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Network Solutions ASP.NET Hosting Review

Network Solutions ( is a company of, which was founded for helping small businesses succeed online. It is engaged in almost all things related to Internet, offering products like domain name services, website building, eCommerce, hosting and online marketing. This post is all about Network Solutions ASP.NET hosting, reviewed from features, pricing, performance and support. At the end, we are going to see whether Network Solutions is a reliable ASP.NET Hosting provider for its aimed small businesses.

Features in Network Solutions ASP.NET Hosting Solutions

There are 3 ASP.NET hosting packages at Network Solutions with different level rich features. Customers could choose according to sizes and visitors of their sites.

The lowest level essential hosting package of Network Solutions contains 300 GB storage, 1,000 email boxes, 25 FTP accounts and unlimited data transfer. For more advanced features, Network Solutions provides customers with ASP, ASP.NET 2.0 & 4.0 as well as PHP 5 and Python.

Moreover, only 2 MS SQL databases and MS Access are for Network Solutions ASP.NET users. This package still consists of 25 MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin. In addition, detailed reports generated by Website Statistics will tell website masters the condition of their sites and analyze their website visitors as well.

Network Solutions Charges for ASP.NET Hosting

network solutions hosting reviewNetwork Solutions essential hosting package is charged at $119.5/yr, namely around $9.96 per month. Other 2 packages respectively require $13.29/mo and $29.13/mo. The pricing all includes 1 free domain name. Actually, people will receive 1 free domain name for years equal to years they purchase web hosting services.

In general, domain registration fees are around $10 every year and the most of web hosts only present 1 domain free for the first year. Thus, Network Solutions ASP.NET hosting pricing is reasonable.

Network Solutions ASP.NET Hosting Performance

The uptime of Network Solutions ASP.NET hosting is guaranteed at 99.9%.

One American data center Network Solutions chooses is spacious to create award winning ASP.NET hosting environment. According to some statistics it published, we see that power to the datacenter is enough with single power feed, 5 primary BUS, 5 generators (each with 1250 KW), 3600 KW UPS power, etc. Cooling system is included but there is no humidity control. Overall, this datacenter is mundane.

Network Solutions ASP.NET Hosting Support

network solutions hosting review Network Solutions technical support for ASP.NET hosting is not so good. Just phone call support is for customers every minute of the day and for free as well. Or else, customers have to pay for Network Solutions premium support, which includes website transfer, files transfer, hosting setup, email setup and so on. And the fee is high, starting at $15.99 per month.

In addition to human support, Network Solutions official website has resources for customers to help themselves. However, since ASP.NET hosting is just one small part of Network Solutions, information about ASP.NET hosting is little that customers have to spend time in finding them.


After analyzing Network Solutions ASP.NET hosting, we see that its features are OK, 99.9% uptime is good and the pricing is reasonable. However, datacenter configuration is mundane and customers will just get free phone support. Apparently, small businesses are not recommended to afford Network Solutions premium support, which will surly increase their costs.

Therefore, Network Solutions ASP.NET hosting is not a good idea to go with. In fact, there are many more excellent alternatives for small businesses, such as Host4ASP.NET.

About Host4ASP.NET

Host4ASP.NET ( is a web host just offering ASP.NET hosting services. Its single mission is to satisfy .NET developers and help them succeed. Its hosting contains high price value, which gains much popularity.

Its ASP.NET hosting also has 3 packages, but charges from $2.95/mo only. In the $2.95/mo package, we see a range of features, both basic and advanced: unlimited data transfer, Windows server 2012 R2, SQL database 2012/2014, IIS 8.5, Full Trust, .NET 4.5/3.5SP1/2/1.1, .NET version switch, MVC 5/4/3/2, Classic ASP, etc.

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More than that, Host4ASP.NET reliability and speed are state of the art, by utilizing the US-based datacenter and Dell servers. Customer services include live chat and ticket support, which are convenient to talk with Host4ASP.NET representatives. If customers finally do not like Host4ASP.NET after payment, they will 100% get their money back according to Host4ASP.NET 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. For more Host4ASP.NET details, please visit or read our Host4ASP.NET Review.


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