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Something About Kentico CMS You Should Know


Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is popular a content management system designed to help you build professional yet powerful online presence with minimum effort. This post will bring with an overview on the highlighted features of the Kentico CMS step-by-step, so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of the platform and start creating your own ASP.NET web site with it.

Quick Installation

If you are ensured to run either the operating system of Windows 8 or Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or other related server versions—Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, besides a connected internet, you can start the quick installation of Kentico CMS on your local computer. No matter what, please ensure you have a high quality Windows web Hosting for it.


After choosing the installation method, you need to make a choice of the sample sites you wish to install. Usually, Dancing Goat, E-commerce Site, and Corporate Site are best suited for evaluation purposes as they utilize and present the most of functionality of what Kentico provides.

Easy-to-Use Interface

It is true that Kentico CMS is designed with rich features, which not means that you have to present all of them on your interface. Every administrator is allowed to personalize the user interface for content editors and remove what he/she thinks is unnecessary, thus improving usability and saving time.


In the help of the user interface personalization, you are now capable of customizing the menus as well as certain dialogs based on users’ choices. Also as a result of this, you can make it possible to hide documents your users are not allowed to read and show them part of website they are responsible for in the content tree.

Wanting to customize the WYSIWYG editor? No problem. Kentico CMS enables you to freely add any toolbar buttons displayed on the WYSIWYG editor and eliminate text background color or any other features that could break the design.

Rapid Development

For meeting your requirement for quickly developing new sites, Kentico CMS comes with a browser-based interface that can be used to manage your website in every aspect within your browser and with no programming required.

More than 450 webparts are available for you to configure in accordance with your needs. Importantly, no coding is required in the process. No matter what functionality module-specific webpart you are looking for, such as, navigation, maps, Newsletter Subscrption, and Shopping Cart, the built-in webparts will not disappoint you. More than that, you can have your own webparts created in Visual Studio with ease as the code rendered by the webpart is highly customizable.


Likewise, taking full control over your HTML code is possible as Kentico CMS grants you the ability to customize the code of forms, transformations, web controls, page layouts, and CSS styles.

Easy Extensible and Highly Flexible

Kentico CMS, at the same time, can be customized and enhanced using the open API, which allows you to develop your own web parts providers, handlers, modules, and other extensions for the purpose of achieving specific needs.

  1. Not satisfied with your existing page templates or design? Kentico CMS gives you the ability to customize them with your code, make them more attractive in the help of your controls and web parts, and get the data displayed or modified from external systems.
  2. With Kentico CMS, you can define your own custom document types easily and quickly with the pre-defined document types like articles, news, and FAQs. Similarly, you can enhance certain system tables with your own fields, for instance, adding custom fields to the user profile to store your specific data. All these tasks can be finished through the browser-based interface within no programming requited.
  3. You can create your own web parts and widgets with Visual Studio if you are not happy with the existing ready-to-use web parts that Kentico CMS comes with. Meanwhile, you can integrate and develop custom modules into Kentico CMS with the help of Visual Studio.
  4. The REST service built in the Kentico CMS helps you read, delete, or update an object or document in the system as needed. Coming with the Grid for REST service web part, you can use the Kentico REST service to display data obtained from the service in a simple grid.

24/7 Closed-Loop Support

Kentico CMS provides you with unlimited 24/7 in-house support from multiple locations worldwide. No matter you need premium support, consulting, or training, you can rest assured to have all your projects run smoothly, regardless of which country you are living in.

The optional premium support offers unlimited 24/7 phone and email support to you with a valid maintenance contract. Other more, you will have access to a 7-Day Bug Fixing Policy. According to the policy, Kentico will be responsible for fixing a reported bug in the latest published version within seven business days and planting a tree in your name to help environment and the reforestation of our planet.

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