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LiquidWeb ASP.NET Hosting Review

liquidweb logoLaunched in 1997, LiquidWeb ( is a privately held web host that is a leader of both Linux and ASP.NET hosting solutions. At the same time, LiquidWeb is also a premier partner of Microsoft. Up till now, LiquidWeb has offered premium hosting service to more than 30,000 webmasters from over 150 countries.

As the title suggests, today we will put our time and energy on LiquidWeb ASP.NET hosting. To help webmasters have a clear understanding of LiquidWeb ASP.NET hosting service, we will make a comprehensive review from its features, price, the overall performance and technical support in below article.

LiquidWeb ASP.NET Hosting Review on Features

Recognized as an industry-leading ASP.NET hosting provider, LiquidWeb is powerful enough to provide customers with high-end ASP.NET hosting solutions. Currently, customers are allowed to hosted ASP.NET website with either the Storm Platform or a traditional dedicated server.

Unquestionably, LiquidWeb ASP.NET hosting customers can get enough features to manage their websites no matter what hosting solution they subscribe to.

At LiquidWeb, all customers can get Windows Server 2012, MS SQL Server 2012, Managed Active Directory, Parallels Plesk, licensing for remote desktop, Microsoft SharePoint, Windows resource manager and many other advanced features.

In terms of detailed ASP.NET hosting resources, even the basic Storm VPS plan includes:

  • 2GB RAM;
  • 1 core processor;
  • 100GB SSD disk space;
  • 5TB outgoing bandwidth & free incoming bandwidth.

Besides, customers can also get benefit from CloudFlare CDN, DDoS Attack Protection, SecureServer for Windows, built-in backups, instant provisioning, real-time monitoring, free Storm Firewall, and API access.

For an enterprise-grade ASP.NET dedicated server solution, customers have access to choose from fully managed, core managed, and unmanaged solutions according to their own technical ability or needs. The very entry-level ASP.NET dedicated server is configured with Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 quad-core processor in maximum 3.80GHz speed, 16GB DDR4 SDRAM, 256GB SSD primary hard drive, 1TB SATA HDD (7,200 RPM), plus 5TB outbound bandwidth.

LiquidWeb ASP.NET Hosting Review on Pricing

As for the price of LiquidWeb ASP.NET hosting prices, we are delighted to tell webmasters that they only need to pay what they use. Meanwhile, it is safe to tell webmasters that there are no forced fees added on their accounts.

The regular starter price of LiquidWeb Storm VPS is set at $99/mo. The latest LiquidWeb Coupon promises a 33% off discount for the hosting solution. Namely, customers just need to pay with $73.03/mo for the first 3 months upon using the coupon code SPEED33.

LiquidWeb ASP.NET Hosting
33% Off

Speaking of the dedicated sever service, it is not covered by any promotion. That is to say, it will cost customers at least $219/mo.

To be honest, LiquidWeb ASP.NET hosting is not on the reasonable pricing end. But it is undoubtedly price-valued when considering the rich advanced features it comes with.

LiquidWeb ASP.NET Hosting Review on Overall Performance

In the respective of the overall performance of LiquidWeb ASP.NET hosting, the company claims that it has the strength to ensure excellently fast speed and almost 100% uptime.

Instead of leasing data centers from other companies, LiquidWeb owns three data centers that are all staffed by a team of highly professional engineers around the clock, making sure that the servers won’t be affected by a failure at any level.

In addition, the company promises that the data centers power is reliable and conditioned by taking advantage of the centralized UPS solutions that are supported by top of the line generator technology. Moreover, the company uses premium tier-1 bandwidth providers to guarantee the least latency and unbeatable fast speed.

LiquidWeb ASP.NET Hosting Review on Technical Support

The optimal mission of LiquidWeb is to help its customers get an excellent online experience, so it also pays high attention to the technical support.

At this company, it hires many technicians for customers to handle their issues and problems. The company says that they can offer 24/7 professional, patient and dedicated technical assistance via the most useful supporting methods, including phone, email and live chat as long as the customers contact them.

On top of that, the web host has comprehensive unbeatable SLAs, consisting of a 30-minute helpdesk initial response time guarantee, 59-second livechat and phone initial response time guarantees, 100% uptime and power guarantees, plus a 30-minute hardware replacement time guarantee.

Generally speaking, all of the LiquidWeb support staffs are well-trained and have several years’ experience of ASP.NET hosting, so they can help customers tackle their problems down as soon as possible.


In conclusion, it is not hard to find that LiquidWeb is a reputable ASP.NET web hosting provider. On the one hand, it can guarantee many advanced features, high performance servers, state-of-the-art data centers as well as an award-winning technical support. On the other hand, the price of its ASP.NET hosting is flexible. In this way, the company can be recommended to webmasters who want to find a reliable web hosting company to host their websites, especially for business and enterprise-class customers.

If you are looking for more details of LiquidWeb ASP.NET hosting, please visit online.

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