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Winhost vs SmarterASP.NET

The two companies are ASP.NET hosting providers, both ranked in the Best ASP.NET Hosting 2015. And the following post will carry out a comparison between their ASP.NET hosting, via which people will see their differences better.

Who are Winhost and SmarterASP.NET

smarterasp vs winhostWinhost hosts ASP.NET websites on its own servers, instead of servers that are rented from web hosting resellers. And it cares much about website stability that customers deserve.

SmarterASP.NET provides ASP.NET hosting solutions, which are competitive in pricing. And SmarterASP.NET hosting has shared server platform, VPS, semi dedicated server as well as reseller server.

Winhost vs SmarterASP.NET on ASP.NET Hosting Features

On shared ASP.NET hosting solution, Winhost and SmarterASP.NET both design multiple plans for people with different hosting needs. And their ASP.NET hosting solutions are both feature-rich in the industry.

As for detailed ASP.NET features, Winhost offers Windows server 2012/2008, supported by IIS 8/7 and MSSQL 2014/2012/2008/2008R2. In addition, Winhost hosting plans contain multiple ASP.NET versions, various ASP.NET MVC, Classic ASP, ASP.NET AJAX, LINQ and PHP 5. What’s more, customers will gain 3 GB disk space, 50 GB monthly bandwidth, 5 FTP users and 250 email boxes at least to start their websites.

Compared to Winhost, SmarterASP.NET makes use of Windows server 2012/2008 and MSSQL 2014/2012/2008/2005 to host websites. Moreover, SmarterASP.NET gives Python, Perl, CGI, Exe and Node.js in addition to above scripting features that Winhost offers. What’s more, unlimited web space, bandwidth, FTP and email boxes are included in all SmarterASP.NET shared ASP.NET hosting plans.

Winhost vs SmarterASP.NET on Hosting Pricing

SmarterASP.NET offers lower-price ASP.NET hosting packages than Winhost. And it even delivers a free ASP.NET hosting trial for 60 days.

For all the time, SmarterASP.NET is committed to serving people with the affordable ASP.NET hosting solutions, which pricing ranges from the lowest $2.5/mo to the highest $6.8/mo. Therefore, customers will save almost 15% off the regular price. Furthermore, SmarterASP.NET full money back guarantee is valid within the first 60 days.

SmarterASP.NET $2.5 Promotion
15% Off

However, Winhost ASP.NET hosting is a little more expensive, which charges people from $3.95/mo. More than that, people will get 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee so that they can require a full refund if they want and cancel accounts.

Winhost vs SmarterASP.NET on Hosting Performance

Both web hosting companies are excellent in ASP.NET hosting performance, using first-level infrastructures, equipment, hardware as well as engineers.

Winhost selects a datacenter just in the local to place its Dell servers and run its ASP.NET hosting business. So it is convenient for Winhost staffs to operate normal management and deal emergency situations. Moreover, redundant power supply, high-end air cooling equipment and firewall protection ensure the datacenter to work in reliable and secure manner.

On the other hand, SmarterASP.NET utilizes several datacenters in US, which are carefully picked up according to SmarterASP.NET strict rules on datacenters. And it also uses Dell servers to host websites. For delivering fast speed, SmarterASP.NET works with the worldwide famous bandwidth providers like Global Crossing.

Winhost vs SmarterASP.NET on ASP.NET Support

supportTeamIt is much easier to ask for help at SmarterASP.NET than Winhost. And the answer response time is faster at SmarterASP.NET as well.

People can start a live chat with SmarterASP.NET or send a ticket via Helpdesk Support portal at any time when they have questions. Or they can call to SmarterASP.NET support team that will be answered quickly too. In addition, the Knowledgebase is informative enough for people to find out what they want.

However, Winhost just opens its Support portal for people around the clock, but it needs to control panel login credentials of customers. Beyond that, Winhost knowledgebase and forum are good places for the self-help. You could check out HostUCan Winhost customer reviews to know more its service.

Why SmarterASP.NET

After comparing their hosting features, pricing, performance and technical support, it is clear that both companies offer quality ASP.NET hosting services, but SmarterASP.NET hosting is better on price value. Customers just need spend $2.5 for each month and if they have any question, they will easier get technical support.

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