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Want to know why Winhost is so popular among in ASP.NET developers? In below Winhost review, we will talk about its hosting features, pricing, reliability, and customer support, and reveal why it’s one of best ASP.NET hosting in the field.

Winhost(, the Microsoft Golden Hosting partner, has been offering cheap professional ASP.NET hosting for years. The company is operated by ASP.NET experts with a focus on Windows web hosting. Its hosting solution includes all the latest Microsoft technology, and the price is low to $3.95/mo only.

Winhost Review on Features

Winhost ASP.NET hosting is divided into three sizes. With different sized ASP.NET hosting solution, customers can have access to different amount of wepspace, bandwidht, and database (both MySQL and MISSQL). However, there still are some common server features like version of Windows server, IIS, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and etc included in all plans, which means that no matter which hosting package a customer chooses, he/she can easily deploy his/her ASP.NET websites.


Its Winhost Basic hosting solution starts at $3.95/mo, and includes features which are able to support most of ASP.NET websites, for example:

  • 3GB storage, 50GB Monthly Bandwidth, unlimited domains allowed, and 250 email boxes;
  • Windows Server 2012 R2/Windows Server 2008;
  • IIS 8/7, IIS Remote Management, and IIS Full Trust & Medium Trust,
  • 1 MSSQL database in version 2008/R2, 2012, 2014, and 2016; SQL backup and SQL restore;
  • ASP.NET 4.6/4.5.2/3.5/2.0, ASP.NET Core 1.0/ASP.NET 5;
  • Silverlight 5, MVC 6/5/4/3/2/1;
  • PHP 7/5.x are also supported by Winhost;

In terms of server management, Winhost offer its customer a self-developed control panel, with which people could easily deploy site scripts, manage their email, database, domain and more. Winhost also integrates WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, BlogEngine.NET, nopCommerce, and many other CMS system built on ASP.NET and PHP into its system so that customers could setup websites with those tools within simple clicks.

Winhost Pricing

winhost pricing reviewWinhost ASP.NET hosting has three plans: Basic Plan, Max Plan and Ultimate Plan. The list price of these 3 plans starts from $5.95/mo, $11.95/mo and $21.95/mo respectively. And customers are allowed to choose quarterly and annual plan based on their own needs.

In the latest Winhost promotion, if customers subscribe to a two-year service term, they can get 33% off, after which the price will be cut to only $3.95/mo, an extremely affordable price for such a feature-rich Windows hosting service.

Winhost Exclusive Deal
33% Off

Of course, as Winhost guarantees 30 Days Full Money Back, customers can cancel the account at anytime within the first 30 days and request their money back if they are dissatisfied with Winhost ASP.NET hosting service.

Winhost Review on Reliability

Winhost promises a 99.9 % uptime guarantee. Their world-class data centers are equipped with redundant connection to almost all ISPs and are backed up with redundant power. Besides, the data centers and servers are both reachable for Winhost engineers, thus they can handle any maintenance job at any time.

To gain better speed for ASP.NET, Winhost only uses powerful Dell servers which are equipped with Intel dual quad CPU cores, 32 GB server memory, and fast RAID 10 storage.

For system software, Winhost leverages the latest stable technologies to setup an industry-standard server environment, which includes Windows Server 2012 R2, Internet Information Services 8.x, and etc. Each client will be assigned with their own isolated application pool for free so that the poorly coded applications written by the other customers won’t take down their sites.

In Winhost hosting architecture, different elements of the services are hosted on their own servers. For example, websites hosting service, SQL databases, email, and etc, each of them is on a separate set of servers. It’s more costly, but however it’s more reliable and more secure in this way.

Winhost Support Service for ASP.NET

As Microsoft Golden hosting partner, Winhost engineers are well-trained to solve all the issues related to Windows hosting, and even better, the company is founded by a group of ASP.NET geeks, they are also willing to help diagnose customers’ ASP.NET scripts problem during the site hosting–a service they cannot get from most of traditional hosting service providers.

For any ASP.NET related hosting issues, customers can feel free to contact Winhost via its Support Portal, which is accessible in the control panel. The support representatives are responsible for giving timely response and professional assistance.

