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SmarterASP.NET Coupon

smarteraspSmarterASP.NET coupon here will save you most when subscribing to its hosting service. As a company engaged in ASP.NET hosting solutions for over 16 years, SmarterASP.NET is committed to offering high quality Cheap ASP.NET hosting solutions, even though ASP.NET hosting is expensive generally.

SmarterASP.NET Copon on ASP.NET Hosting – $2.5/mo

SmarterASP.NET designs multiple ASP.NET hosting solutions including ASP.NET hosting, semi dedicated ASP.NET hosting, virtual private servers, and reseller hosting. Via our promotional link in below, people will save 10% off on 2-year billing cycles or 15% off on 3-year billing cycles. This SmarterASP.NET coupon applies to all the hosting plans offered by the hosting company.

SmarterASP.NET Coupon
15% off

Thereby, each sort of web hosting type has new promotional prices as following:

  • .NET hosting starts at $2.5/mo, 15% off the regular $2.95/mo;
  • Semi dedicated ASP.NET hosting charges from $25.45/mo around, 15% off the regular $29.95/mo;
  • VPS is also 15% off and lowers at around $84.95 per month;
  • The starting price of reseller hosting is no more than $20/mo. resellers will pay from $17/mo and save 15% off if they pay for 3 years.

$2.5/mo is really a low price in ASP.NET hosting industry. Even many PHP hosting solutions charges higher than $2.5/mo. Furthermore, SmarterASP.NET $2.5/mo hosting package offers unlimited web space, bandwidth, FTP, domain name hosted, and email boxes.

Besides 2-year and 3-year billing cycles with promotions, SmarterASP.NET supports customers to pay by 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. But the later 3 cycles do not include any promotion.

What’s more, this company enables customers to pay via multiple methods. The general methods are MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. It also accepts Check and debit cards.

In addition to that, SmarterASP.NET provides long money back guarantee. All hosting plans have 60 Day Money Back Guarantee except VPS and trial plans. Within the first 60 days, customers can require for a full refund if they decide to cancel the service. After that period, they can still get a pro-rated refund before the end of 6th month. Setup fees, add-on fees, new domain registration fees, 3-month and 6-month plans are non-refundable though.

SmarterASP.NET Free Trial

In order to let customers learn SmarterASP.NET best, this company offers one trial package, which is totally free for 60 days. Most importantly, SmarterASP.NET does not require credit card information until customers buy paid products. So, even if customers forget expiry dates of trial packages, they will not continue to a paid plan and automatically pay for it.

Moreover, this free trial package contains the most of features that paid ASP.NET hosting has, such as 24/7 technical support, multiple ASP.NET versions, MVC, separate SQL servers, SQL backup, SQL restore, SSD server, etc.

This package is instantly setup and upgraded. Customers will get a temporary domain name at no cost as well. But customers will just allowed to allocate 1GB webspace, 10GB bandwidth, 1 FTP account, and none email service.

Benefits of SmarterASP.NET Coupon

Besides rich hosting features, SmarterASP.NET coupon comes with many other benefits to improve user experience.

Currently, three different world-class data centers are under operation of SmarterASP.NET. All these data centers are SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type Audited facilities with high availability, security, redundancy, plus reliable speed and internet connectivity. As a debt free web host, SmarterASP.NET purchases and fully owns all the server equipment and makes the servers connect to top quality bandwidth providers only as Global Crossing, UUNET, Level 3, and AT&T. The end result is optimized server speed and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Meanwhile, SmarterASP.NET coupon offers a solid support team who can be fully trusted with. As most of the support members are well-educated engineers or senior software developers, they can give the best solutions to any questions raised from customers as soon as possible.

Redeem SmarterASP.NET Coupon

SmarterASP.NET hosting is diverse and affordable. Via our coupon information above, people will save up to 15% off. Plus 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee and SmarterASP.NET free trial package for 60 days, this company is worthwhile to have a try. To redeem SmarterASP.NET coupon, please visit

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