Europe, America and Asia, Arvixe all has datacenters to utilize. Moreover, servers are optimized with the latest Intel Xeon processors, SSD, RAID 10 arrays, 92 minimum gigabytes RAM and so on. Network providers are the best in the region, like AT&T.

Such SQL 2012 hosting is cheap, starting at $5/mo, which includes unlimited disk space, data transfer, FTP accounts, email accounts, sub-domains and much more. If people use “clue30” coupon, they need to pay $3.5/mo minimum then. If they have any question on Arvixe SQL 2012 hosting, they can use live chat, phone and email to get Arvixe help. The company is also named as best web hosting by many hosting review sites, such as, or

Please visit to learn more information of Arvixe and its SQL hosting.


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