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LiquidWeb Windows VPS Review

Windows VPS HostingNewbies or people with limit Windows Knowledge always feel hard to purchase one Windows VPS. One of the main reasons is that Windows VPS contains complex Windows hosting technologies, which makes customers confused. And our focus is to help customers find high price value Windows hosting solutions perfectly meeting their needs.

So in below, we will analyze LiquidWeb Windows VPS to see whether it is a reliable Windows VPS hosting provider. LiquidWeb established in 1997 and has 3 self-operated data centers completely owned by itself. Its hosting services cover Linux hosting and Windows Hosting, ranging from cloud VPS to dedicated servers. By integrating Cloud technologies, LiquidWeb forms  the Storm Server platform to better support its web hosting services.

LiquidWeb Windows VPS Review on Features

At present, LiquidWeb can offer customers three Windows VPS hosting solutions with plenty of operating system templates options. All LiquidWeb Windows VPS hosting comes with large sizes to support enterprises’ demand.

For instance, LiquidWeb basic Windows VPS normally starts with 2GB memory, 2 vCPU, 5TB free outgoing bandwidth, free incoming bandwidth, and 10GB disk space.  These are good enough for business to start their websites. However, if customers’ online business grows fast so that they need more space to expand their online presence, LiquidWeb also has larger Windows VPS plans available. At most, they can get 8GB memory, 20GB disk space, 8 vCPU, and the same amount of outgoing as well as incoming bandwidth.

Even better, all disk drives are SSD drives to deliver super-fast user experience for businesses’ users. And it supports for network, hardware and virtualization layers. 1 public IP is for free and 7 additional IPs charge extra $1/mo per each one. What’s more, LiquidWeb VPS is easily upgraded or downgraded.

LiquidWeb Storm Server platform offers many OS templates available to choose from. Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit Standard, Windows 2016 or R2 Standard editions are these options. Besides, the company allows customers to choose management level while choosing OS types, including self-managed, core-managed as well as fully managed with Plesk control panel. LquidWeb will offers customers different server management services along with their management levels.

LiquidWeb Windows VPS is fully managed with rich cloud features. Each Windows VPS comes with root access, local backups,Server Secure Advanced Security, CloudFlare CDN, integrated Firewall, DDoS attack protection, unlimited sites, etc. Therefore, going with LiquidWeb Windows VPS, customers can get high-level security, enterprise-class speed and reliability.

LiquidWeb Windows VPS Review on Pricing

At LiquidWeb, Windows VPS is charged by monthly. Normally, LiquidWeb Windows VPS starts at $99/mo. Considering it is an enterprise-class Windows VPS with a basket of cloud features and Windows features, we think the price is reasonable. For enterprises, it is also affordable!

However, the company is rather kind to offer customers massive discount.Customers who purchase it through the following exclusive promo link, they can get a 33% off for the first 3 months. That is to say, customers can pay $66.33/mo to get started.

LiquidWeb Windows VPS Deal
33% Off

Although we do not find the money back policy at LiquidWeb,  it only charges its Windows VPS with monthly terms. So, customers’ risk has already lowered down mostly.

LiquidWeb Windows VPS Review on Performance

LiquidWeb clearly shows customers that its Windows VPS reaches 100% network uptime guarantee as well as 100% power uptime guarantee.

In US-central region, LiquidWeb owns 3 data centers, 24/7/365 backed by its onsite Heroic Support technicians. And in US-west region, there is another one data center for LiquidWeb using. In data centers, the power is consistently supplied with multiple UPS, battery cabinets, Eaton Power distribution units and emergency backup generator.

Additionally, LiquidWeb data center networks are directly connected to Tier-1 bandwidth providers, like Level3, Congent and Verizon. Thus, speed gets largely improved. Plus its cloud features and high-end security measures, LiquidWeb Windows VPS is really stable, secure and fast!

LiquidWeb Windows VPS Review on Supports

LiquidWeb invests a lot in its Heroic Support team building and helps customers solve problems within the shortest time.

Its first-class engineers are waiting for helping people around the clock via live chat, ticket and phone. More than that, LiquidWeb publishes its support statistic every month. From its statistics of November, we can see that LiquidWeb telephone response time is 10 seconds in average, live chat 65 seconds and ticket 11 minutes.

Besides, knowledgebase and tutorials are useful resources to people when they meet questions.

Do We Recommend LiquidWeb Windows VPS?

According to our acquaintance with Windows VPS, LiquidWeb is the best choice for businesses, especially for those large enterprises. Its Windows VPS features great and rich cloud features which can easily meet customers’ elastic demands. Moreover, customers can be really feel safe to host their sites based on 3 LiquidWeb self-owned and enterprise-class data centers in the US. Cloud technologies and CloudFlare CDN can solve the latency issues to maek customers have no feel of delays, when their servers are located in the US. Also, taking advantage of its 33% off 3 months discount, customer can save a lot. So, we recommend LiquidWeb Windows VPS to enterprises.

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