Before contacting support service, customers can also check out Winhost Forum and Knowledgebase, where they can find answers for most common errors when hosting a site.

Winhost engineers are really good at ASP.NET. Just as most people know, the control panel of their web servers is fully self-developed by Winhost employees using ASP.NET. Hosting every site with a company full of experts is really a pleasure thing.

Winhost ASP.NET Hosting is Recommended

Winhost offers one of the most cost-effective and reliable ASP.NET hosting in the industry, and their customer support is really friendly when hosting your ASP.NET site with them. Winhost ASP.NET hosting service is highly recommended for web developers and small business owners. To know more about Winhost, please visit now.



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  1. I was looking for a fast and reliable hosting solution and Win Host seemed to be the right one for all my needs. If you need a budget hosting service, then I would definitely recommend this one to you! Pocket friendly and best technical support I could ask for. A Thumbs up to them!

    • I purchased their yearly package at a 50% discounted price. Winhost was the best choice I made. Not only is it loaded with features, but we also get to use the beta releases of Microsoft products even before they are released. The speed is good, and customer service is great. I strongly recommend Winhost hosting service to all.

  2. This is very exclusive for the windows OS. I used their services and their plans are quite good. The prices are quite good and the plans are also good. They also have discounts on specific plans. The customer service is equipped with all the necessary knowledge about solving issues in the Windows host.

  3. I have been hosting my website and personal blogs with Winhost and I am very satisfied with their services. They are really quick in adopting new technologies and with 24*7 customer service, they are reliable too. I can not even think of changing my hoster now as they offer such good service atmuch affordable rates than others.

  4. As a proud fan of Winhost, I have brought on board all of my friends who faced issues with their web hosts. They are the best in the industry. Any web host review you take, Winhost is the top competent among all. Other web hosts too consider Winhost as their threat in this domain.

  5. It took me a long time to find the perfect web hosting service. Their cPanel feature makes it stand out from the rest and their customer service is just impeccable. They offer a fast service and solve any issues quickly. The speed they provide is better than any other hosting services. I would totally recommend this to everyone!

  6. This is an exclusive service for Windows OS. I used this for hosting my company’s website and they were pretty good at providing services. They are not very expensive as compared to the others and I have no complaints about pricing policies as they are totally worth the cost.

    • I used their service too. Their customer support was excellent and knowledgeable. I am completely satisfied with the services they offered.

  7. Since I’m operating on a Windows OS, I decided to go for something that was exclusive for only Windows and I have no regrets in choosing them. Their plans are a bit costlier than some others but you’ll definitely get the best care for your website from this host. They also have a good customer base, which shows the level of their hard work.

  8. I have been searching for a perfect web hosting service for a longer time, I recently found Winhost and they do an extremely great work. Though, their Panel feature is simply amazing as it makes them one among the odds and their customer service is simply immaculate. They offer us with a very responsive team regarding any issues.

  9. I’m using Windows OS, I decided to go for something that is exclusive only for Windows and I clearly do not have any regrets in choosing them. They provide all features and support to me despite the low cost.

  10. It works well enough for me. If you have a problem and are not happy that they give you a fast response and help you sort it out. They come bearing the solutions and this is what I love. I once sent in a complaint and they responded to it surprisingly fast and helped me with it. They have nice service system.

  11. I was a bit hesitant with their services for their services are more costly than other Web hosting services that I have searched for but they had a good rating so I took a risk. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Their services are good and they also took great care of all the technical work of the website. Definitely recommended.

    • WinHost is the best web service provider available in the market. My website is working at a lightning fast speed with the help of their powerful servers. They provide me with all kind of assistance. I have rarely faced any problems till the time I was using their service. However, to further keep my mind at peace there is a great customer support team.

  12. A lot of web hosting services were hyped up about, but I am more of a trial and error person hence, I like to experiment. The time I availed their services, winhost, unlike today, wasn’t such a hyped-up business. I still leave my website under their control and the way they handle everything shows a lot about how hard they work.

