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LiquidWeb Managed Windows VPS Review

LiquidWeb (, a leader of managed hosting provider, has been hosted websites or applications for over 30,000 customers worldwide. Its Heroic Support team that has a group of conscientious experts contributes a lot to the premium managed hosting service.

Products of LiquidWeb include shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and other services. In below, we focus on LiquidWeb managed VPS hosting based on Windows platform only in hope of your better understanding and decision on the hosting product.

LiquidWeb Windows VPS is Managed

LiquidWeb Windows VPS comes with 2 managed levels.

  • The core managed VPS contains LiquidWeb Heroic Support to Windows Server 2012 R2 system, IIS, MS SQL, .NET, and ASP.
  • The fully managed VPS includes all support services in core managed level while LiquidWeb offers Plesk control panel and supports it as well. In this level, customers will get best effort third party support, virus and span protection, free external migration, and etc.

liquidweb windows VPS managed level

Therefore, going with LiquidWeb Windows VPS, customers have more freedom on their control on servers and LiquidWeb’s managed level on servers. Meanwhile, no matter which level they choose, they get more time and energy on their online business instead of technical issues.

Besides, LiquidWeb Heroic Support team gives their best effort for all its core or fully managed Windows VPS customers. It offers industry-leading managed services, but also provides guarantees: 59 Second Chat/Phone Initial Response Time Guarantee, 30 Minute Ticket Initial Response Time Guarantee, etc.

LiquidWeb Managed Windows VPS Review on Price Value

LiquidWeb Managed Windows VPS has high price value, but it is expensive, resulting in a smaller customer group that can afford it.

In total, we check that there are 9 Windows VPS packages. Each package allows customers to choose core managed or fully managed level. No matter how large website size customers going to build, LiquidWeb has packages to meet.

The entry-level package has 1 core, 2 GB memory, 100 GB SSD storage, 5 TB outbound bandwidth, free inbound bandwidth and 1 IP. This package based on core managed level is $99/mo while the package for fully managed level is $109/mo.

LiquidWeb Managed Windows VPS
High Value

Moreover, LiquidWeb managed Windows VPS combines control of a dedicated server should offer and flexibility that a cloud hosting should provide. So, customers can control their servers while they can easily scale up, clone or resize servers. Due to cloud features, LiquidWeb Managed VPS is daily billing. In other words, customers pay only for what they use. In another perspective, it prevents waste of resources and money.

LiquidWeb Managed Windows VPS Review on Performance

LiquidWeb Managed Windows VPS has world-class reliability and security. For example, customer will get 100% uptime guarantee on both network and power. Meanwhile, the company enables websites on its VPS to run fast.

Just data centers for housing servers, LiquidWeb utilizes 4, 3 of which are its own built and managed. More than that, LiquidWeb allows its customers to choose any facility of the 4, which means shorter distance between servers and browsers, then higher reliability and faster page loading speed.

Take a look at the inside of the facilities. One Michigan-based data center features 32,000 square feet, which can contain 8,000 servers. Utility power feeds to power the servers are 13,500 KVA and expandable too. If they fail, there are n+1 diesel generators and UPS systems working immediately. The center has connected with outside via Cisco network infrastructure via Level 3, Cogent, etc.

The data centers also have a complete set of security measures, such as CCTV cameras, secure entrance, remote site monitoring by 3rd party, and etc. Moreover, 3 data centers in Michigan are manned by LiquidWeb Heroic Support team 24 hours a day and ensure a higher level of security. As a result, all data centers of LiquidWeb are SSAE-16 certified.

LiquidWeb Heroic Support

LiquidWeb built a team called Heroic Support to handle queries from its customers. They are experienced technicians and work in the data centers. They are familiar with servers and with accounts in the servers. Meanwhile, they are the very first ones to know what happens and walk into server rooms so that they can get problems resolved as fast as possible.

What’s more, LiquidWeb Heroic Support team is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They accept queries from customers via phone, live chat and tickets. As we mentioned, the company offers guarantees to ensure the best customers will get, even though it is support.

  • 59 seconds for responding the initial live chat or phone;
  • 30 minutes for responding the initial ticket;
  • 30 minutes for replacing faulty hardware.


LiquidWeb Windows VPS has core managed and fully managed options. The product stands out with other advantages, like cloud feature, self managed data centers, 100% uptime guarantee, industry-leading Heroic Support, supporting guarantees, and etc. With these, we understand why it is expensive. In a nutshell, LiquidWeb is still a good option for mission critical websites required managed servers and Windows VPS.

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