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SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce Hosting Review

nopCommerce is a widely-used ASP.NET open source eCommerce software that powers both small business and corporate sites worldwide, companies selling digital and physical goods on both PCs and mobile devices. Most ASP.NET hosting providers support 1-click installation for nopCommerce, but not all of them are recommended nopCommerce hosting options. This article is going to introduce SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce hosting service, analyzing it around pricing, features, performance, and customer service to figure out whether or not SmarterASP.NET is the right hosting company to build a nopCommerce site for selling online.

SmarterASP.NET Special Coupon

SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce hosting starts at $4.50/mo normally. Customers can have access to multiple billing cycles: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months. The longer term a customer signs up with, the bigger savings he can receive. Additionally, SmarterASP.NET gives exclusive coupons of 10% and 15% off for 24 and 36-month plans. That is, after discounting, the hosting service could be as low as $2.5/mo.

SmarterASP.NET $2.5 Promotion
15% Off

What really sets SmarterASP.NET apart from competitors is the industry-leading long 60 Days Money Back Guarantee it offers. With this, customers can get a full refund of the annual hosting nopCommerce hosting fees if they terminate it within the first 60 calendar days.

SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce Hosting Review on Features

SmarterASP.NET is renowned for superior ASP.NET hosting services bundled with unlimited capabilities.

Customers can have access to unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MSSQL databases, unlimited FTP users and unlimited email boxes, regardless of Basic, Advance and Premium Plan they go with. SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce hosting, in order to help build powerful online store, supports ASP.NET 4.7, 4.6.x, 4.5.x, 3.5 and 2.0, ASP.NET Core 1.0, 1.1, MVC 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Web Deploy, Full Trust & Medium Trust, URL Rewrite Module 2, Isolated Application Pool, AJAX, Silverlight, and etc.

There are three nopCommerce hosting packages to choose from, the number of e-commerce sites allowed varying from 1 to unlimited. Customers can have the nopCommerce software installed in simple clicks using the 1-click installer. Also, every customer is offered fully 100% customizable design using hundreds of responsive themes and plugins. As to site management, SmarterASP.NET provides a hand-rolled control panel that enables for easily managing every aspect of the hosting account.

As with their online business growing, customers can upgrade the existing plan to SmarterASP.NET VPS or semi-dedicated server plan without risking data loss or site downtime.

SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce Hosting Review on Speed and Uptime

Performance is the most painful point where people generally stuck while trying to optimize a website. SmarterASP.NET is an experienced player who has been in ASP.NET hosting business for 18 years. It is confident about excellent speed experience while crediting customers a month’s service for every hour of interrupted service.

SmarterASP.NET hosts all nopCommerce sites on up-to-date SSD-driven Windows servers. Housed within three state-of-the-art data center facilities that are deployed diesel backup generators, UPS, round-the-clock systems management, raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, 24/7 video surveillance, Biometric thumb print scanners, security breach alarms, and more to keep 99.9% uptime.

The hosting company also makes use of multiple fiber trunks from premium backbone providers, including Global Crossing, UUNET, Level 3, and AT&T. Importantly, it ensures the bandwidth utilization averages 30% all the way so as for optimized performance.

Supported by such a sock solid infrastructure, SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce hosting can be done out of the box once configured properly. No wonder why the hosting company offers unlimited disk space, Intel Xeon processors and minimum 2GB RAM to support higher IO, in addition to offering MSSQL Server 2016, and IIS 8/7 manager remote access.

SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce Hosting Review on Technical Support

SmarterASP.NET sets itself apart from competition by giving high-class customer service. Its support team is divided into two levels. The 1st level support team is composed of B.S. graduated with a Networking or Computer Science degree to be responsible for data center monitoring and maintenance, while the 2nd level support team contains senior network technicians and software developers to help with any technical or customer service issues.

If nopCommerce hosting customers have any question or problem to consult professionals, they are ensured to get efficient assistance via its Helpdesk Support or Live Chat Support. SmarterASP.NET technicians are standing by around the clock, 24/7.

Besides, SmarterASP.NET has an extensive Knowledgebase that consists of a pile of articles, how-to’s, and FAQs. Customers can take advantage of it for solving some simple issues.

Is SmarterASP.NET Recommended for nopCommerce?

Yes, of course. SmarterASP.NET is one of the best ASP.NET hosting providers in the industry, thus has long-standing reputation for rich features and outstanding service. SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce hosting, starting at only $2.50/mo, includes unlimited hosting resources to support professional e-commerce site. As a debt-free company, SmarterASP.NET owns all equipment up-front therefore being able to deliver great flexibility, fast speed and good reliability. Last but not least, the hosting company has a solid team to release customers from server monitoring or technical issues so as to focus on boosting their online store and increasing sales performance.

If you are looking forward more details of SmarterASP.NET nopCommerce hosting service, please visit online.

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