  13. I often had trouble with the versions of MySQL with the hosting sites. But the team at winhost resolved this problem by providing all the necessary versions of it. Not only this, but they also checked my network frequently so that there isn’t any virus attack. I am secure with them. Also, they are partnered with Microsoft so you can trust them.

    • I run a very active website and this is why my requirement was a bit different. One of my friends suggested me this Web hosting service and I am glad to choose this one. They have a wide range of plans, but I selected the Max one. It exceeded my expectation. The unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and free site migration are just amazing.

  14. The website helped me build the domain name according to my requirements by providing reliable hosting products. It works on both Windows and Linux platform which helped me as a Linux user. It also turned out to be pretty cheap for me which generally is not found very easily when it comes to pricing.

  15. They have perfect Windows hosting. Their one-click app installation is beneficial. Their greatest strength is that they have the best technical team which has always helped me in my needs and queries instantly.

  16. Most of the website holders look for up to date about the services and the quality of those who give it. Well, I recommend this. I have been through a stage of using three different web hosting services and trusted me on this, Winhost is the best service you’re going to receive among all.

  17. I deal with various requirements by Unix and Windows clients. And I trust Winhost completely. Their hosting services have a different layout for both. I was saved by navigating to multiple hosting services by working with them. The connection is rapid and SEO friendly. The trained customer care executives helped me solve my issues.

  18. I loved Winhost completely. I was looking for something that provided me services but at an extremely convenient way. Winhost did it all for me. My account was instantly activated, and therefore I was able to start my website soon. I faced a few difficulties during the process, but the customer support team was always there to help me out.

  19. Wow, the services of Winhost are too great here you will be able to fetch unlimited email forwarding and accounts which help you in the marketing of your products. Winhost has great bandwidth, i.e. up to 50GB which will help you get smoother site operability, and your customers will be able to stream the informative videos on your site without any glitch.

  20. WinHost is just great if you are Windows lover like me. I have loved WinHost because it provides me with various benefits. It allows me to have my hands on the latest technological features of Microsoft. Apart from this, WinHost does have excellent speed.

  21. Winhost offers genuine control panel management which helps in proper management of email, domain, and database. Winhost also integrates several website development tools viz. WordPress, napCommerce, Drupal, etc. which helps in proper website management. You will be offered great bandwidth speed and different modes of customer services to answer your every query.

  22. I subscribed to their yearly package and got it at a discounted price. The service has been great until now. The basic plan is good for personal use. Max plan gives you unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Their self-developed control panel which is super easy to use and can be used for most administrative work involved. The price too is reasonable for the service it offers.

  23. Winhost supports PHP 5.x/7x which will help you create an excellent and impeccable designed website and get an instant upper hand with respect to your competitor. You will also get to access to fast working servers viz. 2012 R2 which is known for swift speed and thus it will help you to retain users over the internet.

  24. You will be able to get impeccable services of web matrix and URL rewrite. With the help of URL rewrite services, you will be able to resolve security, user and SEO issues with dexterity. Winhost will also provide you daily backup for the website which will help you secure your data.

  25. This is a one-click installation app which offers a great service when it comes to the web hosting service solution. I discussed with few people, and most of them gave a positive review about this hosting solution. This is what insisted me to hire this solution. I must say, I am highly satisfied with their service and will definitely recommend it to as many as I can.

  26. If you are looking for one of the best and basic web hosting solutions, WinHost is probably one of the best solutions for that. It comes with several plans, and I preferred to go with the Basic one. It worked really great for me. It offers a great amount of Disk space, Bandwidth, and more. Free site migration is another added benefit that is really exciting in this lesser price.

  27. I am highly grateful to my friend who suggested me this web hosting service. I am using the Max plan and it is just perfect for my personal blogging website. Winhost Max plan comes with rich features like unlimited bandwidth, disk space, free site migration and more. All of these features are very useful to smoothly run a website. I will definitely recommend this web hosting solution to all my close ones.

  28. As the name suggest, you can win your customers by designing a fast, reliable and secure website using WinHost web hosting service. This service is excellent. They have a wide range of plans to suit different customers need. All the plans are designed very carefully with excellent features. This is a one-click installation app which can be installed in just a minute.

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